Best Reversing Camera Kits For Your Car (Buyers Guide)

Make parking a breeze with the best reversing camera kits that are available to purchase in Australia. You'll be able to see what's behind you, be alerted to any obstacles and make parking a whole lot easier. 

Most of the kits featured here today are easy to install, a bit of DIY is definitely possible, but for those looking for a professional installation, you should seek the assistance of a car installer. 

There's a wide range of stores where you can purchase affordable, yet reliable reverse camera kits, such as Supercheap Auto, Kmart and of course - our personal favourite - Amazon. 

The best of these range of types, styles and models of reverse cameras is listed below, so you can upgrade your car and your driving experience!

Best Reversing Camera Kits

1. AUTO-VOX M1W Wireless Camera Kit

  • 4.3" in car mountable screen
  • Wireless camera, no wiring
  • Waterproof
  • 170 degree, night vision

Avoid an annoying dent or potentially much worse accident when reversing in your vehicle with the AUTO-VOX wireless reversing car camera kit. Also makes everyday reverse parking so easy!

The kit is easy to install and suits most cars, trucks, vans, RV’s etc. Simply install with the suction caps next to one of your vehicle’s reversing lights and follow the easy to read instructions.

The screen is installed on the windshield or dashboard and the transmitter which enables the screen to read the camera’s signals is concealed in the rear door and attached to the camera via a wire.

Once installed the 4.3” colour screen is easy to view and there’s no interference with any other devices within the vehicle such as Bluetooth phone or MP3 etc.

The image is clear and stable and has a 100-metre range in open areas.

At night the camera features six high brightness LED’s (each featuring a 26-lumen globe) which are automatically switched on and off by the external light conditions, providing excellent night vision without the need for any driver intervention.

The camera has a waterproof rating of IP68 so rainy weather will not impact its performance.

The screen has a 360-degree rotation for mounting in whichever position suits your preferences, on the windshield or dashboard. It has a strong silicone bracket suction mount (washable) to keep it firmly in place.

2. Pyle PLCM32 Backup Camera

  • 3.5" in car display
  • 17ft cable to camera included
  • 170 degree viewing angle
  • Can be linking to car reverse

The Pyle PLCM32 backup camera from Pyle is a simple yet very effective way to ensure that you won’t damage your car or somebody else’s when reversing into a park, a tight space or out of your driveway etc.

It also prevents any harm coming to an unseen person walking behind your car.The camera is suitable for cars, vans, jeeps, and pickups etc.

The kit features a small wired (17ft RCA video cable supplied) video camera with video jacks and mount, and an LCD monitor/ screen (also with mount).

The camera can be installed flush or hanging anywhere on the rear of your vehicle on the bumper, near your licence plate or lights. It has a wide viewing angle of 170-degrees and is night-vision capable.

It turns on automatically when the car is put into reverse gear so there is no driver action required to power it on. The camera features true colour reproduction and a total of 580*540MP. It’s waterproof as well so rainy weather will not affect its performance.

The 3.5” full colour monitor screen is mountable on the dash or windshield of the car with a TFT/LCD display, dual RCA jacks and NTSC video system. It also powers on when the car is put into reverse gear.

Built-in scale lines enable a true representation of the size and depth of objects in the monitor to be made by the driver.

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3. AUTO-VOX TD-2 Digital Wireless Camera

  • 4.3" mountable in car display
  • Wireless, no cables needed
  • Clear during day or night

Suitable for cars, trucks, RV’s, vans and campers the AUTO-VOX TD-2 digital wireless reversing camera is an easily installed and easily affordable way to make reverse parking simple and to prevent accidental damage to your car or other people’s vehicles.

The kit contains a small video camera and a monitor which connect wirelessly by connecting the camera to the reversing light at the rear of the vehicle and connecting the monitor screen on the dash or windshield to a power source such as the cigarette lighter.

The transmitter is built in to the camera and is digital rather than analogue, making it free from any external interference from other transmitters such as Bluetooth etc.

And the digital signal is also more stable, capable of being picked up over longer distances and better in adverse weather conditions.

The camera is waterproof to a rating of IP68 and has 1/3” colour CMOS sensors for superior night vision. The reversing light provides visibility in any case. It has a clear distance range up to 100 metres.

The monitor has a 4.3” LCD colour screen and shows grid lines for measurement of depth and size by the driver.

There are a few menu options which the user-friendly interface on the monitor make simple to select with buttons. It attaches to the dashboard or windshield with a strong silicone suction cap.

