Best Huawei P30 Pro Cases

It always amazes me how many people will happily spend $1500 on a new phone, yet won't buy a phone cover for less than $50 that would probably protect their device should it fall out of your pocket or slip out of your hands.

Then when they have to spend $500+ on a new screen they start to understand why we recommend you get a case from day one. Today we'll show you some of the best P30 Pro cases from ultra rugged to hybrid that still offer some protection. 

We've drop tested all the cases featured on this article from a height of 4ft to show you which ones you should probably avoid if you drop your phone while walking or sitting down.

Best Huawei P30 Pro Cases

1. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro P30

  • Drop proof up to 20ft
  • Sturdy build
  • Easy port access

Grip your Huawei P30 pro phone with so much more confidence with a rugged case from SUPCASE.

Designed specifically for the Huawei P30 phone the SupCase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series case (let’s shorten that to the Beetle for these purposes) is the proud winner of the CNET ‘Best Case Scenario’ drop test in 2018 by surviving multiple 20-foot drops.

The case is made from a mix of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and polycarbonate material which provide both cushioning and scratch resistance.

The case is a dual-layered system of defence against accidental drops. It features a built-in screen protector which protects from scratches without affecting sensitivity to touch.

It has a rotatable holster which is detachable and very user-friendly. And the ports are still accessible but protected from dust, dirt and moisture by clever flip-open covers which open when you want to access them for charging etc.

The case lies perfectly flat on its back with the clever design which accommodates and protects the protruding cameras.

Designed to be compatible only with the Huawei P30 Pro 2019 release, not P30 or lite.

The Beetle cover is available in a stylish Blue or conventional Black.

4 Foot Drop Test: PASS

The phone survived our 4 foot drop test without smashing the screen. When dropped the phone landed on it's side, avoiding any damage at all. 

2. Spigen P30 Pro Case Rugged Armor

  • Lightweight cover
  • Pocket friendly design
  • Air Cushion Technology

Are phone cases a worthwhile investment? Many of us, probably the majority, have had experiences of damaging our phones through dropping, getting them wet, or scratching the screen.

Replacing a screen can cost quite a lot of cash. Replacing a phone a whole lot more. But can a case really protect a phone when it’s been dropped in a toilet or dropped down a flight of stairs?

Well, the answer is a mixed one and is dependent on the individual phone and the case that you’re looking at. Many cases are not really going to protect your phone fully, especially the universal cases which are a fit-all design.

That's where the phone-specific cases come into their own, like the iPhone, Samsung and Huawei phone cases.

The Rugged Armor case for the Huawei P30 Pro is a new release on the market from Spigen. With a timeless and classy matte black finish and carbon fibre highlights, it’s ready to protect every part of your phone, from screen to cameras to ports to back and the corners.

Made from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) and with patented Air Cushion Technology, Rugged Armor covers all corners of the phone and protects it from drops, scratching and moisture.

The cover is lightweight and won’t tear at your pocket. The raised edges add protection all around but especially to the screen. The cut-outs allow easy access to the ports and the cover does not affect the response time from your touch screen buttons.

4 Foot Drop Test: PASS

The phone survived our 4 foot drop test without smashing the screen. When dropped the phone landed on it's side and didn't damage the device at all.

3. Spigen P30 Pro Case Neo Hybrid

  • Shock protection
  • Simple design
  • Limited drop protection
  • Slim profile

Many phone users wonder what on Earth the point of a phone case which only covers the back of the device is.

To those people it simply needs to be pointed out that a case may appear to only cover the back but in fact a quality well-designed phone-specific case provides shock protection to the whole phone by having a raised ‘bumper’ all around the sides of the phone and cut out areas for the phone’s features like cameras to protect them as well.

The screen is also afforded protection by the corners of the case coming above the level of the screen so that it doesn’t come into direct contact with say the ground when dropped.

Looking at the Neo Hybrid case for Huawei’s P30 Pro we can see that it offers all the latest technology in phone protection talked about above.

The Neo Hybrid case has been designed with both functionality and good looks in mind. It is manufactured from TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) it absorbs shocks from drops and handles impacts with its PC (polycarbonate) bumper.

The case is a combination of a flexible frame with a rigid bumper. This design enables the case to have a slim profile, be form-fitted and light whilst providing the best of protection.

Access to all the phone’s touch/contact features is maintained through precise cutouts and sensitive tactile buttons with rapid response time.

The case protects not only the back of the phone and corners but also the cameras, the ports and the function buttons. It is compatible with a tempered glass screen protector to complete the protection.

