5+ Best Commercial Wood Chippers [Top Rated]

Chopping down trees is the hard part, but if you're not using a log splitter for firewood, you'll likely want to dispose of those branches and wood. 

Introducing wood chippers, but commercial grade suitable for larger homes, farms and business use. Today we take a look at what we believe are the best commercial wood chippers available to buy online in Australia. 

From the latest and greatest, to friendly options, we take a look at commercial options to suit the ultra budget concious to those that want the very best. 

We consulted with experts, bloggers and customer reviews to bring you the top 5 best commercial wood chippers available right now. 

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1. Michigan Ravenger 2250

  • Powerful 438cc engine
  • Twin-cut chipping blades
  • Large chute for more wood
  • Mid range weight

The Michigan Ravenger 2250 is fitted with a 438cc 4-stroke OHV engine to effectively cut down wood with a maximum size of 128mm x 8mm or 5 x 3.5 inches. Despite the large engine, this machine operates at a relatively low-noise level.

It has been designed to be fast-working with Twin-Cut™ Dual HSS chipping blades as well as a separate basin to manually insert tough branches.

There is also a far-reaching 4 x 2-inch chute to cater to larger pieces of wood. This machine has a maximum power of 3600RPM to quickly chip wood. It can cater to light-duty materials but should not be used to chip down palm fronds, vines, flax or other gritty products.

This machine is 131cm in height and weighs 115kg, making it suitable for mid-sized and larger operators. It is help up by 12-inch wheels which are designed to move over mud and tougher external surfaces.

This product features an electric system with a recoil pull start. Accessories that come include an accessory kit, safety feeder, belts, blades and more. There is also a battery charger in case of emergencies. This item is available in a bright yellow finish.

2. Ducar Wood Chipper

  • Lightweight and portable
  • 12" wheels for offroad use
  • Only 55kg

This wood chipper from Ducar is small and lightweight, with a height of 90cm and a weight of 55kg. It is powered by a 212cc 4-stoke OHV engine which enables the blades to operate a typical speed of 2400RPM but can be adjusted to a maximum of 3600RPM.

Through this engine, wood pieces and other waste can quickly be broken down into mulch. There is a chipping capacity of 3 inches in diameter of 76mm.

The position of the top chute makes it easy to throw in bigger wood branches but there is also the option to throw them into the side chute. 

This is a compact machine, ideal for homeowners and small landscaping designs. There are 12-inch wheels with foot brakes to move the wood chipper around seamlessly. A metal bar also supports the weight of this item.

It has a recoil starting system and can be controlled using the metal bar handle, which is long enough to fit both hands comfortably. This product comes with safety goggles and safety gloves to protect eyes and hands from wood scratches

3. MICHIGAN Commercial 1950 Series III

  • Powerful 420cc engine
  • In-built drive = less noise
  • Twin-cut chipping blades

This wood chipper is equipped with a 420cc 4-stroke OHV engine that is both powerful and operates quietly to avoid disturbing neighbors.

This machine is ideal for small landscaping work and home gardening. Twin-Cut™ Dual chipping blades efficiently cut down leaves and wood to turn into mulch.

There is a maximum speed of 3600RPM and branches up to 8.5cm in diameter can be inserted into the 340mm chute.

There is an in-built belt drive system which reduces the amount of noise produced and provide seamless mechanisms. This product is suitable for light-duty wood pieces but can also tolerate palm fronds.

This machine is structured out of steel to operate in extreme outdoor environments. There are 15-inch wheels which are suitable for all grounds. This is a larger wood chipper, standing at a height of 165cm with a mass of 165kg.

Thus, it is more ideal for taller and heavier users. Mulch can conveniently be collected through a bag through the discharge.

There is a simple recoil starting system. A metal bar handle is provided to manoeuvre this large machine around. There is an accessory kit included with a purchase of this item. It is available in a bright yellow colour. 

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4. BBT 9000 Series

  • Large 420cc engine
  • Heavy duty, over 200kg
  • 12" wheels for offroad use

This wood chipper can handle branches with a maximum diameter of 8.5cm which can be fed into the 340mm chute. There is a 420cc 4-stroke engine coupled with a twin-cut blade system to quickly chop down wood into smaller pieces.

This machine runs at a speed of 3600RPM. The twin belt system provides resistance against shock load and enables this machine to run seamlessly. To prevent accidents, there is also a dedicated emergency stop button available. 

This wood chipper should be controlled by larger operators as there is a heavy weight of 200kg. There are 12-inch wheels which are designed to function in rough outdoor areas. It can be turned on using the electric pull starting system.

There is a red metal bar to move this machine around, with enough room to position both hands comfortable for a strong grip. The discharge can be modified to fit a bag which allows mulch to instantly be stored there.

There is also the option to grease the bearings if desired for smoother operation. This machine is available in a black and red colourway. It is suitable for home gardeners and general outdoor landscaping.

5. Truyard CM90270

  • Powerful dual chipper blades
  • Honda GX270 engine
  • Roll into position

This wood chipper is ideal for both day-to-day recycling tasks and larger landscaping projects. There is a capacity to mulch extremely thick branches with a maximum width of 90mm in diameter.

This machine can handle bamboo branches, palm branches and large amounts of leaves in one sitting. The result of these debris is fine mulch which can be instantly applied to the soil.

It is powered by a Honda OHV GX270 engine and contains powerful dual chipper blades which quickly breaks down thick pieces of wood.

The large chute has a screen which can be taken off to allow direct insertion of thick branches, avoiding blockages. This product is made out of steel for durability and endurance in harsh outdoor climates.

This is a machine that can be operated by mid-sized and taller users. It is held in place using large wheels which can tread across all types of grass and soil. It can be started using a typical pull starting system and can be moved around with a metal bar that has separation for both hands.

This wood chipper is available in red with a powder coat to avoid rust.

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How to choose best wood chipper? 

The first thing to decide is what type of power you want. Currently there are two:

  • Electric chippers
  • Gas-powered chippers.

Commercial chippers are nearly always gas-powered as they are likely going to be used where electricity isn't readily available.

If you're buying for your home, you may find electric chippers are best as they are compact in size and have a light frame for easy moving. 

Cords are often only a few metres long, so you'll definitely need a long extension cord. Plus electric chippers require minimal upkeep, but can only chip smaller branches. 

Why You Need A Gas-Powered Wood Chipper

Commercial wood chippers are built for heavy duty uses, farm work and other professional work so you'll want something with a lot of grunt, and gas power is the only way to achieve this.

There's three main types:

  1. Chipper only (no shredder)
  2. Chipper + Shredder
  3. Shredder Vacuums.

The chipper shredders are the most popular because they are cost effective and allow you to clear big branches with minimal effort. 

If you're going to be cutting or shredding more than 4cm then you'll definitely want to go for a gas-powered option compared with electrical, as there's insufficient power. 

How much should a wood chipper cost?

We have to remember we are looking at commercial grade wood chippers in this article rather than residential sizes, so you'll be looking to pay anywhere from $500 up to $5000 depending on the size of the chipper. 

How do you use a wood chipper?

We found many online articles, videos and guides on how to use a commercial wood chipper.

You can read this guide here for more information. 


Once you've considered the factors above, choosing the best commercial wood chipper for your individual needs is pretty straight forward. All the models we reviewed today can be delivered after ordering online, some offering free delivery and others having a fixed haulage fee.

Whatever model you choose, you'll be chipping wood like a pro in no time at all.

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