5+ Best Hydration Packs (Reviews & Ratings)

Whether your cycling, hiking, bush walking or mountain climbing, your outdoor adventures can often be sullied by dehydration

While it is important to pack as much water and fluids as possible, to keep your body healthy and full of energy, carrying that much weight during strenuous exercise can often be inconvenient, and sometimes even dangerous.

Therefore, it is an absolute fundamental necessity to have a hydration pack on you, that is both comfortable and suited to the needs of your outdoor adventure

Hydration packs can come in the form of a waist pack or backpack, depending on the nature of your environment, journey and requirements. 

We have accumulated the very best hydration packs, according to 2020 ratings and reviews, that contain the features and characteristics crucial to keeping you hydrated!

The 5 Best Hydration Packs

1. OZSTOCK® Hydration Pack 2.5L

  • 2.5L liquid bladder
  • 500g dry weight
  • Aussie brand name
  • Adjustable shoulder straps

Hydration packs are pretty straightforward to understand in their design and basic features and must-haves.

You want a pack that is going to be easy to use when you’re on your bike or trekking or sailing. And you want durability, a pack that’s made from strong yet light materials.

The OZSTOCK label is a well-known sports brand and they have this 2.5L hydration pack on the market. The pack includes the bladder which holds the fluid as well as the lightweight pack to hold the bladder and accessories on your back.

The pack is made from high-quality nylon which is both lightweight and durable. It has comfortable and practical wide webbed adjustable shoulder straps and an adjustable strap for your chest.

There are pockets on the back for your phone, wallet, keys etc. The pack has a high visibility reflective design for enhanced safety and is easily folded up to fit into a larger backpack or other storage space when you don’t need to wear it.

The bladder is a 2L wide mouth hydration water bladder made from PVA which sits inside the pack. It has a tube connected to the bottom which feeds up through the holes in the shoulders of the pack for easy and convenient access by the wearer.

The entire pack weighs a shade under 500g with an empty bladder.

2. ETCBUYS Hydration Pack 2.5L

  • 2.5L liquid bladder
  • Black or camo colours
  • 290g dry weight
  • On/off leakage valve

Whatever your action sport or activity is chances are you use a hydration pack. They’re a terrific invention and are so much better than water bottles for hydration for so many reasons.

If you’ve only just heard about them and are looking around perhaps consider these advantages: the hydration packs are exactly as they appear in the pictures. They have a very small footprint on your back.

Inside is a bladder for fluids of your choice. The bladder has a tube which feeds up through the pack over your shoulder so that you can easily turn your head to access the fluid from the mouthpiece whenever you want.

This means that you’re regularly hydrated in small amounts. So much better for your body than larger amounts less frequently.

The ETCBUYS 2.5L hydration pack is compact, light and stable. The pack’s design incorporates mesh inserts and a low profile so that you aren’t impeded in any way by it being on your back – aerodynamically, ergonomically, or otherwise.

The weight of the pack with an empty bladder is only 290g which is very light indeed.

The waterproof pack with integrated bladder has an on/off valve to prevent leakage while you’re doing your thing, and an easy screw cover to make sure that the seal is secure when the pack is not in use.

The pockets will hold your essentials like phone, wallet, keys, snacks while the mesh inserts keep you as cool as possible.

The packs come in a range of cool camo colours.

3. Atlapa Sports Pack 2L 

  • 2L liquid bladder
  • Headphone jack for phone
  • Extra storage pockets
  • Chest straps (adjustable)

Free up your hands, avoid plastic bottles, and keep your carry weight down when you’re exercising, doing sports or attending events. This hydration pack is tough, insulated, and eco-friendly.

The pack holds a 2L bladder (included) which sits in an insulated pouch. The pouch keeps the fluid not just cool but cold for around 4 hours.

There are multiple pockets for all your accessories, even your laptop. And if you like listening to music or podcasts while you’re moving the pack has a pocket designed particularly for your phone or tablet, or iPod, with a headphone jack.

Now all of that sounds like this pack is going to be pretty heavy by the time you’ve packed all of that into and onto it doesn’t it? Well, not so in fact.

The pack is made from durable yet lightweight and breathable foam padding with fully mesh padded back and straps allowing airflow wherever possible for optimum comfort.

Also for comfort, all straps are adjustable; shoulder, chest (vertically and horizontally), and waist (22” – 52”). The buckles are large for easy tightening and for durability, and there’s an alarm whistle.

The bladder itself has a silicone bite valve, sliding shut off system and built in cap to prevent leaks and keep the mouthpiece dust-free.

This hydration pack is a winner and deservedly popular.

4. KBNI Hydration Pack 2L

  • 2L liquid bladder
  • Only 300g dry weight
  • 35" long tube
  • Sleek colour scheme

Looking for a quality hydration pack with all the trimmings to keep you healthily hydrated while you’re out enjoying your favourite outdoor activities? Much better to take frequent and regular sips of water than huge gulps from time to time.

The KBNI 2L hydration pack has a lot of features to appeal, offering comfort and minimal weight on your back from the pack.

The back of the pack has a soft cushion and breathable panel against your back to keep you as cool as possible.

The total weight of the empty pack is 300g which is pretty light.

The straps across your shoulders are adjustable to suit individual body shape and height, as are the chest and waist straps.

Inside the pack are two inner compartments to hold the 2L water bladder and also your accessories such as phone, keys, wallet, snacks, gym towel, etc.

The water bladder is made from BPA free food grade EVA material and features an extra wide diameter 7cm opening with cap for easy refilling and ice inclusion if you desire on a hot day.

Access to the fluid is via a 35” tube from the bladder through the shoulder strap to your mouth ending in a comfortable soft and quick release mouthpiece.

The KBNI hydration pack is robust, light and well-designed for purpose.

5. U`Be Hydration Pack 2L

  • 2L liquid bladder
  • Sleek black/green design
  • 3 additional storage slots
  • Adjustable straps

Made from a nice, light and soft fabric and having a surprising amount of room for accessories, the 2L hydration pack from U Be is also looker.

The pack weighs 299g empty and is a classic hydration pack. It measures 18” x 10” but expands to fit more than those dimensions.

The pack is made from waterproof nylon fabrics to protect your belongings.

The shoulder straps are breathable to keep you both cool from heat and dry from sweat. Both the shoulder straps and the chest straps are fully adjustable so the pack suits anyone of any size.

Inside the pack are 3 storage compartments. The one at the front is intended for keys, phone, and quite a bit more.

The middle pocket will suit snacks, fruit, chocolate. And the main compartment, which is larger, is designed to hold the 2L bladder but does have space for a towel.

The bladder is made from anti-bacterial food-grade TPU materials and is pressure-tolerant and leak-proof. The opening is wide enough for ice cubes to be added on hot days, and ideal for easy cleaning of the bladder. The bladder tube has a bite valve and a quick disconnect system.

The U Be hydration pack is a good choice for anyone looking for a pack which fits well and has room to fit quite a few accessories whilst still remaining light and comfortable on the back.


Keeping yourself hydrated while exercising in the great outdoors should be one aspect of your health you take very seriously. Australian summers can be brutal and getting caught out can be a life or death situation.

While the thought of carrying water by hand or in a bag is depressing, what about an easy and comfortable way? On your back, using a hydration pack. 

These hydration packs are used by professional sports men and women and should be used by normal individuals like you and me as well. So do your own research and choose one that's comfortable and holds enough water for your personal circumstances. 

Jill Saunders

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