5+ Best Above Ground Swimming Pools To Buy

Do you have the desire to have your own swimming pool at home? But the thought of building an inground one is impossible as it's expensive and you don't have the land for it? Or the endless maintenance and pool cleaning involved? 

Well then why not get one of the best above ground swimming pools available here in Australia. This usually range in shapes and sizes from 8ft up to 30ft and are budget friendly.

You can get your own swimming pool for under a $1,000 that can accommodate the whole family, from young kids, teenagers through to mum and dad. 

These above ground swimming pools don't take up too much room, although I'd recommend measuring and ensuring you've got a flat piece of land to place it on, before buying. 

So plunge into summer, with these inflatable swimming pools that are guaranteed to bring joy to your whole family. We've provided our top 5 picks on the best above ground pools money can buy in Australia, that you should definitely consider buying. 

Best Above Ground Swimming Pools Reviews

1. Bestway 20ft Hydrium Oval

  • Capacity: 20,000L
  • Size: 18 x 13 x 4ft
  • Good For: Whole family

The Bestway 20ft Hydrium measures a massive 12’ x 39’ with a water capacity of more than 20,000 litres. Now that's a decent-sized pool.

The pool is a safe and solid build with heavy-duty PVC and 3-ply polyester walls to withstand the weight of the water pressure and the swimmers leaning against it.

The legs and base of the pool are made from heavy gauge PVC and reinforced with ropes. The materials are all UV, tear-resistant, and wear-resistant for a long lifespan.

The steel frame and metal connectors are rust-resistant and are durable to withstand all weather conditions. The pool has a built-in flow control drain valve to make sure there’s no overflow, and the valve also allows for easy quick drainage by attaching it to a garden hose with a supplied adaptor.

The pool comes with an underwater repair kit, just in case. And it has a filter pump (with hoses, cartridge and other attachments) to keep the water clean, clear and fresh all year round.

Installation is a breeze. The Bestway Hydrium is designed to be a semi-permanent structure to withstand year-round weather conditions, but also to be taken apart during the winter months and reinstalled when the weather suits.

2. Bestway 20ft Rectangular

  • Capacity: 20,000L
  • Size: 14 x 7 x 4ft 
  • Good For: Whole family

The Bestway 20ft above ground rectangular pool is a BIG swimming pool which is easily comparable to an inground equivalent sized pool.

The dimensions are 6m(L) x 3.6m(W) x 1.2m(H), and the water capacity is a massive 20,000 litres.

It is designed as a permanent structure in the backyard.

It has a reinforced central frame support, tough corrugated steel sidewalls which provide optimum strength but not too much weight.

Extra-wide 16cm steel borders provide added strength, and a reinforced central support frame ensures that the most vulnerable area of the pool stays strong all year round.

The pool liner is made from premium 0.4mm PVC with UV top coating for sun protection. This stops the fabric from drying out and potentially splitting through sun exposure.

There is an integrated skimmer box with purchase and groundsheet.

The pool is equipped with a 4’ side ladder, an integrated skimmer, and a 1,000-gallon sand filter pump to keep the water clean and crystal clear.

The bonus of a sand filter box is that there are no cartridges to worry about and there are other water filtration functions it can perform.

Setting up Bestway pools is very straightforward and requires no tools or concrete etc. An easy to follow DVD is supplied to show you how.

So why not take the plunge and invest a pretty reasonable sum in a pool which will give you hours and hours of fun and cool pleasure.

And the beauty of the above-ground option is that you can take it with you if you move home!

3. Bestway 12ft Circular 

  • Capacity: 9,000L
  • Size: 12 x 3ft
  • Good For: Whole family

Above ground swimming pools are the summer fun solution for the masses who have neither the space nor the money for an inground pool.

You can save literally thousands of dollars by investing a small amount in a free-standing above ground pool that can give kids just as much fun as an inground pool does.

Children just love splashing around in the cool water. They start off with the sprinkler and then, if they’re fortunate, might graduate to a pool. Make their next Christmas their best yet by giving them a swimming pool. They’ll never forget it.

This circular above ground pool measures 12’ diameter x 39” deep with a water capacity of 9,000 litres. That’s plenty of room for everyone – family and friends.

You’ll have a lot of drop-in’s this summer! The pool is designed to be semi-permanent.

It’s also designed to be durable and long-lasting. The heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-ply side walls are built to withstand the pressure of the water as well as the pressure of the swimmers leaning and crashing against them.

The base of the walls is reinforced with rope wraps for extra support and to keep the legs firmly held in place. All the connectors and the frame are made with rust-resistant materials for durability and a long life.

Setting the pool up is very straightforward, and there’s a helpful guide to show you all the steps. Put out your outdoor setting and umbrella and enjoy this summer – the kids certainly will!

4. Bestway Fast Set 15ft

  • Capacity: 9,500L
  • Size: 15 x 3ft  
  • Good For: Teens

If you’re not wanting, or simply can’t afford, to be in the market for an expensive above ground pool but really want something for the teenage kids (and you) to cool off on those stinking hot Australian summer days and evenings the Bestway inflatable above ground pool may just be the best buy for your budget.

This is a 15ft diameter circular above ground pool with filter pump priced under $200.

The pool is constructed from heavy-duty and durable PVC: the side walls are 3-ply laminated PVC fabric, the surface and bottom are heavy gauge PVC, and the middle layer is a polyester fibre mesh which is UV protected, and tear and wear-resistant for durability and longevity.

