6+ Best Free-Standing Punching Bags [Top Rated]

Are you looking for the best free-standing punching bags Australian retailers offer? Today we're looking at 6 of the most top rated models from brands such as Everlast, Genki, Fortis and Energetics. 

Traditionally boxers opt for a hanging boxing bag that's mounted from the roof, a beam or a stand, but there is a better option, the free standing punching bag. 

Some of these bags look like humans which can aid with training, while others are perfect where a hanging boxing bag can't be mounted. 

There's something for every budget too, don't think you need to spend thousands. 

1. Genki 180cm Human Shape Punching Bag

This punching bag from Genki is designed to mimic the silhouette of a real human body, allowing for more effective practice. It is 180cm in height and weighs 15kg with just the punching bag alone.

There is a width of 64cm. The hydraulic buffer provides a sturdy foundation and allows the bag to stand upright and endure shock. Filling the buffer with sand is suggested and brings a weight of 150kg.

The bag is made up of several layers. The exterior is a PU leather fabric which covers a stainless-steel pipe. There are also coatings of fabric. Finally, hits are thoroughly absorbed thanks to the EPE foam material which is handsewn onto the bag.

This punching bag is designed for boxing, kickboxing and various martial arts. 

2. Viking Legacy Free Standing Punching Bag

This punching bag from VIKING has a cylinder shape which suits activities such as boxing, kickboxing and MMA. It is 180cm in height and weighs 15kg with just the bag on its own. The base can be stuffed with sand for a weight of 130kg.

The punching bag has a ¼ inch polyethylene layer which is designed to evenly distribute shock. Covering that layer is a 3 ¼ inch polyurethane ethafoam coat which also soaks up shock.

The exterior layer is a high resilience foam which provides a reliable surface to consistently land blows. Everything is wrapped in a stylish PU leather fabric.

This punching bag has a swaying quality thanks to attachment with the base. It is available in an all-black finish, decorated with the VIKING logo. 

3. Fortis Home Gym Boxing Punching Bag

The Fortis Punching Bag is 19kg in weight and stands at 115cm. However, the height can be increased up to 155cm. It is a smaller bag and catered towards use in home gyms. This bag is supported by a suction base to allow return to upright positions, even after repeated impacts.

This punching bag is wrapped in high quality PU which encases polyethylene foam. This foam material offers great shock absorbance from both kicks and punches alike. Everything is sealed up with thick stiches around the borders.

The Fortis Punching Bag can be used for boxing and MMA practice. It can be employed to increase core strength and offers a great workout in just 30 minutes.

This product is available in a black design with the Fortis emblem.

4. ENERGETICS Free Standing Punching Bag

This punching bag from ENERGETICS is free-standing and acts as a dummy for professional MMA practice. Besides that, it can also be utilised for martial arts and kickboxing activities.

With the base, this whole product is 165cm in length and has a width of 60cm. The overall product 12kg on its own but the base can be filled with sand or water for an increase to 61kg.

This product has shock resistant properties thanks to the rubber attachment between the bag and base. The punching bag itself is filled with high-density foam which is designed to hold its form despite frequent abuse.

It is wrapped in a red PU leather fabric which offers both functionality and style. Seams are placed by hand to ensure quality.

5. Everlast Powercore

The Powercore from Everlast is a free-standing punch bag with dimensions of 165 by 54cm. However, the height can also be lowered down to around 142cm for targeted practice. This item is catered towards well-seasoned athletes and overall professional use.

The bag is filled with high-quality foam wrapped in NEVATEAR which allows even distribution of blows.

The weight base is known as POWECORE, which provides stability no matter the strength of impacts. There is a plastic attachment between the bag and base for a natural swaying motion.

Sand or water can be poured into the base for solidity and peace of mind during practice. This product comes in an all-black colourway with the Everlast logo.

From kickboxing to a simple cardio workout, the Powercore is a great accessory for professionals.

6. Everlast Pro Everflex Freestanding Bag

The Pro Everflex from Everlast is a bigger punching bag, with a measurement of 195 by 82cm. It is free standing which allows easy installation and maintenance. This product is designed for people of all skill level whether that be novices or professional athletes.

The punching bag consists of high-quality foam with shock absorbance qualities. There is Everlast NevaTear on the exterior for long-term abuse without concerns over rips. There is a tri-disc formation for even distribution of impacts.

The base of this product allows additional stability when materials like sand or water are inserted. Furthermore, a weight of around 110kg can be reached.

This product can be placed in a home gym or business. The Pro Everflex comes in a classic black finish, decorated with the Everlast emblem. 

How to choose the best free-standing punching bags?

What do you look for when buying a free standing punching bag? The most common factors include the size (measurements), as well as the quality of the bag. What materials is it made out of? And is the bag constructed out of high quality foam and shock absorbed qualities? 

You also want to check the weight, as anything under 100kg could get knocked over by the boxer. Some models have weights (once filled) of up to 150kg. Just remember it might be problematic to move the punching bag if it's that heavy. 

You now know our top picks for the best free-standing punching bag, be sure to checkout some of our other guides on boxing and MMA. 

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