Coming in a stylish and modern gunmetal grey the case also features a fingerprint-resistant back and a raised bumper with a herringbone pattern.

The rear also features the Spigen logo in a stylish gold stamp.

4 Foot Drop Test: FAIL

The phone suffered damage to the side of the screen when dropped from 4 foot. The case isn't that supportive around the screen. 

4. Spigen P30 Case Slim Armor

  • Scratch protection
  • Rigid robust design
  • Raised lips for protection

There’s no doubting that Spigen is a market leader in making protective phone cases for Huawei phones. The cases are designed for specific models and fit perfectly, thereby providing the best protection you could expect to get for your phone.

The Slim Armor case for the Huawei P30 is a dual-layered design which provides optimum shock absorption through a flexible shell with maximum scratch protection from a rigid exterior.

The fit is absolutely 100% perfect so that you’re hardly aware that the cover is on the phone, and it has a reinforced kickstand for hands-free viewing as well which folds seamlessly into the back of the case when you’re ready.

Access to ports and other features is not compromised due to the case's cut-outs and moulded TPIU buttons.

The raised edges and corners help to protect the screen and cameras. The case has tactile buttons for quick response time.

The case is manufactured from a combination of TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane and PC (polycarbonate) for superior strength. The case has been drop tested to Military Grade certification – that’s certainly something to take comfort from.

To look at, the Slim Armor case is stylish with an extremely slim profile belying its strength. It adds no extra bulk to your hand or pocket or bag.

Another winner from Spigen.

4 Foot Drop Test: PASS

The phone suffered no damage to the screen or the phone when dropped from a height of 4 foot. 

5. Otterbox Symmetry Series Clear Case

  • Clear case
  • Thinner than ever
  • Military grade protection

The Symmetry Series Clear case for the Huawei P30 Pro from Otterbox is the perfect case if you like to show off your phone and not its case.

It can be accessorised to match your personality while still affording optimal protection to your precious phone. The case is slim and streamlined as well so won’t add any weight or bulk to your look.

Made from a combination of synthetic rubber and Polycarbonate the case is made to be tough and to provide optimal protection for your entire phone.

The design provides durable protection by the core of the case being super shock absorbent and the smooth outer layer being not only a scratch-resistant cover but also a comfortable design to hold and handle the phone.

The raised bevelled edge of the case comes up above the level of the phone screen to protect it from cracking or, heaven forbid, shattering when accidentally dropped. The screen is also protected from day-to-day scratches and continues to look as good as the day you bought it, as is the rest of your phone.

The case does not interfere in any way with your use of the phone – all your buttons, switches, camera, etc work just as normal.

Easily fitted, this case is designed for use only with the Huawei P30 Pro so you can rest easy that it will work as promised.

4 Foot Drop Test: PASS

The phone suffered no damage to the screen or the phone when dropped from a height of 4 foot. The casing did get get some damage though. 

How To Choose Best P30 Pro Case?

When it comes to choosing the best P30 pro case for your phone there's a few factors to consider. Let's start with the most common:


Most people don't want to make their large smartphone even larger by getting an ultra rugged case but if you drop your phone a lot, it might be a smart idea. Cases with lots of protection are indeed larger, but they offer far more protection. 


Some companies like to use phrases such as, 'Military Grade' or 'Titanium' to sell their products. It's fairly obvious that these are marketing tactics rather than actual materials, however some brands such as Spigen perform tests such as driving tanks over their cases proving their military cases stand up to tests. 

Screen Protection

Some cases offer raised sides to protect the screen. I'd recommend buying a case that offers this as it stops the screen smashing if the phone lands face down. 

You can also get cases that offer plastic screen covers which will protect your phone from dust, water splashes and accidental spillages. Most of these screen covers won't stop your screen from smashing though. 


You can spend upwards of $100 on some P30 pro cases but it's entirely up to you if that's a sound investment. If you've got insurance that covers accidental damage then it probably isn't as your excess might be something similar. If your work or your family is paying for your repair then a high quality case is definitely worth it to potentially avoid such a situation.  


If you're looking for a protective cover for your P30 Pro then you really need to invest some money in a rugged case. 4/5 of the rugged cases we featured today survived a 4 foot drop test which is the average height when using your phone while walking or standing up. 

Buying any model of Spigen is a good idea with the exception of the Hybrid Neo which was more of a looker than a protector. If we were buying the best rugged case for P30 pro then we'd choose the Supcase

Duncan Liu

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