5+ Best Healthy Meals Delivered In Australia

Healthy, wholesome well-rounded food doesn't have to be expensive, nor does it have to be inconvenient, with the best healthy meals delivered right to your door. 

No more grocery shopping you don't have the time for, no more tedious food prep and no more cheap and easy junk food, no when there is a slew of healthy food delivery services out there.

Many of these healthy food delivery services come with ingredients already prepped and ready to cook, or even have the meals ready to eat as soon as it arrives. 

Not only are these services providing affordable, healthy food without you having to lift a finger, but the food is also damned delicious!

Perfect for vegans, vegetarians or any other diet requirement you have, these top 5 picks are adjustable to suit you and your personal requirements. 

Best Healthy Meals Delivered

1. Soulara

Soulara is a home-delivered meal solution which focuses on a natural superfood and vegetarian approach to dietary intake for boosting metabolism and the immune system, fighting toxins, and generally improving health and well-being. This is similar to the Paleo diet.

The ingredients are plant-based with minimal processing, cooked and home-delivered weekly (or as ordered) in a refrigerated recyclable container.

The menu includes a selection of breakfasts, special health drinks, and mains. The choice in any given week is not particularly extensive but the menu is altered weekly to provide some variation for customers. Customers can apply filters to their meal choices, for example opting for gluten-free and other ingredient exclusions.

Prices are plan-based and start at a weekly plan of 7 meals for $80.50/week ($11.50/meal). The cost per meal reduces as the customer orders more meals.

There are no commitments beyond a weekly order – customers are free to try the menu out and stop if they want or keep ordering. If you like you can set up a recurring order so that you don’t need to keep placing weekly orders.

Delivery is a set day each week and depends on your location. There is a delivery fee which is also location dependent.

2. Dinner Ladies

Dinner Ladies was started in 2007 by a couple of ladies with a lot of family and friends who were time-poor and needed a solution to the daily healthy dinner routine.

They decided that there needed to be a service which provided people with meals at their fingertips, i.e. in their fridges and freezers, which were healthy and tasty for the whole family, and affordable.

From ever so humble beginnings this business is now servicing the main metro areas around the country.

The Dinner Ladies’ food ethos is that it be nourishing, delicious, and healthy. The cuisine is multicultural. Most meals are ready to heat and eat, some need a little finishing off.

The menu is extensive and stable, but there are quite a few additions and subtractions as well to keep customers’ weekly meal plans interesting. Meals come in two sizes, Small and Large, to suit a single or a family.

Plans are not lock-in – you can order as and when you like. Ordering and payment are done online. The minimum cost for an order is $100.

Unlike many home meal services, delivery is determined by the customer, and that can be determined by when particular dishes are going to be available. There is a delivery charge of $15 if the order is less than $200.

3. YouFoodz

Youfoodz came to prominence with its appearance as the caterer for The Block television reality show going back a few years.

The trademark of this home-delivered meal service is fresh ‘clean' food for the younger set, although of course, it sells to all. The company includes dietary information such as calories etc about its meals on the site and on the packaging.

Its marketing campaign is fierce and very much tailored to millennial's with the language across the board deliberately chosen for that sector of the market. The meals from Youfoodz are refrigerator ready and have a shelf life up to 9 days. They can be frozen.

Youfoodz has a fast-paced approach to its service. It encourages its customers to order for next day delivery and sells special meal deals via email campaigns continually. The company also retails on an in-store basis.

Youfoodz services Australia-wide in the larger metro areas. Delivery is mainly free in the capital cities (Perth is not), and there is a $10 charge in the smaller cities such as Cairns, Newcastle etc. The delivery day and time is chosen by the customer at the time of ordering.

Ordering and payment are online. The minimum order is $49 which is quite low compared to many other companies. You can arrange a recurring order and there are no lock-in contracts.

4. Dietlicious

Another meal delivery service focusing on healthy eating, weight loss and food cleansing, Dietlicious is described by its founder as a ‘gourmet diet range’.

The meals are healthy and calorie-controlled using premium ingredients without additives or preservatives. And the company has focused on the flavours in the food.

The company also offers a consultation with its in-house nutritionist about a supported ‘Wellness Programme and Meal Plan’.

 The site doesn't indicate whether there are charges for these services, but there would likely be. There is also a Health Blog updated with contributions from customers and associates regularly.

Looking at the company’s associations it certainly has a few well-known and well-respected nutritionists and dieticians on board for advice around the food it prepares for its customers.

The menu is extensive with 100+ meals to choose from for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as lighter and smaller options including drinks. And there are Meal and Cleansing Plans available too.

The whole site is committed to 100% healthy eating including plans to get you back to a state in which you are cleansed, metabolically sound and sitting at your ideal weight.

There is a minimum order amount of $50.

The service is currently available in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Delivery incurs a fee of either $12 for regular delivery (same day one of 2 days per week, if ordered by 7, am) or $21 express (same day any weekday). 

5. Chef Good

Chef Good claims to differentiate itself from others in the ‘ready-meal industry' by operating as a restaurant: making all their meals from scratch, changing their menu weekly and always using the freshest of ingredients to create quality, nutritious, delicious and healthy meals.

They also cater to the calorie-conscious by controlling the size of their portions and offering small and larger serves.

The company offers several meal plans to suit different customer goals or preferences: Slim and Trim; Train and Tone; Mix and Match; and Vegetarian.

The plans help to sort out the menu for you, so you know that what you’re choosing fits in with your dietary choices. Apart from vegetarian however no other special dietary needs are catered to.

Unlike most other meal delivery services Chef Good opts you in for a recurring weekly order and you need to opt-out of that. This is a potential trap for the unwary.

The weekly delivery is set for a certain day depending on your location, and you need to place your order by another certain day and time the previous week to have that delivery booked in.

Cancellations must also be made by a set day and time before the delivery is due to avoid the delivery being made and charged. The website sets out the whole process for you. There seems to be a minimum charge of $69 per order.

Chef Good services most of NSW and Victoria, parts of Queensland, Canberra and Adelaide. Delivery incurs a set charge of $12 per week.


You don't even have to leave the house with the ability to get the best healthy meals delivered directly to your door. We've looked at five tried and tested companies here in Australia, but there's many more you could consider using depending on your budget and eating requirements. 

Kirsty Scott

Last Updated: April 28, 2020 by Rhys