5+ Best 5.1 Speaker Systems Australia [Top Rated]

Music is an integral part of creating fond memories with loved ones, the right song played on the best 5.1 speaker systems can create an atmosphere primed for fun and induce a good mood. 

A 5.1 speaker is now the standard for at home theatre systems, boasting an immersive audio experience in a non-professional environment. 

It not only enables you to recreate the surround sound experience of the cinema, but without the overly expensive cost of high end speakers that require complicated installation. 

Whether you're watching a movie, hosting a party or just listening to music, 5.1 speaker systems are the way to go and these 5 options offer the best features and accessories. 

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Best 5.1 Speaker Systems

1. Logitech Z901

  • 1000W peak, 500W RMS
  • Six compatible devices
  • Incredible bass

Designed for an immersive sound experience of theatre quality, the Logitech Z906 5.1 THX-certified speaker system with wireless remote for your home.The system is capable of decoding Dolby Digital and DTS encoded soundtracks.

It’s 1000W peak and 500W RMS power output delivers a strong sound that fills even the largest of home theatres and is tuned to perfection even on its highest volumes.

The bass roars and the higher ranges deliver even the tiniest of sounds, like a whisper in the dark. The Z906 can accept up to six compatible devices with multiple input types: 3.5mm jack, RCA, six-channel direct, digital coaxial, headphone jack, and optical).

Compatible devices include (depending on type) TV, PC, smartphone, DVD player, Blu-ray player, Xbox and Wii. There is a separate control console as well as a remote control.

Each speaker and the subwoofer can be controlled independently. And there are three types of sound to choose from: 2.1, 4.1 or 3D.

The various component parts are four satellite speakers, a centre channel, subwoofer, control console, six-channel direct cable, wireless remote (with three AAA batteries supplied.

All wiring and cables are included and are long enough to allow for flexible set up. A comprehensive User Manual is included.

2. Razer Leviathan 5.1

  • Affordable option
  • Bluetooth and NFC technology
  • Amazing bass

Designed for use with gaming, music or TV the 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Bar speaker from Razer Leviathan is a very affordable option for an all-in-one home speaker system because it’s portable and compact.

It easily fits in an entertainment console in a living room or under a desktop monitor in an office or bedroom and can be quickly repositioned as it’s a Bluetooth-enabled device.

The sound bar has Dolby technology, four high-end drivers, and a stand-alone. The subwoofer works together with the drivers and tweeters to deliver distortion-free, clear and strong sound at all points along the register.

They enhance the bass, convey the mids and pick up the fine higher notes to produce a rich surround sound which improves all gaming and other listening experiences.

The system’s Dolby Digital will convert sound from a sound card, console or set-top box into a stereo or multi-channel audio depending on the source.

And even better the system is Bluetooth enabled with v4.0 and a connection range up to 10 metres with no loss of audio quality.

This makes it easily portable around the home. Built-in NFC technology allows for easy pairing with previously connected devices so once you’re set up future connection is almost instant. The bar also has input ports (3.5mm audio jack and optical port) for a wired connection.

3. Creative Inspire T6300 

  • Big sound, compact system
  • Powerful subwoofer, bass
  • Short cable length (1.5m)

The Creative Inspire T630 5.1 speaker system delivers an immersive sound experience designed for gaming, movies and music.

It features a total of five satellite speakers (two larger ones in the front, two smaller rear speakers and a central one) and a powerful subwoofer with adjustable bass. Combined they fill the room with sound for a truly surround sound effect.

The speakers are small in size but still deliver a powerful and accurate mid-bass and higher-end sound due to the Dual Slot Enclosure (DSE) technology employed in their design.

DSE is accompanied by Image Focusing Plate (IFP), another new technique developed by Creative Labs. Together the design features create a true, balanced and natural tonal sound at high volumes without distortion.

The bass level of the down-firing ported subwoofer can be adjusted to meet personal preference. This will please many gamers. Aesthetically the system looks sleek and will fit in stylistically with most PC and audio-visual setups, being black with silver accents.

A small wired remote control is supplied for power and volume.The system is easy to install with some of the wiring having been done at the factory. All that’s left is connection of the subwoofer cables to your sound card.

4. Logitech Z607

  • Compact, but high level bass
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Wireless remote

Transforming stereo into surround sound the Logitech Z607 5.1 speaker system is compact but packs a serious audio punch to enhance gaming, music and other audio-visual experiences.

Comprising of left, right, and central channels and speakers and a powerful subwoofer the Z607 wraps the listener in perfectly pitched audio on the complete register of sound at all volumes without distortion.

The satellite speakers have a bass reflex which extends the bass sound, and also high-frequency audio drivers for increased clarity at the high end of the sound register.

Not only are the components compact, but the cables supplied are also long enough to allow for a generous and flexible configuration around any size room, including wall mounting.

You can use the system with a range of different audio sources including PC’s, TV’s, smartphones, tablets, DVD players, Xbox, Blu-ray, etc.

And you can connect with Bluetooth v4.2 or using a cable with an audio jack or RCA port. It also accepts USB, SD cards and FM radio.

A small wireless remote with a range of up to 10 metres allows complete control over the device and the speakers including play, skip, volume, input source, station change, etc. An LED display on the subwoofer also allows independent and close up control over the speakers.

5. Bose Acoustimass 10 Series

  • Incredible audio quality
  • Industry leading brand
  • Crisp deep bass

From leading acoustics brand Bose comes the Acoustimass 10 Series V home cinema speaker 5.1 system with pairing capability. Designed for larger rooms in the home yet still beautifully slim-line and compact, the system features four satellite speakers, a centre speaker and a bass module.

The satellites are wall mountable or can be placed strategically around the room or framing your screen. The central speaker is designed to work at its optimum when placed directly next to (eg underneath) the source of the audio sound.

The bass module will be just as powerful and effective wherever you place it.

Bose has developed an Integrated Signal Processing system which effectively gives the listener access to sounds at the very lowest end of the bass register which they cannot hear naturally, particularly at low volumes.

This enhances the listening experience considerably. The bass system also automatically adjusts the bass levels in movie soundtracks for a natural sound effect. All cables are colour-coded for easy installation.

The overall effect of all the satellite speakers and the bass module combined is a brilliant immersive sound experience that is unparalleled.

You don’t realise how important audio is to the impact of a movie or a piece of music or a gaming experience is until you’ve tried a really good speaker system. This Acoustimass Series 10 system is just that. It won’t disappoint.

What Does 5.1 Speaker Mean?

5.1 refers to 5 speakers, plus one subwoofer. Compare this with a 2.1 system which is 2 speakers and 1 subwoofer. 5.1 is best for surround sound, often two forward facing, 2 rear (wall mounted) or book shelf, as well as a soundbar in the middle. 

They are very similar to home theatre systems but often come with the functionality to connect multiple units aside from a DVD or Bluray player. These might include a Playstation 4, Xbox, TV, 3.5mm devices such as smartphones, USB via latest smartphones etc. 

Lastly 5.1 speakers are very convenient for gamers or those looking to connect to a computer. They are a much cheaper alternative to a fully fledged home theatre system which can run into the thousands of dollars. 

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