Best Mattress In A Box Australia (Buyers Guide)

Life has changed, gone are the days of buying a mattress and having it delivered by three men and a heavy duty lorry. Now, with vacuum sealing, you can have a mattress in a box delivered the same day that self inflates and is just as comfortable, it not more! 

Have I picked your attention, if so, I'll show you five of the best mattress in a box companies you can purchase from in Australia right now. There's many more but these five top the review charts and are well known online and in the media. 

How does a mattress in a box work?

The science behind a mattress in a box is really all about the way the mattress is manufactured and put together.

Because it needs to be compressed into the size of a smallish box, the foam makeup of the mattress has to have the structural capacity to bounce back into its original shape after unpacking.

Similar to vacuum packing that we can do at home the mattresses are wrapped in plastic and then compressed by machine as flat as is possible before being rolled and packed into a shipping box.

After delivery, the customer simply removes the plastic wrapping (carefully!) in the spot where the mattress is going to be permanently located and the mattress will slowly expand into full shape over the following 24-48 hours.

Can a mattress in a box help with a sore back?

Back aches and pains often can be traced back to how we sleep. A mattress which helps support and aligns the spine can be tremendously helpful in preventing and relieving back pain. Choosing the right mattress for you is therefore tremendously important.

The most significant features to look for are stability and responsiveness.

Mattresses in a box are generally made from high-density memory foams (in several layers) rather than the innerspring coils we traditionally think of.

Quality mattresses made from memory foam will often provide the right amount of contouring to cushion the body and keep the spine aligned.

The correct design will provide a desired medium firmness which, together with selective resilience, contouring, cushioning and stability will not only prevent but also alleviate back pain and soreness.

The fact that a mattress in a box has been vacuum-compressed for packaging and transit does not affect the quality of the memory foam it is made of.

Look for quality in the design and manufacture of the mattress itself. Make sure you understand what type of mattress is going to suit your individual back needs - Firm, Medium-Firm, Medium, Hybrid, Latex, Memory Foam.

Get the longest trial period you can and make use of it. It’s one of the biggest advantages of buying a mattress online!

And check out the reviews. Everyone looks for long-lasting comfort in a mattress and their experiences will help you.

Best Mattress In A Box

Be careful of fake coupon sites promising discounts, they are simply designed to steal an affiliate commission from you. Check each brand for the official discount codes.

1. Hugo Sleep

Best Mattress In A Box Australia
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The Hugo mattress in a box is a perfect combination of memory foam and latex, to support your whole body as you sleep through the night, and to cushion you as you’re enjoying that TV binge session.

The unique multi-layered design has been expertly engineered from a combination of natural latex, contouring memory foam, and high-density support foam.

The bottom layer is made from high density supporting foam for endurance over the long term.

Above that is a layer of gently increasing transition foam towards the top two comfort layers. And then there’s a layer of memory foam which moulds itself to your body’s contours.

And finally is the real luxury: the incredible experience of breathable natural latex which means that you stay comfortable all night whatever the weather is, and it’s hypoallergenic and antimicrobial.

The mattress is firm enough to create low levels of partner disturbance.

Like other mattresses in a box, the company recommends that the mattress be placed on a firm flat surface, such as a bed base, a slatted base, or similar.

Hugo comes in all sizes up to King and is an Australian made product and meets Australian manufacturing and product standards.

Shipping is free to all delivery areas, and generally takes a maximum of 3 days to mainland city locations. Zippay and other interest-free payment options are available.

A $50 discount may also be available depending on where you shop.

The mattress comes with a 3-month trial period and 10-year warranty and the company claims that 95% of their customers keep their products.

Returns are generally free to the customer.

2. ​Koala Mattress

  • Kloudcell design
  • Not too firm or soft
  • Removable top cover
  • Fast delivery

Koala brand mattresses in a box incorporate this manufacturer’s ‘Kloudcell’ design comfort foam which is an open-cell breathable texture for the ultimate layer of comfort and support in this mattress brand.

