5+ Best LED Headlamps To Buy Online [Top Rated]

Frequent outdoor adventurers know how handy a headlamp can be, however, modern technology has managed to produce some of the best LED headlamps for hikers, campers and adventurers. 

A hands-free light to guide your way, not to mention a far more energy efficient source of light, can make your venture a safer, easier and more enjoyable one.

Not to mention, headlamps can be used in a variety of situations, as opposed to just outdoor adventuring. For example, night running, construction work or or home repair and renovation.

For a guide to the best LED headlamps on the market, below are a list of our top 5 picks and a summary of their features and benefits.  

1. Gyvazla LED Headlamp

  • Battery Life: Up to 30 hours
  • Recharges: Within 6 hours
  • 3 white light, 2 red light modes
  • Lightweight, only 70 grams

The Gyvazla headlamp is designed for outdoor night-time activities including running, cycling, fishing and camping. It’s also ideal for DIY jobs when working in dark areas or when the power is off.

The wide nylon headband is highly elastic and has an adjustable buckle as well to fit all head sizes and shapes comfortably. It absorbs perspiration well and can be easily detached for machine washing.

It has a 3W light bead source and 160 Lumens light output. The LED light runs on a built-in 1200mAh USB rechargeable lithium battery (not included).

The battery recharges in six hours and will last up to 30 hours on a full charge. A mini-USB charge cable is included. There are two switch modes, White and Red.

The White switch determines the white light mode, either Ultra Bright, Low Bright or Strobe Bright. The Red light mode switch can be used inside a tent or elsewhere when you don’t want a bright white light, or for emergency SOS situations. It can be either Ultra Red Bright or Strobe Red Bright.

At only 70gm the lamp is lightweight enough to be barely noticeable when being worn. The lamp itself has a tilt adjustment to 60 degrees for changing conditions. The headlamp is water-resistant.

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2. Arc Light Head Torch

  • Battery Life: Up to 120 hours
  • Non rechargeable batteries
  • 4 white light, 2 red light modes
  • Protective hard plastic case

Worn directly on the head or around a protective helmet, the Arc LED torch headlamp is infinitely useful as a hands-free lighting aid either for recreational and sporting pursuits at night or for working in dark areas. The lamp is attached to the head (or helmet) with an adjustable washable nylon headband.

The lamp has six light modes. There are three brightness settings for the white light plus a flashing option. The red light has a static and a flashing option for emergency situations. The LED light has a brightness output capacity of up to 168 lumens.

It is CE and ROHS safety certified. Powered by 3 x AAA Longlife Duracell batteries (included) the lamp will run up to 120 hours before you need to replace the batteries.

A protective hard plastic case with carabiner is supplied for storage and carrying when not in use or carrying your spare batteries. Simply clip it to your belt or backpack and you’re on your way. The headlamp is both water-resistant and shock-proof.

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3. Black Diamond Spot 25

  • Battery Life: Up to 200 hours 
  • Non rechargeable batteries
  • 3 brightness, multiple modes
  • Waterproof to 1.1 meters

The Black Diamond Spot 325 headlamp is a compact but very powerful head torch for outdoor night activities, either work or play.

The lamp fits easily onto the head with an adjustable elastic band which is made of comfortable nylon and has mesh inserts for breathable ventilation and to absorb perspiration.

The low-profile design means that the torch lamp remains balanced and in place during even high physical exertion. It does not heat up during use, and it’s waterproof to 1.1 meters (for up to 30 minutes) for peace of mind.

The torch is powered by 3 x AAA batteries (not included). The light brightness levels are High (325 lumens), Medium (160 lumens), and Low (6 lumens).

The modes are Full-strength Close-proximity; Full-strength Distance; Dimming; Strobe; Red-light for Night-vision and Lock mode. Distance levels are High (80m), Medium (60m) and Low (8m). And the battery length times are 4 hours on High brightness, 8 hours on Medium and 200 hours on Low.

The interface for using the headlamp is simple and intuitive, using PowerTap Technology toggling and Brightness Memory functions.

The peripheral lighting setting provides excellent illumination for activities around a campsite or work area. Weighing 136g and measuring 12.7 x 10.2 x 5.1cm the torch is extremely comfortable.

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4. Zooko LED Headlamp

  • Battery Life: Up to 30 hours
  • Recharges: Within 4 hours
  • USB charging functionality
  • Waterproof unit

The Zooko LED headlamp is designed for outdoor night activities (exercising, cycling, camping, hiking, fishing etc) and also dimly lit work areas (motor vehicles, plumbing, woodwork etc).

The torch fits around the head with an elastic band which is both comfortable and light and absorbs perspiration and water. The entire unit is waterproof to IPX4 standard.

The LED light itself is also compact and lightweight, with an adjustable tilt to 45 degrees for accurate lighting.

The light has a maximum output capacity of a very bright 300 lumens, with multiple light modes including High, Medium, Dim, Red (for night vision preservation), and Strobe. The distance on High is approximately 40 meters.

The hands-free switch (wave on/off) means that you can control the light with wet or dirty hands or when you have your hands full. Otherwise, the lamp is controlled by buttons.

The unit is powered by a USB-rechargeable lithium polymer battery, with a life of 4hrs – 30hrs and a charge time of 4 hours.

Weighing 80g and measuring 65 x 5 x 40mm the headlamp is very comfortable to wear for lengthy periods, and easily stored in the glove box, backpack or pocket.

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5. Techole LED Headlamp

  • Battery Life: Up to 8 hours
  • Recharges: Within 6 hours
  • Multiple modes and red light
  • Waterproof device

The Techole LED headlamp is ideal for both recreational, DIY and work use, providing a versatile hands-free light source with multiple brightness settings and other useful features.

The headlamp has an XML-T6 LED light source which is powered by two branded rechargeable 3.7V Lithium batteries (included) which take up to six hours to re-charge.The light should last up to 6-8 hours on High when fully charged. A USB charging cable is included.

The maximum light output is 2000 lumens, with three brightness modes: High, Low, and Strobe (SOS). There is also a Red warning light on the rear of the headband for safe night use on roads when exercising, cycling, hiking, or just walking the dog etc.

Switching between the different modes is as simple as pressing the power button the number of times which corresponds to the mode level you’re wanting.

The angle of the light can be adjusted up to 90 degrees. Much better than having to move the head. The LED lighting lens is ultra-clear, waterproof (up to IP42) and both scratch-proof and anti-slip. It will illuminate a distance up to 200 meters on High brightness mode.

The lamp is made from a lightweight aluminium alloy which is sturdy and robust, and the headband is an adjustable elasticised nylon for comfort. The unit measures 11.8 x 11.2 x 10cm.

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When it comes to choosing the best LED headlamps Australia has to offer, there's many different options available to you, whether you need something that's waterproof, long lasting, rechargeable, features reactive lighting, various light patterns or beam types. 

Whether you're going to be camping, running, canyoning, skiing, road running or caving, there's different options available to you. 

We believe that the best model is the Gyvazla LED headlamp, as it combines lots of features, at an affordable price, plus it's rechargeable, so you'll save a lot on batteries! 

Caleb McLaughlin

Last Updated: December 3, 2021 by Rhys