Best Pregnancy Pillows Australia (Buyers Guide)

Are you pregnant? If so then you really need to invest in a super large pillow that can help support your changing body shape when sleeping on your side.

Today the team at Best Five magazine are looking at the best pregnancy pillow that you can buy in Australia. We've looked at a whole raft of different models from different brands and have hopefully provided the best ones in the market.

Do pregnancy pillows really help?

The best judges of whether pregnancy pillows really help are their users. Having scoured the customer review sections of many pregnancy pillow sites I am yet to find a reviewer who has not found their purchase worthwhile.

A great many are unqualified in their positive reviews, saying that they could not have done without their pillows throughout their pregnancy and beyond into breastfeeding.

Quite a few others found that after a certain stage in their pregnancy, around 30 weeks or thereabouts, the pillow became too bulky and hot because their bumps were too big and their bodies needed more fresh air.

Nonetheless, all of these women swore by the pillows up to that point. And all used smaller pillows after they stopped using the pregnancy pillows.

So the answer to the question is a fairly resounding yes.

Best Pregnancy Pillow Australia

1. Woolcomfort Pregnancy Pillow

best pregnancy pillow australia
  • Provide optimal support
  • Large pillow
  • Many different colours
  • Affordable price

The Woolcomfort Pregnancy Pillow has been designed to provide optimal support for both pregnant and breastfeeding mums.

The pillow is made in Australia from premium memory resistant polyester fibres with a soft comfort organic cotton outer case. The outer cover is removable for easy-care machine washing.

The pillow measures a large 140cm x 80cm so provides support for your entire body regardless of which position you prefer to be in at any given time, and particularly your neck, shoulders, arms and back.

Take it with you to use during the day and use it at night when you sleep. The pillow bends to any shape you want and will mould to your own shape as you lie against it.

The shape of the pillow encourages and supports you to sleep on your side, as advised by many doctors during the third trimester of pregnancy.

This is also the most comfortable position to sleep in during late pregnancy but can be the most difficult to sustain.

The Woolcomfort pregnancy pillow comes in a range of colours. It has a 1-year Manufacturer Warranty.

2. LUXDream Pregnancy Pillow

  • Interesting design
  • Removable cover
  • Very large pillow
  • Head rest

The LUXDream pregnancy pillow is a speciality design specifically for pregnancy which has features which promote the health and well being of both mother and unborn child. The primary purpose of the pillow is to promote good sleep positions, as well as good sleep itself, during pregnancy.

Made from memory foam the pillow has a luxuriously soft cotton removable washable outer cover. The filling is a polyester which deters bacteria, mould and dust mites. The premium fibres used also to encourage breath-ability.

The pillow measures 177cm x 77cm.

The pillow has a number of different parts which all have different functions to contribute to the whole.

The Head Rest looks like a normal pillow but is filled with the memory foam for comfort.

The Arm Rest Slot prevents any damage to the nerves or blood vessels in the arms whilst asleep by giving them freedom of movement. The Back Arc perfectly supports the waist to relieve any pain or discomfort in the lumbar region.

The two Legs Pad promote blood flow and circulation in the legs. The Abdominal Support encourages side sleep which is important for the health of the growing baby. Overall, the U-shape design moulds to the shape of the body, following its contours for full support.

Although the pillow has been crafted with pregnant women in mind it will suit many others who have difficulty getting comfortable in bed.

3. hiccapop Pregnancy Pillow

  • Simple wedge design
  • Doctor recommendation
  • Dual-layer technology
  • Tiny airholes

What a simple idea! As simple as a wedge under your belly to support it while you finally get some badly needed sleep! The doctors say that you need to sleep on your side when you’re very pregnant but that’s easier said than done.

You keep rolling back on to your back due to the weight. And then there’s the discomfort.

Hiccapop has designed a simple wedge-shaped pillow that just slips under your tummy for support while you sleep. It’s versatile, compact and easy to use.

It is made from CertiPUR-US foam, a dual-layer technology offering memory foam on one side and a firmer foam on the other.

You can use it on either side depending on what feels most comfortable in the moment. You can adjust the memory foam to suit your shape.

The outer cover is a removable washable soft plush velboa fabric to add a bit of luxury. The wedge has tiny air-holes throughout for ventilation and to reduce moisture build-up.

