5+ Best Walkie Talkies To Buy In Australia [Top Rated]

Stay connected on building sites or in the bush with the best walkie talkies Australia has to offer. We take a look at different models based on consumer reviews, pricing and features. 

You don't need to spend a fortune when it comes to buying walkie talkies, especially if you're only covering a distance of a few km. For those that need long range walkie talkies then you may need something more commercial, similar to those used in law enforcement and search/rescue. 

Most of the products mentioned below are either battery operated, or come with a rechargeable base, perfect for your office and offer extended periods of use. 

We've chosen to look at 2 packs, however you can find many brands such as Uniden and ESYNiC offer the ability to add extra units, or buy in bulk such as 8 or 16 walkie talkies in one pack.

Whether you're needing them for work, or heading out on an adventure and want to stay in contact, there's something for every use case in this guide. 

1. Ansoko Walkie Talkies (2 Pack)

  • 16 channels, 5km range
  • 8-12 hours battery life
  • Emergency LED flashlight
  • Loud and clear English sound

This walkie talkie set is fitting for a variety of functions including road trips, general surveillance, communication in busy areas and even for a fun pastime activity.

The 16-channel 2-way radio system with a frequency range of 400MHz to 480MHz can operate within a 5 kilometer distance. CTCSS or DCS codes are compatible with these devices and be programmed in to support other frequencies and features.

Distinct voices can be carried over from each device and there are also alerts in English available.

This set features 2 incredible small walkie talkies at a size of a about credit card without the antenna. A 1500mAh lithium battery is fitted in each product which delivers 8-12 hours of battery life in a single use before charging is required. 

When not actively used and on standby, these models can last up to a week without charging. This set can be used in external environments like construction sites and shipping ports. There is an LED light that can be turned on for use in dark areas or unexpected situations.

These items are available in a classic black hue. There are included belt strips which can be attached to clothing to ensure that these devices aren’t misplaced or lost.

2. ESYNiC Walkie Talkies (2 Pack)

  • 16 channels, 5km range
  • USB charger design
  • 8-9 hours battery life
  • Built in LED torch, emergency alarm

These single-band walkie talkies from EYSNic are inclusive of an 18-month warranty and lifelong customer service support. These products feature a 16-channel 2-way system where communication is enabled from a distance of up to 5 kilometers.

There is a frequency range of 400MHz to 470MHz and several CTCSS/DCS programmed features such as a scanning action and an emergency siren. There is also an integrated LED light for use in dark areas.

Additionally, a low battery signal will pop up when charging is needed. The voice notices come in both English and Chinese. These products are about 10cm in height which fit just right against the palm of the hand.

With a 1500mAh lithium-ion battery in each device, there is a lifespan of 8-9 hours with regular use. On standby, a battery life of up to a week can be expected. This set is ideal for a wide range of people. Kids can easily operate these walkie talkies and use it just for fun.

However, professionals in the hospitality and construction industries can also use these devices for communication in loud and busy areas. These models come in a plain black finish and come with several straps to attach to bags or clothing.

3. Uniden UH850S-2TP 5W UHF (2 Pack)

  • 80 channels, 17km range
  • Voice enhancer
  • Long life, 30 hours battery
  • Ideal for tradies

These walkie talkies are catered towards professionals who work or play in extreme outdoor environments. With a communication range of up to 17km, wide frequency range and a waterproof exterior, these products are built to last in harsh climates.

The radio system features 80 UHF channels and there are 4 audio settings, namely normal, bass, midrange and high to deliver distinguishable voices and sounds. There are lots of extra settings including voice scramble, a group scan function and voice enhancer.

One of the main attractions of this set is the automatic channel jumps when one is saturated so that communication is always clear. Data transmissions are kept in line with a CTCCS interference remover. There is a built-in LCD panel and a battery indicator as well.

Each device is packed with a 2220mAh lithium-ion battery which offers a long battery life of up to 30 hours. Protection and security are provided through a keypad lock. Even though the walkie talkies are waterproof, the microphone and speaker included are not.

This pack comes in a black colour finish. Additional accessories include microphones, speakers, flat belt tips and much more. There is a 3-year warranty included with a purchase.