The top ring and walls are self-supporting and inflated to stand up to the pressure of swimmers leaning against it.

The pool has a spacious volume of just over 9,500 litres – plenty of room for the whole family plus some friends.

The pool is so easy to install – simply inflate the top ring with the filter pump supplied and the entire pool fills with water (instructions are included). And it's so quick!

No excavation, no messy pouring of concrete, laying of tiles, setting up of filtration and other systems and so on. Lucky to have an in-ground pool ready in 6 – 8 months. An above-ground option is however long the delivery takes!

Pools give kids so many hours of fun, with supervision of course, and at this price who wouldn’t invest in a blow-up pool? A little piece of luxury for all of us.

intex easy set 8ft

5. Intex Easy Set 8ft

  • Capacity: 2419L
  • Size: 8ft x 30"
  • Good For: Kids

The Intex is a rather modest 8ft pool, offering you an easy-up inflatable swimming pool for under $100. This is suitable for younger children, or a few kids who may not be adjusted to water yet. 

There's no tools required for setup, just choose a flat level ground and you're ready to fill with water. The walls are durable and resistant to the elements. 

Speaking of the walls, they are super-tough, something Intex has focused on, to help the pool last a long time. Given the 2,900 reviews on Amazon alone, it's a very popular backyard pool. 

The pool comes with an instructional DVD on getting started and holds up to 639 gallons of water. There's no pump, so be sure to add one.

You'll also need to purchase a filter pump if you want to keep it up for days, otherwise you can release the valve and remove the water fast for easy pack up.

We get it, not every family has hundreds of dollars to spend on a swimming pool, and if that's you, this Intex Easy Set is definitely a wise choice. But you better act fast, as they sell out during the summer months, especially around Christmas. 

Benefits of An Above Ground Pool

There are many benefits to purchasing such a pool, especially compared with an in-ground pool, these include the following:

  • Cost Effective

It's no secret that an above ground pool costs a fraction of what you'd expect to pay to install an in-ground pool which usually costs around $30,000 here in Australia. 

In-ground pools required endless maintenance and round the clock filtering, which is expensive and requires regular servicing. An in-ground pool also requires a large plot of land and many hours of manual labour which can add to the cost of installation. 

Above ground swimming pools can be purchased for around $200 up to $5,000 depending on the size, require minimal running costs and can be setup and removed within one day. 

  • Different Sizes 

You can purchase various sizes to suit your budget and requirements. For example if you've got a small child you may be able to purchase an 8 or 12ft pool, while if you're looking for fun for the whole family you probably wouldn't to go under 15 or 20ft. 

Pools come in various different shapes and sizes such as oval, square and rectangular. 

  • Safer For Kids

In-ground pools here in Australia legally have to have a fence round the outside however most people's gardens are the other side of the fence too and it can be difficult to monitor your children.

Above-ground pools are usually 50cm to 1m above the ground meaning kids are less likely to fall in to your pool, making it a safer option.

  • Easy To Maintain

When I was growing up and we had a paddling pool we'd set it up in the morning and empty it in the evening, proving how easy it is to look after. These days, pools are bigger, but they are still much easier to maintain as they can be emptied fast or filtered using portable filters. 

When you're not using your pool during the winter months, simply pack it away.

Things To Consider Before Buying

There's a few things to consider for your personal situation before buying an above-ground pool. 

  • The Right Size For You

You should look at where you want to place your swimming pool. It must be flat surface, unless you want all the water at one side of your pool. A concrete slap is always a good option, but if in doubt, get your laser level out and check it's flat. 

Next you'll want to check how much room you've got. Most pools are 8ft to 20ft so there's plenty of different sizes to consider. There's also various shapes such as oval, square and rectangle. If you've got a tight space, measure accordingly. 

If you've got the space, it's better to go for a larger pool as it's more fun and better for when you have guests around or family members that want to have a swim too. 

  • Ease of Setup

Nearly all above-ground pools can be installed within a few hours. Some of the PVC easy up ones require no installation at all, just an electric air pump (likely an optional addon). 

Some of the larger ones, especially those 20ft plus models will require a frame of some sort which you'll need to put together using a screwdriver. 

Check what's required for each, if you're a bit of a handyman or woman, setup should be straight forward. 

  • Brand Names

Nearly every above-ground swimming pool in Australia is Bestway or Intex, the two biggest brands in the country. You can find cheapest unfamiliar brands, but you generally get what you pay for. 

If you want something that will last a long time, then definitely purchase a reputable brand. It might be slightly more expensive initially, but will save you time and money in the future if there's ever a problem and you need customer support. 

Check to ensure your pool comes with a warranty and how the claims process works. Popular brands may send out spare parts or DIY repair kits, while less known companies will probably leave you high and dry if issues arise. 

Final Verdict

If you're thinking of buying a swimming pool but don't want to spend a fortune or deal with the hassle of endless maintenance and cleaning, then an above-ground swimming pool is definitely something I'd recommend starting off with. 

These pools come in many different shapes and sizes and are affordable. They are also easy to install and can be installed or removed within a few hours. 

What is the best above-ground swimming pool for Australia? It's a tough one but we believe the Bestway 20ft Hydrium Oval is the one to choose. 

Caleb McLaughlin

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