Best Chainsaw Australia (Buyers Guide)

Are you looking for the best chainsaw Australia has to offer? If so you've stumbled upon the right article as we deep dive into five of the very best to suit every budget.

Gone are the days of spending thousands of dollars on a petrol powered chainsaw that was more powerful than your neighbours scooter.

Similar to line trimmers, leaf blowers and other outdoor tech, chainsaws are owned by millions of Australians so choosing the best one isn't a decision you should make quickly.

We'll help you make the best decision with our extensive review and product features for each. As the prices change so frequently you'll need to check the price for each by clicking the link under the image.

Factors to consider before buying a chainsaw?

A chainsaw is a handy power tool to have if you’re wanting to clear your property of fallen trees or large branches, cut them into firewood or smaller pieces to be removed, or do smaller sawing jobs like branches, vines, roots, hedges etc.

You need to think about a few factors.

Firstly, what jobs will you be doing? What power and size do you need? Chainsaws are inherently dangerous tools because they work by using an unguarded rapidly spinning chain cutting through a solid piece of dense wood.

So you need to buy something that will be safe for you to handle and use. If you’re a beginner then you should start with a small ‘bar’ (ie the cutting part of the tool), say 12” - 18”.

Go lower if you’re only going to be cutting smallish diameter woods. Slightly larger if necessary for your needs. An experienced user can manage a 20+” bar.

Next, do you want petrol, corded electric or battery-powered? Petrol is messy and if you’re not familiar with using it can be a bit hit and miss.

Starting a petrol engine isn’t an easy job for someone unfamiliar with it either. It can take even an experienced user a few tugs at the rope to get a chainsaw started.

A corded electric (ie a plug-in one) or battery-operated chainsaw may not have the same grunt as a petrol one but you may not need the maximum power.

Corded electric saws need access to a power outlet but they are fine for a home gardener. A battery-operated saw has limited operating life between charges so that is an important thing to consider.

Safety features are important to consider – always look for a chainsaw with auto shut off, chain brakes, anti-kickback bars, spark arrest mufflers, and tip guards.

Ergonomic features need to be thought about. Chainsaws which are comfortable to use and don’t cause fatigue during prolonged use are the best to buy.

So choosing one with rubber moulded handles, balanced weight, and two handles for better control is important.

And finally, have a look at customer reviews when you’ve narrowed down your options. They can be invaluable free advice!

Best Chainsaw Australia

We searched high and low for the best chainsaws that you can purchase online and after months of deliberation we decided on the following five:

1. Giantz 62CC Commercial Chainsaw

Best Chainsaw Australia
  • Powerful 2 stroke engine
  • Anti-freeze mode
  • Auto throttle lock
  • Lightweight 8kg design

If you need to do serious chain-sawing the Giantz 62CC is for you. This is a commercial-grade chainsaw with a powerful and efficient 4.5hp 2-stroke petrol engine. It will tackle trunks, logs, trees and more with consummate ease.

The engine is integrated with an air injection carburettor which allows you to use it in anti-freeze mode if need be.

It has an innovative easy start system that gives you instant firing up with a single pull of the cord. High performance is also assured by an auto-throttle lock and upgraded air filter and inlet manifold. The chainsaw has an automatic pump with adjustor for the oil feeding system.

The Giantz 62CC has a superior paper element air filter and aluminium intake which perform to a much higher standard and with a better torque power than older styled inlet and plastic filters do.

And if you need to access the engine for any reason, for example, to clean or change the spark plugs or filter, it’s designed to make that as easy as possible.

The saw measures 20” and the weight of the chainsaw is a comfortable 8kgs. It has a balanced weight distribution design and a double recoil system for ease of handling. It has a low-kickback chain as well as an anti-vibration system for reduced fatigue.

And it comes with an Instruction Manual, tool-set, safety gear, bar cover and even an extra chain!


  • Electric chainsaw
  • Lightweight design
  • Semi auto oil system
  • Fast charging

The Black + Decker GKC 18V Lithium-Ion cordless electric chainsaw is so easy and comfortable to use that it’s a must-have for those who need to clear windfall, prepare firewood, prune, and otherwise saw wood.

The GKC has secondary bale handle to balance the weight (only 3.1kgs anyway) and allow it to sit comfortably in your hands.

The bale handle is positioned so that the chain can still be clearly seen while the saw is in use. The battery sits on the side of the chainsaw to also balance the weight.

The handle has an over-moulded rubber comfort grip which is also non-slip for comfort and safety. The overall effect of these features is to reduce fatigue from prolonged use and to make use an easy process.

Other features include easy and quick adjustment of the tension of the chain with a wind-up tool-free dial. The oil system is semi-automatic so it only takes the press of a button to oil the chain.

You can see when the chain needs to be oiled through a small window – the oil system is leak-free and the saw will also lie on its side to allow easy refilling of the oil.

The 18V Lithium-Ion battery keeps its charge for 18 months whilst idle, takes 5 hours to fully charge and has a ‘state-of-charge’ indicator to let you know when it needs to be charged. When in use the battery should allow for 220 cuts.

Because it’s cordless it’s much safer than corded saws as there’s no risk of cutting through cables, and affords much more freedom because there’s no need to use extension leads or fill with petrol.

The GKC has a lock-off safety switch and requires two switches to be pressed simultaneously to start so there’s no risk of any dangerous accidental starts. And it has an anti-kickback chain as well.

Black + Decker is the name you can trust and the GKC chainsaw is no exception.

3. BLACK+DECKER GK1000-XE 550W Alligator

  • Electric powered
  • Key starter
  • Lightweight design
  • Ideal household saw

Black + Decker has more than one chainsaw on the market and their ‘Alligator Lopper’ is an unusually designed example, and it’s an odd-looking wood cutter at that! But it certainly does the job with fallen wood of any description.

