Best Orbital Sanders To Buy In Australia

In order to find the best orbital sander for you, it is crucial that you take into account a myriad of factors. The performance and safety of the tool should heavily influence your decision.

These factors can be dependent on the power of the motor, the disc size and its compatibility and the speed adjustment of the sander. All of which impact how the orbital sander will perform.

Equally significant, is the comfort of the tool, as this product should last a few years. The style, type of handle, material and vibration settings should be perfectly suited to your requirements. 

Five of the top picks for orbital sanders are listed below, along with their special features, to ensure you are getting the right tool for you.

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Best Orbital Sander

1. Bosch Random Orbital Sander

  • Best: Budget friendly  
  • Speed: 2-12000rpm
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • Power: 270W
  • Cord: 3m rubber 

With a lightweight design and compact small-scale body, the PEX 300 AE random orbital sander from Bosch is easy to use for prolonged periods without user fatigue.

Weighing only 1.5kg and with a sanding diameter of 125mm, the sander works quickly even on large surfaces with low vibration and easy guiding.

These features together with ergonomically designed soft-grip handle and other covering minuses user fatigue.

It features a variable speed selector for multi-purpose use without interruption of the sanding and a high sanding finish for optimal results. The stroke rates possible are between 4,000 and 24,000 opm.

The powerful 270W motor supports the high rotation speeds. It has a no-load speed of 2,000 – 12000 rpm, no-load orbital stroke rate of 4,000 – 24,000min, orbit diameter of 4mm, and a sanding plate diameter of 125mm.

The sandpaper is easily and quickly attached with the micro hook-and-loop fastening system and the paper assistant (a Velcro fastening which ensures a secure hold of the sandpaper to the sanding pad).

The sander features a microfilter system for dust extraction into a box which can be removed and emptied, avoiding damaging dust going into the mouth, nose and lungs.

Multiple attachments, sold separately, allow for a variety of other polishing applications to be performed. The sander comes with a carry case, paper assistant and 1 sheet of sandpaper.

2.Stanley Fatmax Orbital Sander

  • Best: Budget friendly
  • Speed: 4-12000rpm 
  • Weight: 5kg 
  • Power: 480W
  • Cord: 4m rubber

The Fatmax FM440K-XE 480W corded electric random orbital sander from Stanley is a high-quality and powerful machine with a variable speed capability which is ideal for all types of sanding jobs.

There is a 3-mesh sanding sheet system to ensure a quality finish to every job.

It’s suitable for all DIY sanding jobs including more heavy-duty applications such as removing flaking paint, preparation for painting/varnishing, fast stock removal and all fine sanding with increasingly fine paper.

It’s also capable of accessing in tight corners. The ergonomic design of the handle, its lightweight and the low vibration means less user fatigue.

Even the noise is quite low. And the rubberized power cord is a handy 4 metres long for maximum flexibility.

The motor speed can be adjusted to run between 4000 and 12000 orbits per minute (opm). The orbit diameter is 5mm, and the sandpaper size is 125mm. Changing the sheets of sandpaper is easy and fast.

All the component parts are dust-sealed, and there is a dustbag, to avoid the escape of dust into the surrounding air. The product comes with a heavy-duty carry case, three mesh sanding sheets and a dustbag.

3. Black+Decker KA198-XE Orbital Sander

  • Best: Budget friendly 
  • Speed: 13,000rpm
  • Weight: 1.75kg
  • Power: 260W
  • Cord: 3m rubber

The Black + Decker KA198-XE random orbital sander is a budget-friendly option for DIYers who want a good quality robust product which will do most sanding and polishing jobs without the expense of some brands with more features.

Use the Black + Decker KA198-XE random orbital sander for most sanding or polishing jobs you have at home, whether it be wood, plasterboard, PVC, paint or other surfaces, even if the surface is curved.

The sander is a corded electric one with a 3-meter power cord. The motor is 260W with a 230V plug voltage.  Unlike some of the more expensive random orbital sanders, the speed of this one is not variable and runs at a steady 13,000rpm.

With user fatigue in mind, the sander has been fitted with multiple comfort gripping areas including on the palm, the back handle and the body of the machine. These give greater control and comfort when sanding for long periods.

The sandpaper is easily changed with the quick-fit paper attachment system, sometimes referred to as hook-and-loop.

This uses Velcro as the primary attachment method so it can be changed very quickly indeed. No clamps involved as with palm sanders.The platten size is 125mm and the orbit diameter is 3mm.

A dust bag is included for collection of the dust created by sanding and polishing, so as little as possible escapes into the surrounding air and into breathing passages.

Specific polishing accessories can be purchased separately.

4. Bosch Cordless Random Orbital Sander

  • Best: Cordless design
  • Speed: 6-24,000rpm
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Power: 18V 

The Advanced Orbit 18 is a random orbital sander from Bosch which runs on an 18V battery power system. This gives it a convenience factor of being able to be used without the hassle of trying to find a power outlet nearby or using extension cords.

The sander has a detachable auxiliary comfort handle for greater control and comfort. The low weight of only 1.4kg (without battery) and the easy-grip design of the rest of the body also contribute to the minimisation of user fatigue even when working in difficult positions.

The battery is an 18V Lithium-ion with a Syneon chip which effectively extends battery life. This is the uni-fit Bosch which is sold separately as it fits all their powered hand tools.

The orbital stroke rate is 6000 to 24000 rpm. The sanding pad diameter is 125mm. The motor has a variable speed which can be adjusted to suit different applications.

The sander can be used for a variety of jobs from heavy-duty removal of flaking paint and rust to polishing a delicate piece of furniture simply by choosing the right grade of sandpaper and the right speed.

A microfilter system removes all debris and dust from the sanding area and deposits it into the dust bag. This avoids it getting into the user’s nasal passages and also maintains a clear line of sight to the work area.

Changing the sandpaper is quick and easy due to the paper assistant, being a Velcro system of paper attachment.The product comes with a piece of K80 grit paper, sandpaper assistant, dust bag and box.

5.Hitachi FSV10SA Orbital Sander

  • Best: Optimal comfort
  • Speed: 10,000rpm 
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Power: 180W
  • Cord: 2m rubber

The Hitachi FSV10SA random orbital sander is designed for optimal user comfort with minimal fatigue. Its large soft-grip handle fits snugly into the hand and the rubberised body rests easily in the other hand for ultimate control and handling.

The lightweight of 1.3kg and compact body (28 x 6 x 16cm) also enhances user comfort. The tool is capable of handling close edge work due to its well-engineered design. This is a plug-in power tool with a long power cord for ease and flexibility of use.

The 180W motor provides strong power for deep sanding and polishing with a low noise factor. The motor is well ventilated to avoid overheating and internal dust collection. The sander does not feature variable speed capabilities.

A dust bag is attached for collection of waste from the sanding process, taking it away from both the work area and the nasal passages of the user.

Sandpaper attachment is quick and easy by way of a hook-and-loop system (Velcro-based) using compatible paper.

Or conventional paper can be used using the clamp system also built into the sander.Although not quite a budget product the Hitachi FSV10SA is well-priced.


Choosing the best orbital sander Australia has to offer can be a complex and drawn out process. Above we've outlined five of our top picks for the year. There's definitely a lot more brands and models you could consider. 

We're firm believers that Bosch delivers some of the best hardware equipment in the country, with Stanley coming in a close second. 

James Hunter

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