5+ Best Sleeping Masks In Australia [Reviews]

Looking to improve the quality and quantity of your sleep without artificial assistance? No need for medication or expensive electronic devices when these sleeping masks are cheap. 

Whether you're a night-shift worker, a light sleeper, travelling or just generally having trouble sleeping due to your exterior environment, a sleeping mask is undoubtedly beneficial.

By blocking out any light and creating artificial darkness, the sleeping mask will help your body feel more relaxed and tired, so that during the day you are awake and alert.

We've accumulated 5 great choices and listed them below, along with a summary of buying factors such as material, price and performance to help you choose the right sleeping mask for you.

1. Alaska Bear Natural Silk Sleep Mask

As a travel aid, a sleep mask for shift workers, a blackout eye relaxer for meditation or other purposes the Alaska Bear Sleep Mask is a premier product at an excellent price.

It’s made from 100% top quality 19-momme natural mulberry silk on both sides for guaranteed comfort and hypo-allergenic purity. The fabric is smooth, breathable and cool against your skin.

The headband (made from latex-free nylon elastic) is easy to adjust to fit all head shapes and sizes (15.8” – 27.6”) and won’t snag your hair.

It’s adjusting toggle sits at the back of your head and won’t disturb sleep.

The mask measures a large 12.7* 12.7* 1.8cm and is designed to cover your eyes and nose so no light will penetrate to disturb your sleep. You can use the mask with ear-plugs and with CPAP machine face masks.

The silk will not absorb moisture or creams and lotions so you can feel quite safe using it over your freshly applied night moisturisers.

In fact, it enhances the absorption of night creams by the delicate skin around your eyes.

This is a brilliant solution for all people who have difficulty sleeping when travelling or need to sleep during daylight hours.  It can be washed by hand with a mild shampoo or soap in cool water and air-dried.

2. STOKE HOME Eye Mask for Sleeping

Sleeping in darkness is the best and most restful sleep you can have. It’s healthier and you’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

However, this is a challenge for shift workers and travellers and eye masks are a solution.

The STOKE HOME eye mask is designed to provide a deep darkness for sleep, even in the brightest of light conditions. 

It features a curved and contoured shape which does not touch your eyelids, leaving them undisturbed for a relaxed sleep.

The material is soft, smooth, lightweight and breathable for optimum comfort on the skin. A sponge is built in. It’s hypo-allergenic and latex-free.

Tiny holes in the material allow air to circulate for greater comfort.

The mask is flexible as well as being adjustable with an elastic strap behind the head and Velcro fastening which is quickly wrapped and secured around the head.

It sits around the eyes and nose rather than on top of them so that you don’t notice that you’re wearing anything. It certainly doesn’t cut into your eyes, nose or ears.

The mask comes with a carrying pouch and a free set of soft foam earplugs.
Wash in cool water and air dry.

3. Infinity Travel - Bamboo Eye Mask

The unique all-in-one design of the Infinity Travel bamboo eye mask makes it one of the most comfortable sleep masks out there.

The design is an all-round bamboo material band with an elasticised section at the back of the head. It slips over the head without any joins, straps or buckles to cut into the eyes, nose, ears or head.

The bamboo fabric is soft, silky, smooth and cool against the skin. It encloses the wide band of elastic within which sits comfortably against and around the head.

Bamboo is a naturally breathable fabric and it balances the temperature so you won’t feel sweaty or hot underneath the mask.

It’s machine washable and will retain its elasticity and fabric integrity through many washes.

If you’re needing some help to combat light pollution to get deeper, more restful sleep this may be the solution for you. And because it covers your ears as well it helps to cut out ambient noise as well.

With a circumference of 58cm and a width of 8.8cm, one size fits all. Because it’s a complete 360-degree mask it suits all sleeper types as well – side, back or tummy.

And the eye mask comes in a choice of colours: Gray, Tan, or Shamrock.

4. Voerou Sleep Headphones Mask

Innovative and unique the Vouerou Sleep Headphones Mask is an interesting product for those who like to fall asleep to music or are travelling and want to shut the world out while listening to their podcast or playlists.

The mask is ideal for sleep, meditation, relaxation, migraines or insomnia.

The speakers integrated into the mask are ultra-thin (only one-third of the thickness of an average speaker) so won’t pose any issues for side sleepers.

Earbuds connect you to the speakers and the speakers connect to your smartphone or MP3 for source material such as streaming service or podcast or playlist.

Easy controls are positioned on the outer surface at the left temple.

There is also a Bluetooth option.

The speakers are charged via USB to play for approximately 9 hours. Charge time is 2 – 2.5 hours. 

The mask itself is made from velvet with elasticised cotton straps for superior comfort and adjustability. The fabric moulds softly to your face to block out light.

The speakers can be moved to fit over your ears for the best sound possible.

If you have a partner or are in public, on a plane, for example, the speakers cannot be heard from those around you.

Charge With A Powerbank

5. 3D Sleep Eye Mask

From AMAZKER comes the 3D SLEEP MASK, an eye mask which won’t place any pressure on your eyes or the skin of your face.

This product guarantees 99% light-proofing and 95% reduction of pressure, allowing you to open your eyes with no interference at all from the mask due to the deep 3D eye cup design which includes a deep contour around the eye.

The mask rests on the bone structure around the eyes. It won’t affect eye makeup, blinking or REM sleep patterns. The nose area of the mask is also contoured so that there is no undue pressure there either.

This mask is just as effective in broad daylight as it is at night. Made of an extra soft material (Neoprene) it’s also extremely comfortable against the skin and weighing only 25gms the mask is hardly noticeable when worn.

It’s fully adjustable by the wide, carefully placed Velcro fastening straps which provide a 9cm range. The maximum circumference is 20cm. And the straps won’t tug at your hair either.

The mask should be hand washed and air-dried. A pair of foam earplugs and travel case are included with purchase.

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There's many different sleeping masks out there each claiming to be the best sleeping mask Australia has to offer. We've looked at the ratings, reviews, features and stats for 5 of the top ones out there, to help you make an informed buying decision. 

We'd love to know your feedback, so be sure to leave a comment below and let us know if we've missed some great models. And remember, these are our best picks, and may not be the actual market views. 

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