They describe it as being ‘tailored to give the lush feel of memory foam and latex with breath-ability and bounce’.

This manufacturer claims to have mastered the ‘just right’ feel – not too firm yet not too soft.

There are fewer layers in the design than other mattresses have – only two in fact – with an open-cell structure and channels within the memory foam which creates breath-ability and freshness and an escape for body heat.

The Kloudcell comfort layer on the top of the mattress is 6cm of soft ventilated foam, and under that is the 16cm Ecofoam support layer of firmer, resilient foam which provides the base.

The mattress has a removable cover which can be washed, always a bonus feature for any mattress or pillow. But they do recommend the use of a mattress protector as well, just to be sure.

The Koala mattress is available in all sizes up to King. The brand is Australian made for 70+ years and its customer reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Delivery in major metro areas is free and can be as quick as 4 hours. The product comes with a 120-day trial and 10-year warranty with free returns.

Afterpay and Zippay interest-free finance options are available.

3. Ergoflex

  • 5G memory foam
  • Thousands of reviews
  • Original mattress in a box
  • Fast delivery

Launched in the UK in 2006, the Ergoflex 5G memory foam mattress in a box has been available in Australia since 2010.

This mattress is a 5-layer sleep system that provides supportive pressure relief to your entire body while you sleep throughout the night.

The mattress is orthopedically designed to prevent and/or alleviate your back aches and pains using several premium materials in an ergonomically considered combination to provide support, comfort, airflow, and contouring for ultimate relaxation.

The mattress is so good for helping to manage back issues that it has been endorsed by back expert, Dr. Mark Craig. And there are literally thousands of customer reviews to read as well as several independent product reviews.

The Tencel outer cover is a machine-washable luxurious and breathable surface which keeps your body cool and comfortable in any climate.

The micro-fine inner cover protects the core of the mattress. Underneath these feel-good layers is a 9cm layer of visco-elastic memory foam which moulds around and supports your body.

This is the layer which provides the partner-impact protection which we all love to have in a mattress.

The layer below that is 5cm of what the manufacturer calls its ‘Ergoflex Cool-Sleep’ foam, designed specifically to provide airflow and temperature regulation. And finally supporting all that there is a solid long-lasting base layer of high-density foam.

The Ergoflex 5G mattress is available in all sizes. You can try it out for 30 days for free before committing to purchase.

Delivery is free to most locations and available to most areas the next day. Returns are also free and ‘no questions asked’. And the mattress comes with a 10-year warranty.

There are interest-free finance options available, including Zippay.

4. Eva Mattress

  • Pocket springs
  • 6 layers of comfort
  • Firmer mattress
  • Fast delivery

The Eva mattress in a box is a 6-layer hybrid mix of memory foam and latex with micro coil and pocket springs.

The top layer is a gel memory foam of millions of gel beads which provide both temperature control and body-contoured pressure relief.

Below that is a natural latex layer which has flexibility and breathability as well as dust-mite and microbial resistance.

Then a layer of patented micro springs which form a protective shield around the body as you sleep, moving with you through the night to reduce pressure build-up.

Underneath these is a thicker layer of denser memory foam for firmness and support and longevity. And finally the two zones of pocket springs: one which forms the solid base of the mattress and provides the partner disturbance protection we all look for in a mattress.

The other being larger springs along the edge to provide a long-lasting firm wall to the mattress which won’t sink over time.

The Eva mattress is a firmer mattress than many, and the manufacturers believe that the use of springs is a superior way of achieving effective ventilation for cooler sleep, especially in Australian summers.

The Eva mattress is available in all sizes. Delivery is free and generally takes only 24 hours in metro areas, but significantly longer in other locations.

There is a 120-night risk-free trial period.

Returns are also free in most locations (rural areas might n be an exception). Interest-free financing is available on application, through Zippay or Afterpay.

