Emma Sleep Review: Best Mattress In A Box?

Are you looking for more information on the Emma Sleep Mattress in Australia? We were sent a mattress by Emma Sleep to test, review and evaluate. Below you'll see our Emma Sleep mattress review, what we think and whether it's the best mattress in a box provider. 

Available in various sizes, Emma Sleep is available in over 30 countries and is one of the fastest growing boxed mattress companies in the world. 

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Emma Sleep Company Overview

Emma was established in Frankfurt, Germany in 2015. Despite a relatively young age, this company has been the recipient of several start-up awards in Europe. 

Emma brings high-quality German manufacturing to different countries in Europe, Northern America and now the Oceania region.

Emma prides itself on being a highly diverse company that stimulates the local economy. There are more than 300 employees from 30 different countries.

56 different languages are spoken and the establishment openly welcomes all different cultures and customs.

With top-notch German engineering and a philosophy celebrating diversity, Emma can be trusted to provide high-quality mattresses for peaceful nights.

Emma Sleep Mattress Review

The Emma Original Mattress comes in 6 different sizes: single, double, king single, queen, king and super king. All mattresses are 25cm in depth. This makes it suitable for single people, partners and even families. 

This mattress consists of several layers, supported by foam. The bottom most layer is a point-elastic foam which is designed to make moving in bed a quiet endeavour.

Most importantly, this provides a foundation for lower back support.

emma sleep review australia

 The foundation layer also includes a 7-zone foam located in the centre. The spring-like quality of this material is designed to alleviate unnecessary pressure and evenly distribute both light and heavy weight.

Whether you are a side sleeper or regularly lie down on your back, the 7-zone ensures maximum comfort in every position.

It also naturally adjusts to the curves and contours of the body, ensuring that the bed feels familiar every time you take a rest.

On top of the foundation layer is an environmentally-friendly foam section. This part is engineered to improve ventilation and increase breathability during hot summer nights.

It is moisture resistant and allows enormous bounce. Despite this, this foam layer also ensures little to no creaks when moving across the bed, making the Emma Original Mattress a favourite amongst couples.

The top cover is made out of elastic and has moisture-wicking qualities. This allows sweat and other moisture to quickly evaporate by moving it to the top surface.

The flexibility of this cover ensures that it fits like a glove. There is also a comfort cover included which further cools down the mattress and prevents minor slip ups. All covers are made up of mostly polyester, which allows it to be thrown in the washer.

All Emma Original Mattresses are made in Germany and abide by strict EU regulations. Every single layer has been inspected and certified OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 - Class 1. 

This means that the Emma Original Mattress is manufactured completely free of damaging materials. It can be used for babies, toddlers and young children alike.

Emma Sleep Awards & Testimonials

Check out this testimonial from Tracey:
“Amazing bought for my 89 year old grandmother and she loves it and says it’s the best night sleep shes ever had. Easy on all her joints every night.”

The famous Emma Original Mattress is what Emma is renowned for. It has been praised by CHOICE and Best Buy. Additionally, this product has won 30 awards across Europe.

In France, it was awarded Product of the Year 2020. It also received the title in the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. In Belgium, the Emma Mattress won the 2020 Test Aankoop Best in Test.

Emma Sleep Mattress Pricing

The Emma Original Mattress in a queen size is available for $899.00. On the other hand, the king size costs $100 more at $999.00. 

Single people should consider grabbing the queen size for extra room while the king bed is a wonderful option for couples.

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Emma Sleep Delivery, Trial & Warranty 

With customer satisfaction as a priority for Emma, the Emma Original Mattress comes with a 100-night trial period. From the day of delivery, customers have 100 nights to test out the product and feel the amazing benefits of deep and peaceful slumbers. The plastic wrap can even be removed.

If there are any complaints during this time, a full refund is available within 2 weeks. There are free pick-up returns, as long as you are situated within the eligible regions.

Additionally, returns are only available if the mattress comes back without stains, bugs and other imperfections. To top it all off, the Emma Original Mattress is delivered straight to your door, completely free of charge, nationwide (including rural deliveries).

Emma Sleep Payment Methods

Purchases can be made with Mastercard and Visa. PayPal is also accepted as a payment method. Finance options are available through Zip and Klarna. Simply choose either options at checkout and view the instalment plan.

Emma Sleep Coupon Code?

You can save up to 25% on the official RRP by using our link. After doing extensive research I haven't found any larger discount than this. A lot of websites claim to offer discounts such as 50%, 70% or even 90% off. These are scams and simply do not exist. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Emma mattress made of?

The mattress is crafted with three different layers of foam. The total height is 12 inches. The first layer is Airgocell foam which is 1.5", the next is 2" of memory foam and the last is a thicker 8" layer of high-density poly foam.

How long is the Emma mattress sleep trial?

You can test the mattress for 100 nights and return this should you be unhappy with the mattress. After the 100 nights, you get a 10-year warranty. 

How much does the Emma mattress cost? 

The RRP is $899 for a queen sized mattress. They regularly offer discounts and other sales so it's unlikely you will pay full price. 

How much does Emma mattress shipping cost?

You can get your mattress delivered anywhere in Australia for free. There is no cost. They offer a free shipping nationwide policy with no minimum order. 

What is the Emma mattress cover made of?

The cover is constructed from polyester blend. You can remove the cover and wash this in a washing machine. The cover features natural heat-dispersing and breathability. 

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