5+ Best Pocket Radios In Australia [Top Picks]

While they may not be the most modern, high tech piece of technology, the best pocket radio can still be a highly useful and versatile device for a number of different situations.

Whether you're camping, hiking or perhaps in an emergency situation, a portable pocket radio allows you to stay informed and in contact with the outside world at all times.

Some of the best models on the market come with a variety of great features, such as Bluetooth capabilities, weather alerts, access to shortwave stations and much more. 

If you're interested in purchasing one, keep reading for a detailed and accurate summary of our top 5 picks for pocket radios, and a brief outline of key elements and features.

1. Retekess V-112 Portable

The Retekess V112 compact AM/FM radio is ideal for kids and adults alike. 

Measuring only 8.4*1.3*4.6cm it’s small enough to easily fit into a pocket or handbag or sit on your bedside table at night. A handy lanyard is included with purchase so you can hang the radio around your neck – it only weighs 45gms so you won’t notice the weight.

The radio doesn’t have inbuilt external speakers so it won’t operate without headphones – it’s compatible with any 3.5mm headset and comes with a set of earphones.

The 500mAh Lithium-ion battery is rechargeable via a USB cable (also supplied).

The radio features an LCD display which indicates the current frequency, volume, sleep timer setting, battery charge level, and the status of the Lock key. 

The Lock key is a switch which prevents accidental operation of any of the radio function keys while, for example, in the pocket.

This makes it perfect for carrying around and listening to while on the go. The frequency capabilities of the radio on FM are 64/87 – 108MHz and on AM are 520/522 – 1710KHz.

It features an auto ‘Search and Store’ function which allows you to easily find available stations and to pre-set up to 58 stations.

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2. DreamSky Pocket Radio

Designed for use on the move or in situ, the DreamSky is a compact pocket AM/FM radio with a big sound and excellent reception.

Its 16.5inch telescopic transistor antenna means you can pick up any station, even those at the lower end of the frequency range or those from stations a long way away, and the reception will stay clear and stable.

A built-in quality loudspeaker can fill the room (great for the elderly with hearing problems), or you can use headphones with the 3.5mm jack when walking or otherwise out and about.
The quality of the sound itself is very rich and clear, even at high volumes.

There is no distortion to speak of at high volumes (particularly with speech), which is surprising given the size and cost of this radio.

The function keys, located on one side of the radio, are very easy to use. They include the On/Off, frequency, volume, and tuning controls.

A lanyard is supplied for carrying the radio on the wrist. Two AA batteries (supplied) are all that’s needed to power the radio for a long life.

The LED screen has a battery life indicator. At an excellent low-budget price, this radio is great value for money.

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3. Retekess V-115

The model V115 portable pocket radio from Retekess is one with a few more functions than the norm. Not only does this have an AM/FM radio it also features an MP3 player, a voice recorder, T-Flash card and a sleep timer.

Measuring only 13*11*4cm and weighing 200g this is a very comfortable radio to carry around in a pocket or on a lanyard when walking, exercising, etc.

With a handy angled mount, it sits neatly on a bedside table or kitchen bench for hours of listening pleasure at your fingertips.

The radio has a backlit LCD screen which displays the frequency, volume, battery life, channel, function, etc.

You can listen to the radio with or without headphones. Its external speaker has a very good sound and volume for clear listening without distortion.

An MP3/TF card option means that you can listen to your own music playlists on this device – that's an extremely handy option to have.

You can even select the song number to go to. Plug an external speaker into the 3.5mm AUX jack and you’re ready for a party.

The Record function means you can record from the radio to the TF card at three quality levels: 64kbps, 96kbps or 128kbps.

The powerful 1000mAh rechargeable Lithium-ion battery uses a USB cable (supplied) to charge via your PC or, with an adapter (not supplied) to the wall socket. 

4. Greadio Portable Radio

You’ll fall for the retro cherry wood look of this pocket radio from Greadio.

This is a radio designed for walking, jogging or travelling and is small enough to fit into your pocket or onto a lanyard around your neck.

Or it sits safely on to a bench or table while you get on with household jobs or listen when in bed. Ideal for catching the morning news and weather as you get ready for your day.

It measures a compact 11.7*6.9*2.8cm and weighs only 131gms so you won’t notice it while you’re out and about. The smooth edges and corners of the cherry wood casing won’t harm your clothing or feel uncomfortable in your hand.

It’s battery-powered (batteries are not included with purchase) so can be taken anywhere with you as you move around your day.

A long telescopic external antenna searches for stations on both AM and FM frequencies and keeps the reception stable. The tuning knob is large and comfortable to use and glows for easy night-time use.

The sound coming from the radio is clear and undistorted even at higher volumes. A 3.5mm headphone jack means that you can listen privately without disturbing others – especially important if you are in crowded spaces.

5. Prunus J-01

The PRUNUS J-01 pocket AM/FM radio is great for travel, exercise and uses around the house. It features a telescopic antenna for best reception and supports a TF/Micro-SD card.

This radio has a powerful in-built DSP chip which increases its receptive sensitivity for picking up frequencies at all points over the range for SW/AM/FM radio.

The copper antenna (extendable up to 60cm and 360-degrees rotatable) increases that sensitivity even further and stabilises the reception.

The range is between 88 – 108 MHz for FM, 530 – 1600 kHz for AM and 8.0 – 18.0 MHz for SW. Measuring only 16.9*9*3.8cm and weighing 300g this is a lightweight and compact radio which is easily put into a pocket or held by the supplied detachable strap when exercising etc.

It’s powered by a 2200mAh Lithium-ion battery (included) which is rechargeable via the USB cable which can be used with a PC or power bank or with adapters for car or wall socket charging.

The functions are extremely simple: it’s as easy as turning it on, tuning it to your desired station and you’re ready to go. Or you can choose to insert your TF/Micro-SD card or MP3 player to listen to your own playlists and songs or podcasts.

The internal magnetic speaker is powerful and puts out an excellent sound for such a small unit – the bass is rich and the treble is smooth with no distortion at even the higher volumes.
You can listen with or without headphones (not supplied).

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