Lastly the company also has online offers from time to time.

5. 624 Mattress

  • Lowest price
  • 3 in 1 top layer
  • Removable top cover
  • Fast delivery

624 is an Australian owned and operated company offering a mattress in a box which has three levels of firmness in the one mattress.

They achieve this unusual (and extremely attractive) feature by giving you a 3-in-one top layer which you can change around to suit your preference.

The choices are: the 6 is a firm high compact foam layer, the 2 is a medium soft memory foam, and the 4 is a medium latex.

All sitting within a proprietary washable breathable fabric cover which draws moisture away and alleviates body overheating.

That’s not the end of the story with the 624 mattress, by any means:

Layer ‘6’ (firm high compact foam) is open cellular which is highly supportive of the spine and body as well as being extremely effective at temperature regulation.

Layer ‘2’ (medium soft memory foam) is low responsive and is very good at contouring around the body.

Layer ‘4’ (the medium latex layer) has activated charcoal for odour absorption and reduction of heat buildup.

The latex is highly responsive and slightly firm for a medium range of support.

There are a lot of pluses with the 624 mattress – the reviews tell a great story and are worth a read to see all the options that are possible with this product.

Delivery is free to most locations with times varying depending on the location.

There is a 125-night free trial period. Returns are free, but there is a stipulation you try it out for at least 30 days. Pay later option is available through Zippay.

Are mattress in a box any good?

We all know just how very important our mattresses are to the quality of our sleep, and perhaps more significantly to our general feeling of wellness during the day. And finding and affording the right one for you can be difficult.

The ‘bed in a box’ phenomenon is a creation of the online marketing world. The manufacturers sell directly to you the consumer.

Sounds good – the retailer margin disappears so prices are reduced. But no longer do you get to go into a shop and try them out for comfort etc before you buy.

The mattress in a box craze

They arrive compressed into a box and once opened slowly expand to full size. This sounds counter-intuitive to the mattress being firm and comfortable.

And it does mean that most mattresses in a box are made of foam (top quality advanced memory foam) and you are relying 100% on the advertised product descriptions and specifications before committing to the purchase.

But most of the more reputable manufacturers offer a trial period of around 90 – 120 days with a ‘no questions asked’ return policy.

Given that even when you’ve had an opportunity to lie on a mattress in-store you can’t really test it out properly, this could be seen as an advantage over that way of shopping.

Other post-sale concerns about mattresses in a box such as warranty claims are no different than they are with in-store mattress purchases.

Mattresses bought, either way, will generally come with what appears to be an excellent warranty period (often 10-25 years) but the fine print is exhaustive and precludes many claims.

But looking at the reviews of beds in a box it seems that there are a great many very happy customers out there who have found them to be just as comfortable as those bought in-store.

And if you look around there are some excellent deals to be had and plenty of choice at your fingertips. It’s certainly a very easy way to buy a bed!

Can I put a memory foam mattress on top of a box spring?

As long as the surface underneath the foam mattress is solid it will be a good support for the foam. Foam and latex mattresses are very heavy and therefore need a lot of support, with no more than about an inch of give.

So yes, a memory foam mattress can be placed on top of a number of different surfaces: a solid box spring, a foundation bunk board, a closely-set slat base, a traditional box spring or a solid wooden or other platform bed frame.

You can even put a foam mattress on top of another mattress as long as it’s not too old. Even the floor will do if necessary.

And you could even consider a fold-away metal platform base with a memory foam mattress for that spare guest bed that needs to be put away after use.

There are other types of adjustable bed bases on the market that would also suit your needs, some of them with surprisingly advanced features like remote or manual controls.

Another idea is a bunkie board is another option as a mattress base – simply a cut-to-shape piece of plywood or particleboard put on top of say an old bed base or mattress or some other surface which needs a more solid surface immediately underneath the foam mattress.

So, there are many options to think about – many of which will cost you next to nothing if anything at all.