5+ Best 18” Petrol Lawn Mowers In Australia

A high-quality petrol powered lawn mower can keep your yard looking spic and span all year round, which is why it is an essential for every budding gardener.

Whether you're interested in maintaining a large lawn, or merely a small patch of grass, these cutting machines are a perfect addition to your garden shed.

A powerful petrol mower can not only offer longer running times but can also boast more power and better handling than the electric models.

Available in multiple sizes, today we'll be discussing the best 18" petrol lawn mowers to suit every budget, big or small.

So, if you're interested in a top-notch model that will keep your yard looking fresh all year round, keep reading for our top 5 picks available to purchase online

1. POWERBLADE 18" 175cc Mower

  • Powerful 175cc motor
  • 7 stage height adjustment
  • Quick release folding handles

The POWERBLADE VS500 18” 175cc Mower is a tough and powerful petrol lawnmower suited to the largest Australian gardens. Its air-cooled 4-stroke air-cooled OHV 175cc engine is both powerful and smooth, making any lawn easy to mow.

With an 18” cutting width and 7-stage height adjustment this mower will cut through both tough and tall grass. It also features a durable steel deck which is easily manoeuvrable to manage those tight spots.

You have the choice of using a large rear catcher, mulching the clippings, or simply discharging them through the rear or the side.

The comfortable soft-grip handle, steel bumper bar and oversized wheels (7” at the front and 10” at the rear) make mowing a breeze by tackling uneven surfaces with ease.

And the quick-release folding handles make storage in a small shed or other space a lot easier. It even has an inbuilt drink holder for those times you’re in for the long haul!

2. BAUMR-AG 18” 175cc Mower

  • Powerful 175cc motor
  • 7 stage cutting heights
  • 33kg weight

From leading manufacturer Baumr-AG comes the 740SX self-propelled 175cc petrol lawnmower. This features high-quality parts and construction throughout.

The mower has a four-stroke OHV air-cooled 175cc engine which starts with ease every time, and it has a superior output for powerful and effortless mowing through the toughest of grasses.

It also features a large steel deck and lever-action height settings (seven stages) to suit your lawn style preferences. The 18” cutting width covers the area faster than smaller mowers can.

An ergonomic grip on the handles, steel deck, bumper and folding handles (with a quick-release mechanism) add to the attraction of this machine. And being lightweight it’s suitable for older people and women.

The design includes large oversized wheels and a self-propelling feature which makes the job even easier by gliding pretty much by itself over uneven terrain and through even tall grass. The clippings are caught in a large rear catcher.

3. Black Eagle 18” 160cc Lawn Mower

  • Powerful 160cc motor
  • 10 stage cutting height
  • Large 6.5L catcher bag

Perfect for medium-sized gardens the Black Eagle 18” 160cc four-stroke push lawn mower is full of great features. It has an air-cooled 4-stroke 158cc OHV engine which is both powerful and durable. The rest of the mower is equally strong and made to endure.

It has heavy-duty ball-bearing wheels – 7” at the front and 8” at the rear.  The 18” cutting width is designed to make the job faster. And it has a 10-stage cutting height adjustment system between 1 – 3 inches, so you really get the result you want, as well as being able to tackle longer grass in stages.

A round disc mechanism with four blades and an extra four cross-cut blades ensures a thorough job is done of all lawns and grassy areas.

The large 6.5-litre catcher bag allows you to keep going for longer between emptying. The handle features a quick lock function as well.

4. Masport BWM 18” 140cc Mower

  • Sleek 140cc motor
  • Large 42L catcher basket
  • Only 26.3kg

Featuring a Briggs & Stratton engine, the Masport BWM ST182 push lawn mower is a great choice for the average Australian home garden and lawn.

This machine has a 140cc OHV Series 550EX Briggs & Stratton ReadyStart 4 stroke engine. This features a powerful torque rating of 5.5ft/lb or 7.4nM. There is no need to use a primer to start this engine – it’s an easy start motor.

The mower has a wide 18” steel deck for greater efficiency. And the 4-blade disc system provides an increased airflow for improved catching capacity.

An adjustable cutting height mechanism over ten steps between 11 – 82mm means that you can tackle long grass in stages, and also get the height you prefer for your lawn.

Adjustable mono bearing wheels – 8” front and rear – make easy wok of rough terrain. A large plastic catcher holds 42 litres of clippings for fewer emptying breaks, and there’s a full indicator light to make that even easier.

Ergonomic handles include a comfortable upturned upper handle with grip and a reinforced lower handle for strength. Camlocks provide a quick release handle fold down mechanism for easy storage.

5. Giantz 22” 220cc Mower

  • Powerful 220cc motor
  • 8 height adjusted cuts
  • Comfortable ergonomic grips

With the ultimate in power and performance to offer, the Giantz S220 Pro-Series push lawn mower is one designed for a standard Australian home garden.

This mower has a powerful 4-stroke air-cooled 220cc OHV engine which provides more than enough grunt (a torque rating of 3.2kW) to tackle the toughest and longest of grasses.

It has four cross-cut blades and eight central height adjustments between 25 – 75mm. The wide 22” steel cutting deck makes short work of even large lawn areas.

Large wheels (10” rear and 7” front) and front-wheel suspension make for easy handling around obstacles and corners, and easier traction on rough terrain.

The self-propulsion feature means that you won’t need to use much exertion to use this machine – it does all the hard work for you!

A four-in-one clippings function allows you to use the 6.5-litre catcher bag, or to discharge through the front or rear, or to use the mulcher.

The handle has a comfortable soft-grip, an integrated drink holder and is height adjustable.

How to choose the best petrol lawn mower?

You'll want to consider the following features:

  • Motor: 2 stroke vs 4 stroke
  • Number of cutting heights
  • Is it foldable/portable
  • How heavy is the mower?
  • Is the handle comfortable?
  • Is the engine control on handlebar?
  • Is pull starter on engine?
  • Are the wheels big enough?
  • Is it self-propelled?
  • Is the catcher good size and sturdy?

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