6+ Best Car Buffers Polishers [Buying Guide]

Whether you're a car enthusiast, body shop owner or auto professional, the paint on your car is one of the most important aspects for retaining resale value, and to keep your car looking fresh.

This is why you need to have a car buffer, or car polisher. Today we'll be looking at the best ones, that can help to remove the toughest stains and scratches from your car, using high powered devices. 

After much deliberation, looking at online reviews and specifications, we've found 6 of the best car buffers and polishers Australia has to offer right now. 

Best Car Buffers and Polishers

1. Rockwell ShopSeries Car Polisher

  • Established brand
  • Various speeds 1500 to 6800 RPM
  • Large handle for two hands

This polisher comes with a plate 180mm in diameter, an ideal size to ensure that every surface area of the car is reached. It is fitted with a 600W motor that has no-load speeds ranging from 1500 to 6800 RPM, which can easily be adjusted to suit heavy buffs or minor polishes.

This speed range is best optimised for removing scratches as well as bringing out the true colour of the car. This product can double as a sander by adding in the included 180mm foam pad. Pads are both easy to install and detach, making this a beginner-friendly product.

This car polisher is fitted with a large handle, which is textured to make it easy for the hand to adhere to. The handle is also big enough so that two hands can comfortably be used to operate this machine.

This product comes in a green and black colourway and has a 2-year warranty. It is a great addition to any toolkit, workshop or garage.

2. ToolPRO Car Polisher 180mm

  • Established brand
  • Various speed 600 to 3300 RPM
  • Dual handle for comfort

This car polisher from ToolPRO has a plate size 180mm in diameter and also comes with a buffing pad. It is equipped with a 240V motor which delivers speed settings from 600 to 3300 RPM to accommodate both minor polishes or heavy-duty buffering.

This product can also be used as a sander, making it a 2-in-1 device. This is a great tool for beginners as pads can be swapped out using spindle-lock and there is safety cut off switch to prevent accidents.

The hand grip is durable and has the trigger located underneath for easy control. The trigger can also be set to lock as well. The hand grip of this tool has enough space so that both hands can be used to polish or sand down equipment.

This is an ideal product for taking away minor scratches and giving a shine to cars. It comes in a grey and black colourway. There is a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty with a purchase of this car polisher.

3. Kartech Car Polisher

  • Affordable option
  • Various speeds 850 to 3200 RPM
  • Operates at low noise level

The Kartech Car Polisher is not only designed for use on cars but also for waxing furniture and floors. This product is powered by a 220V motor and has speed settings ranging from 850 to 3200 RPM. There are 6 speed settings in total to suit any time of work or repair.

Pads stay on this product using self-adhesion. Swapping out pads only involve peeling off the old one and sticking on the new.

This machine has several slots for ventilation, preventing it from overheating during long polishing sessions. It can also function as a sander using the appropriate pad. This is a great all-in-one product for fixing up scratches on cars and general use in the household. 

Additionally, it operates at a low noise level. It can easily be controlled with one handed use as well. This car polisher comes with several pads, a self-adhesive panel for attachment to pads, carbon brushes and a wrench. It comes in a bright orange and black finish.

4. ToolPRO Polisher 2 Speed Kit - 12V

  • Portable rechargeable
  • 0 to 7500 RPM settings
  • Various accessories included

This polisher runs on 12V batteries, delivering cordless control and use. It has no-load speed settings at 0 to 2500 RPM and 0 to 7500 RPM. The 2 speed settings allow this product to accommodate both light-duty and heavy-duty jobs.

It is recommended for polishing up cars, furniture and floors. This device is easy to operate using the trigger lock and also comes with a safety lock to prevent contacts with the skin. The handle provides an ideal surface to grip on and allows easy single-handed use.

The rubber material is optimised for comfort and prevents strain on the hand and wrist during long working sessions. There is a battery indicator on this product to show when the batteries need to be swapped out.

A purchase of this polisher comes with different pads and batteries included. Additionally, there is also a 1W LED flashlight which has a brightness of 90 lumens. This item comes in a grey, black and orange colourway. There is a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty as well.