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4. DoHonest Digital Backup Camera

  • HD camera, wireless
  • Good in low light
  • Large 5" in car display

With a wireless connection between the camera and monitor, this digital backup camera from DoHonest is easily installed and excellent value.

It makes the process of parking and reversing out of driveways etc both easy and safe by allowing you to see in the monitor what you can’t see in your rear-view mirrors.

The video camera is installed on the rear of the vehicle, ideally behind the reversing light to enable a power-on when the car is put into reverse gear.

It’s waterproof to IP69m grade and temperature extremes resistant so the weather is of no consequence to its performance.

 It will operate well at low visibility although it does revert to monochrome at night. The transmitter is wired to the camera for power and data and simply lays next to the camera out of the way.

It’s transmission signal to the monitor is completely wireless. Being digital it sends a steady and vivid image with no interference from other signals such as Bluetooth, radio etc.

And the monitor consists of a colour advanced technology TFT screen which offers a 1080P HD image with a balance of contrast and colour saturation.

It can be disassembled to provide different methods of installation on the dash or windshield. The kit comes with an installation video to assist with setup.

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5. Pyle PLCM7700 Backup Camera

  • Large 7" in car display
  • 170 degree, 1.0 lux light
  • Can be used as dvd player

Suitable for all automative vehicles the Pyle PLCM7700 backup camera is a waterproof, night vision enabled universal kit to make all reversing both easier and safer.

The video camera installs easily anywhere on the rear of the car, near your licence plate, on the bumper or in the light well. It uses an RCA jack to output a crystal-clear video image to the wired monitor.

It is waterproof to marine grade IP68 and has night vision capability from a 1.0 lux light. With a wide 170-degree camera angle it captures everything you need to see behind your vehicle and features built-in scale lines to improve depth of vision. The camera requires a 12V power source.

The monitor inside the car features a large 7” LCD screen which has a clear 646*540mp HD image resolution display.

The interface features touch button controls. It uses a power input of DC12V from an AUX source. The suction cup mount supplied can be used to fix the monitor to the dashboard or the windshield.

The monitor has two video inputs and a remote control to allow for use as a screen for watching DVD’s from another source such as a laptop. Or you can install a second camera on the exterior of your vehicle for even better control over blind spots.

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How to choose best reversing camera kit? 

What should you look for when buying a reverse camera kit? Here's out tips. 

  • Screen

The first thing you'll want to consider is the screen in side your car. The larger the better in my opinion but only if you've got somewhere to mount this. 

Most backup camera kits come with a 4.3" screen which is sufficient. Some models come with 5" or 7" which usually costs more. For learners a larger screen is definitely better. 

  • Angle

You'll definitely want a wide angle camera. Some of the best models offer 170 degrees of visibility which means you'll be able to see cars, pedestrians and that parking space you're trying to reverse into easily. 

  • Camera Quality

Most cameras connect to the rear bumper of your car. Others site on the rear window. Most others connect to your license plate with a holder. If you want a clean flush mounted install, a professional could drill a hole in your bumper and mount the camera there too. 

Most cameras are HD these days, however it will definitely pay to check the quality from comparing other customers reviews. Usually someone will upload a photo with their review. 

The great thing about most reversing camera kits is that you can connect multiple camera sources to your screen. So you could have a forward facing camera, or even connect a DVD player or internet TV device and watch in your car whilst stationary. 

  • Reverse Start

Most kits come with the ability to connect into your cars reserve mode. If this is not an option I'd strongly advise reconsidering that as it gets frustrating having to turn the camera on and off each time when you want to reverse. 

  • Wired vs Wireless

All kits require some form of wiring, if it's just to wire into the reversing sensor, or to the battery, however running a cable to the rear bumper can be challenging so wireless cameras can be better. But remember, they still need a power source too. 

Wired kits are more reliable in my experience, but wireless usually come with better cameras so you need to consider what you ultimately want. 

  • Installation

You can probably install these car reversing kits yourself but if you're not that handy with electronics I'd definitely recommend seeking the services of a professional installer. You wouldn't want to blow your spark plugs or damage a key component. 

How much does a reversing camera kit cost?

We've seen various models ranging in price from $100 to $500. You can of course spend a lot more than this if you want a professionally fitted device. 


When choosing a reversing camera it can be confusing, as there's dozens of businesses all selling similar products, each claiming to be the best. 

You, as a consumer should consider buyer reviews as these are the best way to ensure you're not buying an inferior product. Alternatively your friends or family might have suggested the name of a brand you should consider purchasing.

After our initial research, we believe the best reversing camera kit for cars is the Autovox M1W. It's affordable and comes with a lot of features.

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