Best Bass Headphones (Product Reviews + Ratings)

A pair of quality bass headphones is a must for a true music lover, not only is it the healthier option in comparison to earbuds, but they also provide an unbeatable auditory experience.

Whether you're a fan of rock, pop, rap, EDM or classical, the best types of bass headphones will include features that will take your listening experience to the next level.

These features include comfortable wear, volume adjustment, bass performance, noise-reduction features and sound quality, all of which are essential criteria for the best bass headphones.

Below, we have listed a number of viable options, ranging in price and quality, that have Australian ratings and reviews for 2020 have deemed to be the best for bass.

Best Bass Headphones Australia

1. Nuraphone

  • Lease monthly to buy
  • Powerful bass guaranteed
  • Control settings via app

The wireless headphones from Nuraphone are uniquely designed to adapt to your individual hearing abilities through its patented Inova technology.

This combines in-ear buds and over-ear cups for the purest sounds at all levels. The headphones are Bluetooth enabled or wired when needed.

The headphone’s ‘Social mode’ allows the user to hold conversations and be aware of external events whilst still wearing the headset.

And the ‘CleanANC’ mode cancels all external noise and isolates the internal sound for a totally quiet enjoyment of the music or other audio experience.

And to top it off the headphones also feature an ‘Immersion’ mode which adjusts the bass drivers to provide a ‘front row’ audio enjoyment effect. The headphones are unusual and need to be literally felt to be believed.

The nura iOS or Android App allows you to create your own unique listening experiences and hearing profile.

The set comes with a carry case, an analog cable, USB-A charging cable and multi-sized ear tips. The whole set only weighs 329gm. The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery lasts up to 20 hours.

The headphones are made from high-grade stainless aluminium cups and hypoallergenic silicone pads. External microphones are supplied for voice calls.

Nuraphone Pricing

You can either buy these headphones outright or lease them on a monthly subscription and return them when you've finished with them.

2. Bose SoundLink Around-Ear II

  • TriPort Active EQ technologies
  • Up to 15 hours play time
  • Well known brand name

Bose Soundlink wireless headphones combine several technologies to produce the best sounds at any volume at an exceptional range in any environment.

The TriPort and Active EQ technologies combine to produce sounds which are both clear and crisp. HD voice calls are also beautifully clear and consistent in even windy and noisy surroundings using an advanced microphone system with enhanced sidetone effect.

The headphones feature both wireless and wired connective technology for a deep immersive sound using the latest Bluetooth connectivity and seamless audio and video syncing.

You can even use two Bluetooth devices at once, switching between them as you watch a video with exquisite surround sound while staying tuned into your smartphone.

Controls located on the earcup allow for easy switching between calls and music or other functions on Apple, Samsung or other Android devices.

Powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (included with purchase) you'll experience 15 hours playtime between charges with a USB charging cable (also included).

Wireless headphones give the ultimate freedom and convenience. These also give the ultimate in comfort and surround sound effect by wrapping around the ear.

The headphones are light enough to be barely noticeable when being worn, yet they’re engineered with impact-resistant products for a long life. When not in use they fold conveniently flat into a slim case for travel or storage.

3. Sony WH-XB700 Extra Bass

  • Guaranteed extra bass
  • Quick charge capabilities
  • Slim and sleek design

Priced for the budget-conscious, the Sony WH-XB700 extra bass wireless headphones are slim, stylish and super comfortable.

The headphones also feature a 3.5mm jack for a wired audio cable (supplied).

The bass tones are enhanced by the 30mm Extra Bass driver which delivers excellent audio and vocal clarity as well as a deep punchy sound. Bluetooth connectivity is easily established every time.

Sony headphones need the Sony headphones Connect App to deliver the Extra Bass feature. This app allows you to customise your sound to your personal preference.

These headphones do deliver a good sound with well-muted exterior noises.

The headphones have Amazon Alexa built-in and are also compatible with Google Assistant to enable easy and quick hands-free device commands.

The design is sleek and lightweight (only 195 gms), with padded earcups for optimum comfort over long periods of use.

Made from ABS plastics, the headphones have a brushed matte finish. The controls are easily located on the earcups.

They are powered by a Lithium-ion battery (included with purchase) which will last up to 30 hours of playtime and is recharged via a C-USB cable (also supplied).

Quick charge for 90 minutes of playtime takes only ten minutes. The headphones come in two colour choices: black and a mixed blue.

4. TaoTronics Active Powerful Bass

  • Agressive bass tone
  • Up to 45 hours battery life
  • Earcups 90 degree swivel

An extremely inexpensive set of bass noise-cancelling wireless headphones which match some of the top-end sets for performance are these TaoTronics Active headphones.

They feature a self-described ‘aggressive’ bass tone with good quality audio overall, picking up both low and high-end audio from the source, whether that be music, TV or a movie.

Noise cancellation via the active noise cancellation (ANC) switch is good and the built-in noise-cancelling microphone means you can take calls without background noise as well.

Bluetooth connection is reliable every time and has a good range, and also allows you to connect to several devices simultaneously.

The adjustable headphones are very comfortable to wear, featuring a soft protein material around the earcups, an ergonomic headband, and a lightweight (only 249gms).

The earcups swivel 90 degrees. They do not slip around on the head even when bending over or leaning back.

Powered by two Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (included with purchase) the headphones will last up to 45 hours without recharging.

The USB charging cable is also included with purchase, and there is an audio cable also included for a wired connection if needed. The headphones fold into a flat carry case, which includes space for cables, for travel or storage.

5. Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II

  • Up to 20 hours battery life
  • TriPort acoustic headset
  • Connects to Bose app

Disconnect from, or connect with, the world with the Bose Connect App and the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II wireless headphones.

These are compatible with Amazon Alexa as well for the ideal management of all areas of your life simply with a word command and Bluetooth pairing.

The headphones have three levels of noise cancellation to control interference of external noise in any environment.

When set to the top level of cancellation the user feels like they’re in a vacuum. Or you can choose to allow some outside noise in at the lower cancellation settings.

They have a dual-microphone system for voice pick-up and superb voice clarity.

The Bose Connect App provides easy Bluetooth connectivity, personalised settings and access to future settings.

Enjoy balanced music and other audio input at any volume.

The TriPort acoustic headset engineering provides ventilation to the earcups and increased volume without the need to increase the size of the set.

These are comfortable to the point of forgetting you’re wearing them. Yet they are built from premium quality, durable and lightweight materials, only weighing 236g.

The sleek silver design looks great as well.

The headset is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (supplied with purchase) which will last up to 20 hours.

Available in sleek black or stylish silver the headphones are easy for travel or use around the home or office and come with a carry case and all necessary charging and audio cables.


If you're like me and love your bass, choosing headphones that offer deep lows should be top of your priority. Until recently, I'd never even heard of Nuraphone but they are my new favourite piece of tech. 

While the monthly fee isn't for everyone, there's plenty of other serious contenders in the market for the best bass headphones available in Australia to suit a wide range of budgets. In my opinion you can definitely do no wrong purchasing a set of Sony WH-XB700's or Bose SoundLink's. 

Caleb McLaughlin

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