This machine operates just like a manual lopper does but has the power of a chainsaw.

The Alligator is a corded electric chainsaw with a 240V motor. Being electric the Alligator has a key starter and is an excellent option for people who may no longer have the strength for a pull start motor. No need to worry about filling it with petrol (it does need oil).

Plug it in, switch it on, and it goes. It’s also particularly lightweight at 3.9kgs and is ideal for gardens and other smaller jobs where a full-blown chainsaw is a bit of an overkill! Not only that, the Alligator will tackle jobs which a traditional chainsaw won’t, like tangled vines and twisted branches, hedges, roots, etc.

The Alligator features a fully enclosed bar and chain. It has lopper style dual handles which are balanced and easy to use for prolonged periods.

The Alligator is such a safe option for those who don’t have any experience using chainsaws but need something that has the grunt to tackle those difficult jobs around the garden easily, effectively and quickly.

4. Baumr-AG Pro-Series SX62

  • Balanced weight
  • 2 stroke petrol engine
  • Onboard tool storage
  • Good value for money

The Pro-Series SX62 chainsaw from Baumr-AG is a 2-stroke petrol operated 90cm bar saw with a 4.5hp output. It features a large direct air injection carburettor, a patented Easy Start system, quick tension change mechanism, an integrated chain brake, a patented anti-vibration system, and much more.

The SX62 is ergonomically designed with a balanced weight of 8.9kg for ease of use and manoeuvrability. Access to engine, filters and spark plugs is quick and easy. It also features onboard tool storage.

In the box, you will receive the chainsaw, bar cover, tool kit, chain sharpener, fuel mixer, gloves, earmuffs and easy to read User manual. The chainsaw needs minimal assembly and is easily put together and maintained.

The SX62 is great for non-commercial use, and in some ways outperforms some of the larger chainsaws on the market.

It glides through most Australian hardwoods with ease (like butter!), even up to 40cms diameter. They have a long life (some users have reported 7 years and still going strong). Replacement parts can easily be sourced from other brands if necessary.

At the price this chainsaw retails at that is an extremely good value for your money.


  • Ideal for large jobs
  • Auto oil system
  • Kickback protection
  • Quiet mode

Black + Decker’s CS2245-XE2200W chainsaw (let’s call it their corded chainsaw) is a large electric chainsaw with a significant 45cm cut capacity.

It’s 2200W high torque electric motor and 12.5m/s chain speed makes it ideal for large or commercial sawing jobs. Yes, it is a corded chainsaw but if you use a portable generator it’s actually an easier option than a petrol saw.

The integrated auto oil system lubricates the chain while you work to improve the cutting efficiency and reduce wear on the chain itself.

And the oil fill system is also easy to use – the container is large enough to hold 150mls of oil and has a viewing window to allow easy checking of levels. Tensioning the chain is an easy and tool-free task – simply the turn of a knob.

The corded chainsaw has safety features which include a chain brake system which causes the power to shut off within 0.15 seconds if the chainsaw kicks back. This means that you can safely tackle both wet and dry kinds of wood safely. The handguard protects your hands from accidental slippage during use.

Ergonomically, the chainsaw is comfortable to use for prolonged periods without fatigue thanks to its anti-vibration system, the rubber over mould rear handle, and the balanced weight design. And it’s quiet!

Another great product from Black + Decker!

Is an electric or petrol chainsaw better?

Petrol chainsaws are the ones we’re most familiar with. Indeed, it’s likely that many people don’t realise that you can buy electric (corded and battery) chainsaws.

But they are certainly on the market these days and the answer to which is best probably can’t be answered definitively.

It really depends on the job that needs to be done and the person who’s doing it because, in essence, they are exactly the same in their basic design and functionality.

Petrol chainsaws come in a range of sizes from 30cc to 50cc engines. They tend to be pretty loud and can be messy. You do need to carry petrol with you and refill the tank.

These days they can have an easy start mechanism which is a huge improvement on the old-fashioned, unreliable, and heavy-duty pull-start method.

Electric chainsaws are a lot quieter and more portable option. If they are corded you need to be near a power outlet. That’s not generally a problem in an average garden setting. Or a portable generator is another option.

A battery-operated chainsaw is totally portable – until you run out of charge. There are some which come with a battery backpack which resolves that problem.

So, both petrol and electric chainsaws are still very popular choices on the market and the choice is a very personal one.

How to use a chainsaw safely?

Chainsaws are dangerous. There’s no debate around that. So, here are some tips on how to use one safely. It is a skill and a learnt one at that. Paying absolute attention to the task at hand is the most important thing to remember, and respect that spinning chain.

Before even starting to set your chainsaw up for use always put on safety gear which ideally includes earmuffs, gloves, protective clothing, helmet, boots, chainsaw chaps and face shield.

Then survey the safety of where you are – is there an escape route of the tree falls down? Plan your attack on whatever the job is. Now that may be pretty minor in many situations like a garden but still….

Make sure that you’re comfortable with operating your chainsaw, that you’ve read the instructions, that it’s assembled correctly, oiled, sharpened, etc.

Start the saw and make yourself comfortable with hands gripping properly and feet well balanced and apart. Be aware of the kickback effect and know how to control and manage (ie avoid) that.

Start and complete the job. Always stop at any point you feel any loss of control or if the chainsaw acts up in any way.

Practice makes perfect…but never be over-confident.

Where can I buy a chainsaw?

Chainsaws can be purchased at both online and in-store retailers.

Online retailers include Amazon, Bunnings, Ryobi, Mitre 10, Stihl, even eBay.

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