5+ Best Hiking Christmas Stocking Fillers

There are a surprising number of options when it comes to the best hiking Christmas stocking fillers, and yes! These stocking ideas are both reliable and affordable. 

Believe it or not, you can avoid large, clunky gear, expensive items that go way over your budget and items that don't even fit inside the stocking, that are still useful gadgets for any hiker.

Everything from hydration packs, lanterns, anti-chafe balm and even first-aid kits are great, cheap options for stocking fillers. 

Find below, 5 fantastic examples of the best small, yet significant hiking presents for your outdoorsy loved one. 

Best Hiking Christmas Stocking Fillers

1. Osprey Hydraulics 3L Hydration Bladder

  • Good day pack
  • Magnetic spout clip
  • Lightweight design

Ideal for large volume backpacks taken on day treks and longer, the 3-litre hydration bladder from Osprey features a HydroStatic design for easy loading.

The unique backerplate and pocket give the bladder a structure for loading and to maintain the reservoir in a flat profile so the bladder doesn’t sink to the bottom of the pack or use up unnecessary space. Even when the pack is full the bladder can still be easily pushed into the reservoir sleeve.

The attachment hook is very sturdy and secure with no chance of breakage, and the attachment valve for the drinking tuber sits at the very top of the bladder reservoir for easy access.

The magnetic spout clip which holds the drinking tube in place is a thoughtful design addition which ensures that there is no leakage and makes it so easy to close the spout after drinking from the hydration bag.

The closing slider operation also makes the bladder much easier to close when full.This thoughtful engineering means that the bladder is easy to fill and clean.

Staying hydrated whilst on a long hike, and making the best use of the backpack space, is made simpler.

The bladder is compatible with all hydration bags including Osprey brand. All components are free of BPA, phthalate, and lead and are certified food safe.

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2. Luci EMRG Inflatable Solar Lantern

  • Must-have emergency light
  • Lightweight, portable design
  • High visibility

Solar-powered only, the Luci EMRG inflatable lantern is a must-have emergency light for everyone to store in their car, travel bag, handbag, or backpack. Every emergency kit should be equipped with one of these flashlights.

The flashlight is small, lightweight, waterproof and durable. It shines brightly in storms, blackouts and the dark of unlit roadside areas.

The lamp has the strength of 25 lumens with 3 cool LEDs and 1 red LED for emergency alerts. There are five modes: low, high, flashing, SOS, and steady red.

All light options are high visibility. The lights are controlled by a single button which rotates through the various light options as it’s pressed.

When not in use it collapses to a 2.5cm length. When in use it opens up to 10.2cm with a diameter of 10.2cm. And it only weighs 2.5oz.

It’s eco-friendly and lasts for seven hours of actual use before the need to recharge it for a period of eight hours in sunshine. There is a battery level indicator to show when you do need to recharge.

The lamp is protected from both overcharge and over discharge. There is a 2-second quick shut-off feature. It features a strap fixed to its base for easy hanging or holding.

3. Katadyn Micropur Forte Water Purifier Tablets

  • Avoid local water with these
  • Lightweight, 100 is 22gm
  • Good for any pack

If you travel a lot and like to avoid local water these water purifying tablets from Katadyn are an essential item for your suitcase, handbag or backpack.

Many seasoned travellers use water purifying tablets everywhere they travel just to be on the safe side.These come in packs of 100 tablets for a very reasonable price and in a flat pack box, not a cumbersome bottle.

A box of 100 weighs about 22gm so it’s not noticeable in your pack. The tablets are a very effective and quick way to disinfect any water for drinking and any other purpose, eg tooth brushing.

They will actually keep water purified for up to six months so you can fill bottles with water, add a tablet and keep that on hand for day trips, hiking, camping etc. The tablets use silver ions combined with chlorine to purify the water.

The ratio is 1 tablet to 1 litre of water, allowing 30 minutes for bacteria and viruses and 2 hours for Giardia. It needs to be noted that particularly polluted and murky water needs to be filtered as well as purified with one of these tablets before drinking.

Katadyn is a world-renowned Swiss-based company which has been producing high-grade water filters, sterilisation agents and mobile desalinisation units for over 80 years.

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4. BodyGlide Anti-Chafe Balm

  • Good to stop chaffing
  • Always smart to have
  • Various sizes

Chaffing is an athlete’s enemy. It is produced by the rubbing of skin against either clothing or other skin in any area of the body but is particularly prevalent in the groin and feet.

The result is cracked, red, and generally painful areas of skin, including nasty blisters, which are difficult to treat.

BodyGlide Anti-Chafe Balm is a natural invisible, non-wet, non-greasy, organic balm with no oils, petroleum or lanolin. It won’t stain or otherwise damage clothes, sports or swimming gear or wetsuits.

The balm can be used in any areas where you experience chaffing. It’s particularly good in the folds and creases of skin around the groin, buttocks, breasts, feet, neck, and stomach.

It is gentle on sensitive areas as well so can be applied anywhere on the body.

It’s absorbed by the skin and creates a barrier against moisture and rubbing. It feels dry to the touch. It will last all day even when swimming or sweating and can be washed off with a mild soap.

It is safe to use on children. Some say this is a miracle balm. That it is simply amazing. That they now cannot live without it and no longer suffer any effects of chaffing.

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5. AMK Ultralight Medical Kits

  • Medical kit is always handy
  • Lightweight, watertight
  • Available in two sizes

Being adequately equipped to manage emergencies when in the middle of nowhere and far away from services is a must if you’re hiking, camping, backpacking etc.

Access to medical care can be hours away so having a well-equipped medical kit is essential. But what should a good medical kit have in it?

The AMK Medical Kits are based on the expertise of world authorities in survival and outback medicine.

Their kits are available in two sizes and configurations for one to two people undertaking multi-sport outdoor activities.

The 0.3 Ultralight & Watertight kit is the lightest and weighs only 57gm. It’s also watertight so can be used in water sports and adventures such as yachting and other boating activities.

The kit contains supplies for basic wound and blister management.

Broadly speaking the kit has sterile adhesive bandages, tape, gauze, topical wipes, moleskin blister covers, and safety pins.

The 0.7 Ultralight & Watertight kit is designed as a minimum multi-sport applicable medical kit for two people.

It also contains the bare essentials in first aid supplies for trips up to four days including forceps, duct tape, safety pins, wound care materials, bandages, and blister covers. This kit weighs 267gm and is larger than the 0.3 kit.


Whether you want something cheap and cheerful, or something with a bigger wow factor, these are some of our top picks for the best hiking Christmas stocking fillers. We looked far and wide, and our team of experts, picked these ones out. 

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