6+ Best Mens Swim Jammers In Australia

Looking to pick up the latest and greatest jammer? Here's a full rundown on the very best, most popular swim jammers available to buy in Australia. 

Whether you're a lap swimmer, an endurance athlete, racer or simply looking for an upgrade from a traditional bathing suit, there's something for every style of swimmer. 

Believe it or not you could spend upwards of $500 for the latest and greatest swim jammer, but for most Aussies that's simply not needed, with mid range options starting at around $40-$50. 

Below you'll find some of the top swimming brands in Australia including Speedo, TSLA, Zoggs and Arena. Plus there's many more brands out there, but these are highly rated online. 

Best Mens Swim Jammers In Australia

1. Speedo Men’s Endurance+ Jammer

  • 100% Chlorine resistant
  • Drawstring waist
  • Quick dry 

These Speedo jammers are available in black, true navy and fed red. They are perfect for both casual and professional swimmers.

These swim shorts are made from 100% polyester and are incredibly flexible. The thin and pliable material allows a figure-hugging fit for reduced resistance against water.

The fabric is chlorine resistant as well, which means you can swim for hours without wearing down the shorts. To top it off, the polyester material can dry quickly after washing for maximum convenience.

These jammers are equipped with drawstrings for a tighter fit and additional layer of security. They are printed with the classic Speedo logo.

The Speedo Endurance Jammers are ideal for men who enjoy swimming with minimal water resistance, whether that be for pleasure or competitive practice.

2. TSLA Men’s Swim Jammers

  • 4-way stretch system
  • Superior stretch for comfort
  • UPF rating of 50+

TSLA has jammers available that are triathlon-grade, which make it great for competitive swimmers. Alternatively, these shorts are perfect for casual swimmers as well.

The jammers are made out of a polyester blend which is chlorine-resistant and ultraviolet protective factor (UPF) of 50+. The UPF rating makes it great for swimming in both indoor and outdoor areas.

The shorts include a drawcord and has a 4-way stretch system for maximum adherence to the bottoms. The crotch area is double-lined for additional support.

These jammers are quick to dry, making it great for avid swimmers. They are also moisture wicking for increased breathability.

There are different colours and patterns to choose from, including blue, navy and red. The TSLA brand can be seen in small writing.

3. BELE ROY Men’s Swim Jammers

  • 4-way stretch system
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Dry significantly fast

These jammers from BELE ROY are great for professional swimmers and casual ones alike. They are available in a classic black finish.

These swim shorts are lined with polyester to prevent transparency. The suit is made out of 80% nylon and 20% spandex. This blend ensures a figure-hugging fit and reduced water tension.

The material of these jammers is 100% chlorine resistant, which prevents bleaching onto the shorts themselves. The shorts are quick drying, and can either be hand washed or thrown into the washer.

The shorts have an elastic waistband and drawstrings for those who enjoy a tighter fix. There are flatlock seams for decreased chafing.

There is a 4-way stretch system to adhere to different parts of the lower body for maximum comfort.

4. ARENA Mens Jammer 2A900-45-22

  • Extra-flexible knitted fabric
  • 100% chlorine resistant
  • UPF rating of 50+

These jammers from ARENA come in 6 different colours: aquamarine, deep red, purple, Luckystar black, Luckystar Royal and Red.

The shorts are made out of 3 knitted materials and lined with a breathable fabric. This combination decreases surface drag whilst allowing a full range of movement from the lower body.

There are flatlock seams to allow the shorts to stay plastered onto the skin surface both under water and outside the pool.

These shorts are 100% chlorine resistant and have a UPF rating of 50+. These qualities make them great for wear in both pools and outdoor areas like the beach.

Jammers from ARENA are the perfect mix of flexibility and comfort that help maintain adequate shape while performing laps.

5. Speedo Men’s BoomStar Splice Jammers

  • 100% chlorine resistance
  • Drawstring waist
  • Quick dry

The BoomStar Jammers from Speedo are maximised for support and flexibility, making it great for both casual and competitive swimmers.

These shorts are made from 100% polyester which adheres to the skin for a form-fitting look. There is 100% chlorine resistance, making it great for pools. Additionally, these shorts are fast-drying which is convenient for those who swim on a daily basis.

The BoomStar Jammers thick polyester fabric ensures 0% transparency whilst allowing the swimmer to stretch and move without restrictions. There is a drawstring included for men who enjoy a tighter and more secure fit.

These shorts come in lots of different colours and patterns. This includes black/yellow, black/grey, black/white and black/navy.

The BoomStar Speedo shorts are catered towards people who swim on a daily basis.

6. Zoggs Men’s Ballina Nix Jammer

  • 100% chlorine resistance
  • Leg length 45 cm
  •  UPF rating of 50+

Theses jammers from Zoggs come with a 100% lifetime warranty. There are 2 different colours to choose from: black and navy.

These shorts are made from 100% polyester, referred to as Aqualast fabric. This material is completely chlorine proof, making it ideal for pools located in homes and gyms.

The jammers are suitable for the outdoors as well thanks to a UPF rating of 50+. This prevents ultraviolent rays from damaging the skin surface.

The jammers also have a V front to protect and cover the crotch area. There is a drawcord included for men who enjoy a snugger fit.

These trunks allow unrestricted movement, whilst providing no transparency. They are lightweight, while still maintaining flexibility for reduced surface drag.

How To Choose A Swim Jammer - Buying Guide

As long as you choose one of the top rated swim jammers like the six we reviewed above, you will definitely make a good choice, however what should you consider when picking out the best jammer?


Your swim jammers should be snug, but not too tight and definitely not too baggy. If you're usually a large in shorts I'd probably go for a medium in swimming jammers. Measure your waist and refer to the product sizing specification sheet before checkout to avoid having to return your order. 


You'll want your jammers to be comfortably tight but not overpowering. Competitive jammers are often tighter than recreational. If your manhood requires constant adjusting as it's uncomfortable it's a sign you've got a pair that's too tight.

You should be able to move easily in the water, and if in doubt most come with a drawstring on the front to tighten them up should you buy a pair that's too loose. 


You'll want a pair of jammers that are built to a high quality. If you're swimming in the pool then you'll be subject to endless chlorine and poorly made jammers will fade, sag and become baggy. High quality brands offer protection against this, as well as salt-water, another big factor to consider.

If you're going to be swimming in salt water you'll want a brand that is geared up towards this type of swimming as most models are for fresh-water use. 


Most jammers are made out of nylon and lycra/spandex which is why they are so lightweight and water resistant, perfect for swimming and then drying quickly on exiting the pool. I'd avoid any inferior materials, but some more competitive models may have unique materials. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are swimming jammers?

A jammer is a male form fitting swimsuit that allows for speed and ease of gliding through the water when swimming. Due to the less drag, a swimmer can accelerate much faster. When exiting the pool, due to the water resistant material, the jammer dries within minutes compared to a traditional bathing suit. 

Why wear a swim jammer?

The most popular reason is speed. Compare wearing a traditional bathing suit with a jammer and you'll glide through the water like a rockstar, with minimal effort. The snug fit allows for less water friction, and the compression helps to support your muscles during and after swimming. 


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