Healsage Review: Best Massage Gun For Aussies?

Massage guns are becoming increasingly popular in Australia with fitness stars, sports consultants and athletes now using them on a regular basis. We've got our hands on one of the best brands and below you'll see our Healsage review. 

In this overcrowded market, there's many brands all claiming to offer the best massage gun, but with various prices and features, who should you trust? And who should you avoid..? 

We were recently contacted by Healsage, a Queensland based massage gun retailer if we'd be interested in checking out their latest model, the limited edition red one. Of course we were!

What is a Healsage Massage Gun?

At $299 it's one of the more expensive massage guns on the market but when it arrived in the mail, we instantly knew why. The retail packing looks sleek, the carry case is professionally done and the massage gun is customised with the unique colour scheme and Healsage branding.

It was clear from the start, this is a branded massage gun, not a cheap unbranded import that you'll find floating around on Amazon. 

Inside the sturdy black case (perfect for travelling) you'll find the gun itself, an Australian charging cable and 6 removable heads. Additionally there's a user manual in English. Outside the box was the base station for charging the unit. 

healsage review australia

First impressions of the Healsage massage gun were impressive. It's strong and sturdy, and built like a true champion. The material feels strong and unlike other models we've tested over the years, that cheap plastic feeling was nowhere to be found. 

Healsage First Use

On the underside of the massage gun is the power button, which is a rocker switch for turning it on or off. Don't go button bashing the power button on the LCD screen like I did, it won't work!

Our gun came with a bit of juice in the battery allowing us to start using it right away. 

Healsage Adjustable Speed

Starting off slowly, there's 20 different adjustable speed settings available, that pulse out 12mm with a frequency of around 1,000 to 4,200 RPM's. 

I have to admit, 20 speed settings was a bit overkill for my use, and I found the first 10 speeds were sufficient but for those looking for a deeper or more intense massage, you'll be sorted!

You can use the minus or plus to increase the speed, up to 20 levels. On the right side of the adjustable speed is the battery level indicator. Ours showed 60 which I assume is 60 minutes.

It would be great if you could change the intensity such as short pulse, but the Healsage doesn't offer this functionality. 

Healsage Head Attachments

The gun comes with 6 different attachments which can be used for various levels of massage. I was expecting some detailed guidance on what the different heads were suppose to be used for. 

However the user guide does give a few words on each head attachment:

  • Large Ballhead: For larger muscle groups
  • Ballhead: For medium muscle groups
  • Cushionhead: For all round softer massage
  • Bullethead: For deep muscle penetration
  • Flathead: Good for the entire body
  • Forkhead: Suitable for neck and spine.

Changing these is a piece of cake and simply requires a quick tuck to take it out. You can then push the new head in, and it'll stay in place.

Some massage guns require screws or locks, but Healsage made the entire process easy. I'd say it takes a couple of seconds to change your massage heads. 

Healsage Battery Life

Our massage gun came with 60 minutes battery life on it, and we found it lasted longer than this when we left it running for a full hour. It will depend on the speed settings, i.e. leaving it on the highest speed, it definitely will consume the battery further. 

After a quick 5-6 hour recharge using the built in charger, we found the battery life lasted a good 3-4 hours throughout our testing -perfect for the entire family or a full day at the office. 

Colour & Build Quality

Healsage sent us the limited edition red colour, but in the photos it comes across as being slightly orange. They also seem to offer a carbon fiber or black version.

From looking at all three versions, I'd say the carbon fiber model is definitely my favourite, and if I was using this on a more regular basis such as at the gym or in a professional capacity I think I'd prefer the darker colours. 

As I mentioned earlier, Healsage has produced a really nice massage gun that feels sturdy, robust and could easily take a good beating in my gym back, or if it fell off the table. 

Healsage Noise Level

It's hard to tell you just how noisy this massage gun can get on the highest speed, however on the lowest speeds it's not that intense. The official website says the noise level is 42db to 55db which is a little less than conversational speech.

However you probably won't be talking much when you're using the device, and the lower speed settings ensure the noise level is perfectly reasonable. 

Healsage Warranty & Returns

According to the official website all products come with a 1 year warranty which covers defective products. It's great to see this published on the website so you're not left high and dry should something go wrong. 

healsage massage gun review

Healsage Review

After using the Healsage massage gun for over two weeks now, I can say it's one of the better massage guns on the market. The build quality is great, and it feels expensive. At $299 it's definitely at the top end of the massage gun market which cheaper options costing around $115 - $250. 

I found the gun easy to hold in one hand. Being around 50kg, I was worried the gun would be too heavy for me, but it was very light. 

With that said, you are buying a more rounded package that comes with an instruction manual, a lightweight carry case, and a charging base station. Plus one of the main draw-cards is the Australian power plug. You're not going to have to use an unsafe power adaptor like you'll probably expect from those unbranded Chinese models flooding Amazon. 

The Healsage massage gun is definitely worth considering if you're looking for a high quality massage gun. If you can afford the extra price, you should choose this model. With it's long life battery, impressive 20 speed design, reliable build quality, fancy colour schemes and warranty, it's definitely one of our top picks..!

Why Buy Healsage Massage Gun?

The Healsage gun is sold on the basis you can try it risk free for 30 days and if you're unhappy you can return it for a full refund. If that's not enough there's many other great features.

The massage gun allows you to activate your muscles before you perform a rigorous workout, hopefully avoiding any nasty injuries. As a fitness freak myself, I know how bad an injury can be. 

The gun can help you to perform a much better massage than if you were doing it yourself, or paying $100+ an hour to a local massage shop. 3 hours of hand massage and you've paid for your Healsage already!

In the grand scheme of things the device is really quiet, and will work on your muscles while you continue to enjoy your television or conversation with a family member. 

Lastly you've got that 12 month warranty which is perfect for knowing that your $300 hasn't disappeared if you run into a problem. It's unlikely you will as the build quality is so good, but like all technology, it could break, and that's when Healsage really step up and make things right. 

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Healsage Coupon Code

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Healsage massage gun cost?

Currently Healsage costs $299.99 Australian Dollars. This price includes GST. You can also buy additional accessories such as a battery for $69.95 or a charging base for $39.95. Prices are RRP and a discount or special offer may be available on the official website. 

How much does Healsage charge for delivery?

Healsage offers free shipping within Australia and New Zealand. International shipping is calculated per country during the checkout process. 

Is there a Healsage discount or coupon code?

Yes there is. Click here to get a 5% discount on your purchase, exclusive to Best Five. From our research there is no discount or coupon code greater than 5%. 

Where can you buy a Healsage massage gun?

You can buy Healsage from the official website, healsage.com.au. You can read our review for the best price or any special offers such as discount codes or coupon codes to make the price cheaper.

How long does the battery last on Healsage?

According to the official website and independent tests the battery can last up to 4 hours of consistent use. You can charge the battery within 6 hours. Some buyer may wish to purchase an additional battery from the website for around $69.95. 

Does Healsage offer finance or layby? 

Currently Healsage offers Afterpay only. 

How do I return a faulty Healsage product?

Healsag offers a full one year warranty from the date of purchase. You can contact their support team to request a return. They'll attempt to resolve your issue first, before replacing or repairing the gun and/or it's components under their warranty program. 

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