Best Bicycle Phone Holders (For DoorDash & UberEATS)

The best bicycle phone holders will keep your device safe and secure while riding, making listening to music while cycling that much easier. 

We've all experienced those moments of worry when you can feel your phone sliding out of your pocket, or perched precariously on the handlebars. Well, worry no more!

Whether you take a smooth, urban road, or a rough terrain track, whether you own an iPhone or an Android, there is a bicycle mobile phone holder out there for you.

Finding the right model and type of phone holder for you can be a tricky endeavour, so we've narrowed it down for you, find below the 5 top picks for this product.

Best Bicycle Phone Holders

1. Tiakia Bike Phone Mount

  • Anti shake mount
  • Universal phone fitment
  • Ratchet mechanism
  • Scratch-proof material

The Tiakia bicycle phone mount is a universal fit for pretty well any brand of mobile phone that measures between 3.5” and 6.5”. 

It's the cheapest bicycle phone holder on our list. 

That will be wide enough to allow for a phone case in most instances. The mount is fitted with four corners to hold the phone securely in place over the roughest of bumps.

Installation doesn’t require any tools: simply secure the bolt to the bike handle by tightening the nut.

The mount is adjustable to different size handlebars and locks with a ratchet mechanism. And releasing your phone from the mount is just a matter of pressing the quick-release button on the rear of the mount.

The design mechanics of the phone mount mean that it is automatically locked to prevent loosening during riding over uneven terrain.

The mount won’t scratch the phone because the back support is a sponge cushion. The item arrives with 3 different thicknesses so you can choose the size which suits the size of your phone.

You just need to stick the cushion to the support substrate for shock absorption and scratch resistance. In addition, the corner supports are made from durable but soft nylon plus sturdy ABS engineering plastic.

The Tiakia phone mount is simple in its conception but quite effective in its application.

2. Grefay Bike Phone Mount

  • Study anti-shake design
  • Universal fitment
  • Quick release switch

This sturdy mobile phone mount from Grefay may be cheap but it does seem to do the job perfectly satisfactorily.

The mount is a universal fit for any phone measuring a width of between 3.5” and 6.5”. You can even use it for a GPS only device if the dimensions are right.

The mount is made from a combination of durable engineering ABS plastic for the main structure, a super tough but non-scratch nylon for the parts which secure the corners of the phone, and a soft cushioning rubber pad against which the back of the phone rests in the mount and provides shock absorption.

The design itself is a simple adjustable ring which attaches to the handlebar of the bike with a bolt, a firm adjustable back support for the phone to rest against, and four corners which hold the phone securely in place once the ring has been tightened. No tools are needed to install the mount.

To release the phone there is a quick-release switch on the back of the mount.

The Greyfay bike phone mount is an excellent buy for the price. It’s sturdy, easy to use and does the job perfectly well.

3. INSTEN Bike Mount

  • 360-degree swivel
  • Anti-shake design
  • Simple installation
  • Extendable fitment

Whatever sort of bike you ride, motorised or not, the INSTEN bicycle mobile phone mount will work for you if you have a standard size phone (width up to 8cm) and a handlebar diameter less than 27mm.

Use some creative thinking and attach the mount on to a spin bike or cross trainer

The phone mount allows you to access your phone for GPS or music (or other uses) when you hit the road by securely attaching it to the handlebars within easy reach and with clear visibility.

The mount design is fairly straightforward: it consists of a backing support with two support arms and four support corners to securely hold the phone, attached to the handlebar with a strong adjustable clamp with a silicone band. No tools are needed to install the mount – just tighten the clamp around the handlebar.

The rear phone support and the grips are padded to protect your phone from scratching.

Once mounted the phone screen, buttons and jack are easily accessible without losing concentration on the road. You have safe access to GPS and music. And the mount even allows you to swivel the phone 360 degrees for the most convenient view.

The INSTEN phone mount is a very effective device and isn’t too clunky or heavy. It’s a great price too.

4. RockBros Bike Bag

  • Innovative design
  • Waterproof coverage
  • Touch screen through bag
  • Holds keys and accessories

The bicycle phone and accessory bag from RockBros is an innovative design which should attract many bike riders, especially those who ride in all weather conditions and at night.

The bag provides a waterproof environment secured to your handlebars to protect the phone etc from the conditions, and also to provide extra visibility to other road users with its reflective strips.

The cell phone case is made from a highly sensitive TPU with a touch screen to allow operation of the phone while it’s in the bag. (TPU is thermoplastic polyurethane, an extremely durable material made of soft silicone and hard plastic.

Many phone cases are made from TPU). There is also polyester and a composite carbon leather to provide maximise the waterproof quality of the bag.

The phone mount bag attaches easily and quickly with a Velcro strap which also makes it suitable for pretty well any size handlebar. The release is also very quick and easy. No tools required.

The bag is large enough to hold not only your mobile phone but also your keys, charger, power bank, headphones, etc.

In fact, there is a headphone jack at the bottom of the bag, and also a USB port to attach to your power bank for charging your phone.

The RockBros phone pouch fits any phone up to 6” width. Great idea.

5. ROMOSS 2-Port Charger Holder

  • Perfect for delivery riders
  • Charge while you ride
  • Up to 5.5" phone only
  • Includes riding flashlight

The ROMOSS portable phone charger with phone mount for bicycles is an excellent product for serious bike riders, or for use on baby strollers, motorbikes, or scooters.

It combines the best of both, well three worlds: hands-free safe phone access for GPS and music together with phone charging (using an inbuilt power bank) whilst you’re on the road, and a flashlight.

The mount will fit any phone between 4” and 5.5” and will fit onto any diameter handlebar.

Different in design to other bike phone mounts, this one sits face-up on top of the handlebar secured by an adjustable silicone buckle.

The phone is secured into the mount by four silicone corner fittings, with the ports and jack on the charger sitting just beneath the base of the phone.

The mount has 2 ports so can charge 2 devices at the same time. When fully charged the power bank can charge a smartphone around 5 times. The flashlight is easily turned on when it’s needed.

The charger/mount comes with a phone holder, power bank, and micro-USB cable.

This device is truly something everyone could happily have just around the house for charging. Take it with you in the car when heading out for the day and you’ll never need to worry about losing charge on your mobile phone again. And for bike riders, it’s a real bonus for many reasons. A really good product!


Whether you're delivering for UberEATS, Dash, Easi or another provider, or you simply need a phone holder for your bicycle, the five products above are great ones you should consider and are very affordable too. Plus they are legal

We think the best bicycle phone holder is the Tiakia, which is under $20. 

Kirsty Scott

Last Updated: April 28, 2020 by Rhys