Best 12V Car Battery Chargers In Australia

At least once in your life, you've probably been left stranded on the road by a car battery emergency. This can be easily avoided by using one of the best car battery chargers in Australia. 

Almost every car is run on kinetic energy, and therefore has some type of car battery, which is why this product can benefit almost any vehicle motorist.

Most of the time, a worn out battery is caused by under charging it in colder conditions, so it is of the utmost importance to keep your car battery charged at all times. 

These top 5 picks are designed to extend the life of your car battery, making your life easier and making you feel safer when driving. 

Best Car Battery Chargers Australia

1. AIMTOM Smart Charger

  • Very affordable price
  • Extensive safety features
  • Remembers previous settings
  • Highly rated online.

The AIMTOM battery charger suits both 12V and smaller 6V batteries so it’s handy if you’re needing a charger for a car and a smaller voltage battery in say a motorbike, boat, lawnmower etc.

The charger automatically knows level what charge is needed and switches to that mode, making it totally foolproof and reliable.

It has other safety features including protection against reverse-polarity, over-current, overload, cold-temperature and over-temperature. And it’s waterproof with a snow mode.

The backlit LCD display shows you the voltage charge mode, current, battery type, and percentage of power left.

It automatically resets to the last settings when turned on. It also detects whether the battery is sulfated (has a build-up of lead crystals) and attempts to repair it.

The AIMTOM Smart charger has an 8-stage smart charging process: it switches between 4A fast and 1A slow as the battery reaches full charge and finally floating mode when full charge is reached.

This avoids overcharge and avoids the need for the user to be constantly checking the charge level.

The AIMTOM Smart Charger is a fully automatic multi-use battery charger which will completely meet your needs for any battery you have.

Use it to charge a flat battery and then keep your batteries topped up, safe in the knowledge that it will not overcharge or otherwise damage the battery.

2. Maxxlee Smart Charger

  • Simple design
  • Diagnose, recover, charge
  • Highly rated online

The Smart battery charger from Maxxlee is suitable to charge 12V and 24V lead-acid batteries without the risk of over-charge, reverse polarity, or short-circuiting. It is electronically error-proof.

It’s impossible to connect it incorrectly. It will not spark. It has an internal fan cooling system for heat protection. It’s durable and difficult to damage.

The charger has an easy to read LED display which shows the power and charge levels.

Using state of the art technology and a 9-step charging process, the Maxxlee Smart charger employs progressively variable charging currents of 2A/5A/10A for 12V batteries and 2A/5A for 24V batteries.

By leaving it connected, it automatically diagnoses, recovers, charges and maintains batteries for many months, switching between Charge and Maintenance modes automatically.

It charges twice as fast as most other chargers.

The Maxxlee is also designed for use with DC devices, micro-hybrid start-stop vehicles and CANBUS electrical systems.

The design is compact, very light and portable. It is supplied with two colour-coded interchangeable lead sets, one for bench charging (clamp attachments) and the other for permanent attachment to the battery posts (eyelet terminals).

The Maxxlee is simple, very safe and easy to use. It may just be the battery charger to get if you don’t really know anything about battery chargers!

3. CTEK MXS Automatic Charger

  • Simple 2 step design
  • Highly rated online

Developed and tested in Sweden, a very cold country indeed, the CTEK MXS 3.8 12V automatic battery charger can be used outdoors (or in a garage) at any temperature for extended periods of time without missing a beat.

Perhaps better described as a battery maintainer, the CTEK MXS 3.8 is designed for long term maintenance and regular charging of smaller (12V) batteries.

It can be attached long term to a vehicle battery when the vehicle is not being regularly used, or even when it is.

Or simply to maintain and extend battery life. It’s also intended for regular charging of smaller vehicle batteries.

Regular charging has been shown to extend battery life by up to three times.

Equipped with both crocodile clamps and ring-terminals the MXS 3.8 requires no special skills or knowledge to use.

The unit is supplied with a handy travel bag with all the instructions (with illustrations) printed on the bag.

It really is a two-step system of attaching the leads to the battery and switch the unit on. The MXS takes care of the rest automatically.

Other accessories available from CTEK compatible with the MXS 3.8 include a protective bumper, extension cable, comfort indicator, cigarette plug adaptor and wall hanger.

4. TrekPow Jump Starter

  • Jump start dead batteries
  • USB charger
  • LCD screen notifications
  • Emergency LED lights

Did you ever imagine that a car battery jump starter would also be able to charge your other devices like your phone, camera, headphones and iPod as well? And charge three of them at the same time? 

Well, the TrekPow Jump Starter can do that. And it also doesn’t rely on power from another vehicle to jump-start yours – it uses its own power bank which is charged via a USB port in under 3 hours.

So yes, you can be stuck outside with a flat battery and nobody in sight without any worries if you have one of these (sufficiently charged) in your car.

The TrekPow auto jump starter can jump start pretty well any 12V vehicle, and with two USB ports and one Type C port, it can also charge all your USB and Type C chargeable devices.

The portable starter features smart clamps which protect against a reverse charge, overcharge, over current, over-discharge, over-temperature, reverse connection, and reverse polarity.

It has an LCD screen which accurately displays the working status and notifies you of any problems the starter is encountering whilst in use.

The unit also has a bright LED flashlight to illuminate your work area or provide a flashing alert in an emergency situation for up to 15 hours.

There is certain additional information which you need to be familiar with before using the TrekPower auto jump starter, all of which are included in the user manual.

The TrekPower Jump Starter really is a must-have in your vehicle. It provides peace of mind driving, especially at night in unpopulated areas.

It is very safe and easy to use and has all the protections needed to prevent damage to you, your car battery or the unit itself.

5. Schumacher SPi15-12 Charger

  • Multi-stage charging
  • Protects against overcharging
  • LCD Screen
  • 3x faster charging

Schumacher is a brand which has been around in the battery charger world for a long time, has a number of different models on the market, and has been consistently recognised for producing good quality battery chargers.

This particular model, the SPi15, is a charger which provides multi-stage charging for precise, safe and extended battery life charging.

The charger is a 12V 15A fully automatic charger. It uses microprocessor technology to control the charging process and is suitable for AGM, gel cell, calcium and start/stop batteries.

The float-mode monitoring also allows you to maintain optimum battery charge automatically. So if you’re not going to be using your vehicle for an extended period of time the Schmacher SPi15, left connected, will maintain the battery charge.

The charger also has protection against overcharging, reverse charge, over current, over-discharge, over-temperature, reverse connection and reverse polarity. It has an LCD screen with a scrolling digital display which accurately displays the working status.

The Schumacher SPi-12 battery charger provides 3X faster charging than other brands. It comes with a hook attachment and protection bumpers.

You can rely on Schumacher to deliver a reliable product.


There are many different types of car battery chargers out there, while a lot of it comes down to personal preference, you might also want to consider price and warranty too. For us, the best car battery charger is the AIMTOM.

It's affordable, sleek and does the job. It's highly rated by other consumers online too, making it ideal. 

James Hunter

Last Updated: April 28, 2020 by Rhys