4. GME TX677TP (2 Pack)

  • 80 channel, 9km range
  • Long life, 14 hours battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Switchable transmission power

The GME 80-channel UHF pack features 2 walkie talkies suitable for both professional use and personal use in a variety of settings. Each device is portable yet equipped with a 1600mAh lithium-ion battery that generates up to 14 hours of battery life.

There is a line of sight range of up to 9 kilometers while the frequency range TX is from 476.425 to 477.4125MHz. There is an LCD panel accompanied by the volume control and rotary power.

The functions on these walkie talkies include scanning and other CTCCS settings can be self-programmed in as well to add more versatility.

Due to the large communication distance, this set can be utilised in busy landscapes such as construction sites, supermarkets and hunting grounds. These are beginner-friendly devices due to the simple volume controls and LCD screen that make it easy to navigate settings.

Conventional cable or USB charging is required but there is also the option to purchase separate charging docks from GME as well.

These products come in a regular black finish that fit in with normal surveillance technology. There are extra accessories including belt straps to clip the walkie talkies and avoid misplacement. 

5. XCD 5W Handheld Adventure Kit (2 Pack)

  • 80 channels, 17km range
  • Inbuilt FM radios
  • 4-6 hours battery life
  • 20 extra accessories included

This package features 2 walkie talkies ideal for pleasure or professional play. Each device is housed by an IP67 rated exterior making it water-proof and suitable for wet regions. A handset range of up to 17km with a wide frequency range is available due to a UHF radio system.

There is an LCD panel with a number keypad below it, giving the option to include a password and customize channel names. VOX settings can also be enabled and the battery power can be displayed or removed if desired.

The roger beep can also be personalized. There are also pre-programmed FM radios to listen to music or podcasts.

Each product has a 1250mAh battery where a battery life of 4-6 hours can be expected depending on the usage. There are over 20 extra accessories with this kit including microphones, speakers, carry straps, belt straps and more.

Overall, this package is suitable towards those who want full control over their devices due to the various customizable features embedded.

These walkie talkies can be used in schools, supermarkets or extreme outdoor environments. This twin pack is available in a classic black finish and comes along with a travel bag.

How to choose best walkie talkies?

How do you pick the right walkie talkie for your needs? Well here's some of the most common features and factors to consider when purchasing one.


You will find most entry level models only offer 16 channels, which is great for beginners as you only need 1 channel to communicate, however for use in the city or built up areas, you'll definitely want 80 channels, as those 16 channels will likely be congested. 

If you're using this for work purposes then 80 channels is almost a certain requirement. 

Power / Range

The higher the wattage or power of the walkie talkies, the better the range is going to be. Most entry level budget friendly models usually only have a range of around 5km, which is not actually that far when you factor in vegetation and other obstacles. 

Most common in Australia is 12-17km and you'll find these on the more commercial grade options that often support 80 channels. You will find some rather expensive models offer ranges of up to 30km, perfect for search and rescue or law enforcement. 

Battery Life

Depending on your needs you may want to opt for a long time unit with battery life of up to 30 hours. These walkie talkies usually come with a re-chargeable battery that charges when docked. 

You will find cheaper budget options that rely on batteries such as AA, however these are usually seen as toys and rechargeable is definitely the way to go. 

Some models offer switchable transmission power which can conserve battery. For example a product operating at 5W will use far more battery than in 0.5W mode. If you're communicating over a short distance such as 1km, then 0.5W may be sufficient. 

Emergency Features

Most walkie talkies come with some emergency features such as a built-in LED light that can flash during an emergency. This is great for search and rescue or if a staff member gets lost during the night. Some models also offer panic buttons which emit sirens and these are favoured with security guards as a deterrent to attackers. 

Others come with a torch. 

Build Quality

Some models are designed for more rugged operation than others. You should look at the IP rating depending on your requirements. For example, IP67 ingress protection offers a high level material which will take a good beating compared with cheaper plastic models. 

Hands Free Mode

If you're going to be using your radio in the car, remember it's the same as using a mobile phone so must be stowed and used with a hands free kit. Some models offer hands-free mode which can avoid having to buy additional equipment. 

Do I need a license to use a walkie talkie in Australia?

No you do not need to apply for a license or pay any fees. However you do need to follow the rules set out in the Citizen Band Radio Stations Class License and the Radiocommunications Act. You must also ensure you follow the rules such as avoiding UHF channels 22 and 23. 

You can learn more about using your UHF radio on this post. 

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