6+ Best Muay Thai Boxing Shorts In Australia

Are you looking for the best muay thai shorts to buy in Australia? We are taking a look at the top rated brands available to buy locally and as an International import.

We've got famous brands such as RDX and Venum, often used by professional mma fighters in events such as UFC and Bellator. Plus a range of Thai brands such as FLUORY, Tuff, plus the American brands such as Anthem Athletics.

Whether you're looking for a new pair of muay thai shorts or buying your very first, there's something for every budget and style of mma fighter. 

Where to buy muay thai shorts in Australia?

You'll find the best deals to be had are on marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Many importers from Thailand and USA, where muay thai is much more popular will sell on these platforms, taking advantage of their global shipping deals which are cheap for consumers like you, but use the latest and greatest freight companies so you can receive your products within a few days direct. 

There is also a number of mma gyms that usually have their own shops however you can guarantee you'll be paying top dollar as they'll likely add their own markups to products you could probably buy direct from the manufacturer on Amazon or eBay. 

Best Muay Thai Shorts Australia

1 Tuff Boxing Muay Thai Shorts

These boxing shorts from Tuff Sport provide the perfect for men who want unrestricted movements during gym sessions. They are great for sports such as Muay Thai, kick boxing, MMA and more.

These shorts are made out of micro fiber fabric, which is well known for being breathable and lightweight. Additionally, the shorts are sweat-free and are quick to dry after being washed.

There is a low waistband and short slits at each leg. This allows players to move quickly without restrictions.

All shorts are made in Thailand and available in different prints. There are classic colours such as black, in addition to Tiger prints.

It is recommended that the shorts be washed by hand with cold water and left to drip dry.

2. FLUORY Muay Thai Fight Shorts

These shorts from FLUORY are designed for men who enjoy executing workouts involving kick boxing, Muay Thai, wrestling and more. Besides being great exercise shorts, they are also suitable for indoor wear.

The shorts are made out of 100% polyester, making it extremely lightweight and smooth to the touch. The material enables a wide range of motion and has moisture-wicking properties. The polyester fabric is quick drying and tear-resistant as well.

The waistband is elastic and includes a drawcord for men who enjoy a snugger fit. There are also slide slits which enable players to fully stretch and move accordingly.

These shorts come with embroidered lettering which lasts longer than regular printed fabrics. There is a wide variety of designs and finishes to choose from.

3. Anthem Athletics Classic Muay Thai Shorts

The Anthem Athletics Classic Muay Thai Shorts are catered towards men who enjoy Muay Thai, MMA, wrestling and other exercises. They also make great running shorts and loungewear.

These shorts are made from micro-fiber which provides a minimal barrier for men who like to execute flexible moves.

This material is airy and delicate, with a tear-resistant quality that makes it ideal for wrestling. These shorts can be safely placed in the washing machine.

There is an elastic waistband and 4-direction stretch crotch to customise the fit of the shorts. The waistband also comes embedded with a drawstring. There are also slits at end side, making it great for intense wrestling matches and workout sessions.

There are many colours and patterns to choose from like navy, red and white.

4. RDX Pro Muay Thai Fight Shorts

These shorts from RDX Pro are maximised for high performance Muay Thai and wrestling. They also double up as great running shorts, and can be comfortable worn around the house.

The shorts are made out of 100% satin which is both lightweight and breathable. The satin material also prevents bacteria from flourishing, which inhibits smelly odour.

These shorts were designed with flexibility and unrestricted movements as top priorities. There is a 4-inch elastic waistband to ensure a snug fit. Leg slits are also included to enable a wide range of motion.

There are T3 seams which prevent the shorts from tearing apart, perfect for professional matches.

The RDX Pro shorts have different colours and accents available. One of the most popular is the red colourway with yellow fringes.

5. Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts

Venum Inferno shorts are made in Thailand, the birthplace of Muay Thai. There are several different colours and prints to choose from. The shorts come with hand-sewn embroidery which is both long-lasting and durable.

These shorts are made out of 100% polyester satin for increased breathable and moisture-wicking properties. The fabric is lightweight and allows free-flowing movements.

These shorts come with a wide elastic waistband for those who prefer a tighter fit. There are vents at each side to maximise flexibility.

It is recommended that the shorts only be hand washed, and not thrown in a washing machine. Dry cleaning is also suggested to maintain the integrity of the shorts.

The shorts come in different finishes and colours. Matte colours such as black are some of the most popular.

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6. NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts

The NAMAZU Muay Thai Shorts have both bright and neutral colours to choose from, such as black, red and green. All shorts are hand-sewn by professional tailors, guaranteeing quality and durability.

These shorts are made out of 100% polyester satin. This fabric is feather-light and allows unrestricted movements, making the shorts suitable for MMA fighters and wrestlers. The shorts are also tear-resistant and breathable.

Like most Muay Thai shorts, there are side vents for maximised flexibility and wider motions. There is an elastic waistband for a comfortable, yet snug fit. The waistband is thick and ensures that the pants do not drop, even during intense grappling sessions.

These shorts are designed for men who prioritise comfort and style during regular workouts.

How to choose the best muay thai shorts?

Muay thai shorts are usually made with three key materials including Nylon, Satin and Polyester/elastane. Low quality materials such as nylon will cause your shorts to change colour, almost see through when they get wet from sweat, and they will do quickly in the gym. 

Nylon shorts are therefore the cheapest and are a good starting point for those new to the sport or who might be training once a week.

Satin shorts are more common and higher quality but come at a cost. Satin is definitely the standard for thai fighters and those who are training on a regular basis. They are durable and flexible, allowing for easier movement when rolling or grappling. 

I'd definitely choose satin muay thai shorts if I had the choice. 

Some brands are shifting towards polyester and elastane blends, but it's still quite uncommon. These shorts offer the best performance, comfort and durability as they soak up the sweat much quicker than nylon and satin. 

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