5. SPTA Rotary Car Polisher

  • Changeable 600 to 3100 RPM
  • Dual hand grip
  • Lots of accessories

The SPTA Rotary Car Polisher is catered towards both professionals in the automation industry and regular car owners. It has a plate size of 180mm in diameter but comes with smaller plate sizes, as well as different sized polishing pads and sanding paper.

It is powered by a heavy-duty motor which has 6 different speed settings between 600 to 3100 RPM. The motor is protected by a mesh window which collects prevents dust from seeping in. It is recommended that the mesh window be cleaned out regularly to ensure long-lasting performance.

The rubber grip makes this product easy to control with easy access to the main switch, which also has a self-locking function. This is a multi-function device which can be used to polish cars or sand down other equipment.

There are several additional accessories that come included such as microfiber towels, a glove and a sponge. The accessories included make this product a great gift for car enthusiasts. This item comes in an all-black colour.

6. Mothers Wax Attack Lithium Polisher

  • Cordless polisher
  • Set speed of 2600 RPM
  • Comes with accessories

This is a cordless car polisher that is ready to use after a 45-minute charge. It is ideal for use on cars and boats to remove minor scratches and provide shine. It is recommended that only small amounts of wax be used in conjunction with this polisher for the best results.

This product is fitted with a 60W motor and has a set speed of 2600 RPM. The handle allows for single-handed operation and easy control over painted surfaces. It is powered by a 14.4 lithium battery which has fast-charging components.

This item comes with many additional products such as 2 microfiber cloths, foam pads and an educational DVD. There is also a 473ml bottle of Mothers California Gold Car Wash and 1 473ml Mothers California Gold Synthetic Wax.

Everything comes in a tool box, making the kit portable and providing on-the-go convenience. This polisher is best suited for at-home use on automation. It comes in a modern all-black look.

Best Car Buffer & Polisher Buying Guide

How do you actually know which is the best car buffer to buy? In this overcrowded market, with many different brands (some you've probably never heard of), how do you actually know which one is right for you?

This buying guide will hopefully help you to understand the different features. Ultimately if you're simply looking for the cheapest car buffer or polisher then checkout the ToolPro series. 

Features to Look for in a Car Buffer?

The following features should be considered before purchase:

Budget: This is often the fore front of most buyers minds. You definitely don't need to purchase the most expensive model, money doesn't always equal the best. Some established brands have higher prices than the new comers to the car grooming market. 

Speed: You'll want to consider this, as the faster the speed the better at removing deep scratches, however this can also cause the device to heat up faster, causing more friction. You'll find most buffer speeds are around 2000-4000 RPM. 

Weight: These are all hand held devices, so you'll probably want something lightweight as you'll quickly get a dead arm if it's too heavy. You can find various weights from around 1kg to 5kg. In our opinion a model around 1-2kg is best for extended use or larger vehicles. 

Dual Handle: Following on from the weight, some models offer a dual handle which can provide a more comfortable experience for prolonged periods of use. You can then use the device with both hands. This is a great option to consider adding. 

Type: Most buffers come in either rotational or random orbital. From personal experience you'll likely want to choose a random orbital unit as it can prevent streaking on your car. Plus it's highly effective at removing all defects. 

How to Use a Car Buffer Correctly

  1. Wash your car by hand first, and then dry it completely
  2. Test the polisher on an inconspicuous area first
  3. Ensure there is no unpleasant interactions
  4. Add a small amount of polish to the buffing pad
  5. Touch the pad on the car surface and cycle the bugger
  6. Use light pressure and perform wide sweeping strokes
  7. Work the product into the paint work. 
  8. After each panel switch buffer to microfiber cloth
  9. Buff away the remaining polish to reveal finished work
  10. Repeat the process for all car panels

Our Top Pick

After much deliberation we believe that the best car buffer and polisher is the Rockwell ShopSeries. It offers a powerful motor and dual handle design. It's lightweight and is very affordable. Plus buying online often comes with free delivery. There's various addons available for additional use cases. 


After looking at the best car buffers Australia has to offer, be sure to checkout these guides:

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