The hiccapop can be used under your tummy, behind your back or between your knees – wherever it helps support you and relieve tension, aches and pains. The result is a reduction in the risk of edema, nerve pain and numbness.

  • Very large pillow
  • U shape head section
  • Unique moulding
  • Highly rated online

The AngQi full body 55-inch pregnancy pillow is primarily designed for pregnancy and nursing mothers but also suits people who suffer other conditions which cause significant physical discomforts such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, and back problems.

Developed with the input of a physical therapist the AngQi pillow has a U-shape head section to support the head, neck and shoulders, indeed the entire upper body, while resting or sleeping. The long midsection supports the back or tummy as you move from side to side as is recommended by obstetricians.

Your hips and spine are kept aligned, with your leg and knee on top of the pillow for stability. The entire pillow promotes good circulation and relieves issues which often disturb sleep such as sciatica, heartburn, backache and generalised discomfort.

The pillow can be moulded to whatever use you want: sleep, breastfeeding, sitting up in bed or in a chair.

The inner is a durable and breathable polyester fibre and the cover is a super soft and stretchy jersey which is removable for easy care washing.

The AngQi pregnancy pillow has received 4.4 out of 5 stars from 855 reviews on Amazon. That is certainly a testament to its quality.

5. Marine Moon C-Shaped Pillow

  • C shaped design
  • Cradles your body
  • Removable cover
  • Affordable

Marine Moon has made a C-shaped pregnancy pillow for full-body comfort and support during sleep through those difficult last few months of pregnancy when it’s so difficult to get comfortable. The doctors say to sleep on your side but that’s so hard to do without rolling onto your back.

The Marine Moon pillow is designed to solve that problem by following the shape of your body and cradling you all night long. Adjust the shape to suit yourself and it will stay there because it’s made from premium polyester memory foam.

Rest your back against the weight of the pillow and you will stay on your side quite comfortably and without any strain. Your upper body and head will be supported just as comfortably by the top of the pillow.

You can use the pillow for other times as well – nursing the baby after the birth, watching tv, sitting up in bed, etc.

The pillow has a durable and breathable 100% cotton cover which can be removed and washed for hygiene and comfort, with an extra-long zipper to make that process very easy.

If the pillow is too stiff for your liking you can remove a little of the inner to suit your needs.

Why you need a pregnancy pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is (generally) an extra-large (almost full-body sized) pillow designed to support the changing body of a pregnant woman. In particular, to support the ideal way for her to sleep, which is on her side.

And to assist with the growing problems associated with nasal congestion, lower back pain, heartburn, snoring, sore hips and lower legs, water retention, and poor circulation.

A pregnancy pillow is usually a U shape with the bottom of the U raising and supporting the upper part of the body and the head, and the sides of the U providing support on each side for the back and the tummy.

Women who use pregnancy pillows almost universally swear by them as providing the answers to their sleep problems. The health benefits may not be quantifiable in customer reviews but they are sure to be there if a study was to be done.

How do you use one correctly?

There is no necessarily ‘correct’ way to use a pregnancy pillow – the idea is to be comfortable enough to sleep properly. But doctors do recommend sleeping on your side when pregnant and that is what pregnancy pillows are designed to help with.

The shape of the pillow tends for it be used in one way – with one’s head supported by the closed-off end and one’s back and tummy supported on either side by the ‘arms’ of the pillow.

Generally, it will be a natural inclination to place one knee on top of the arm of the pillow as well for greater tummy support.

The total support provided is such that one’s body stays without strain on its side without rolling onto its back or onto the tummy.

How do you wash or look after large pillows?

Most pregnancy pillows are made from non-washable memory foam. They will come with a removable cover though so that should be enough to keep the pillow hygienic and fresh and clean.

Every time you remove the cover, which should be at least weekly, you should give the pillow a good shake to remove built-up dander and dust.

Re-fluffing it is also a good idea, and re-positioning it to refresh the foam memory will help keep it feeling new.

Occasionally a period outside in the sun and fresh air is a good idea to keep microbes at bay. And even a dry clean (if it’s marked as dry-cleanable) is also a good idea.

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All the pregancy pillows reviewed today are worth the money and have high numbers of reviews. We prefer the Australian brand, Woolcomfort but they all have pros and a few cons. 

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