XMIAO Massage Gun Review: Best Budget Option?

Today we're taking an in depth look into the best massage gun Australia has to offer, in this versatile and impressive budget friendly gun that's available for fast shipping from Amazon Australia.

We'll look at what you get, what the features are, how much it costs and ultimately whether it's worth actually buying or not, plus other alternatives to consider as well. 

What is the XMIAO Massage Gun?

Just like the name suggests, the XMIAO Massage Gun is a massager designed specifically for professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

It is an all-in-one product for alleviating muscle pain and soreness that comes from intense workout sessions. Pamper your body in the comfort of your own home with this high-quality massage gun.

  • Up to 20 speeds
  • 6 massage heads
  • Up to 3 hours battery
  • Super quiet & portable

What is the XMIAO Massage Gun used for?

There are several benefits to employing this product. Besides alleviating tension and soreness throughout the body, there are also more health benefits.

The vibrations provided improve blood circulation. Using this massager also enables smoother movements and an easier time while performing exercises. You can expect the muscles to have increased endurance and fluidity in the gym. 

XMIAO Speed, Power & Levels

This item has fully customisable settings. One of the best features is the 20 adjustable speeds to cater to any intensity desired. Around 1200 to 3800 vibrations per minute can be delivered depending on the setting.

The lower settings are suggested to warm up muscles while the higher ones mimic a professional massage session. After a workout, it is recommended that levels 9 to 12 be used to get rid of lactic acid and waste products in the body. 

XMIAO Massage Heads

There are 6 massage heads available which target different regions of the body. The round head is designed for large muscles, while the flat-end head massages the entire body. 

The U-shaped head is best for relieving tension in the spine area. There is also a blade-shaped head which is ideal for centring on small muscles around the arms and legs. 

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XMIAO Motor, Sound & Display

Despite the intense percussions available, this product from XMIAO operates at an extremely low noise. Thanks to the integrated high-torque brushless motor, only a sound level of 40dB is provided, which is less than a regular conversation. Thanks to this quality, it can be used at home or in the workplace without disturbing others. 

This massage gun has also been praised for being simple and easy to use. It comes with a digital touchscreen panel where you can adjust settings accordingly.

The display features the speed, battery life and buttons to decrease or increase intensity. Further user-friendliness is supported by the silicone handle which enables a firm grip without concerns over sweat. 

XMIAO Battery, Weight & Portability

This product is equipped with a 2500mAh battery which provides more than 5 hours of continuous use. There is fast-charging as well, which enables this product to be fully charged after 3 hours. The battery can also be swapped out to insert a larger one, if desired. 

This massage gun is lightweight, at only 1.7kg. It comes with a travel case, which can be used to move this product between locations such as the home, gym, and office.

Many people have praised this product for the compact size which enables one-handed use. The addition of a travel case also makes this item a great gift. Additionally, a copy of ‘Trigger Points Therapy for Myofascial Pain’ by XMIAO is provided too.

Pros of XMIAO Massage Gun

This item is suitable for those who want a professional massage experience without splurging. Thanks to the electric and user-friendly design, it is easily operatable and can start up within hours of charging.

Despite it being targeted at athletes, this product is also suitable for anyone who suffer from tension and soreness in general. The various heads that come along make it great for focusing on the entire body, without neglecting any hard-to-reach areas. 

Many people also enjoy the HD touch panel and long battery life. Thanks to the integrated battery, there is no need to worry about tripping over cords or finding an electrical outlet. The compact size and inclusion of a carrying case sealed the deal for many purchasers.

Negatives of XMIAO Massage Gun

Despite the attractive features of this massager, it may not be suitable for everybody. The handle provides single-handed use but a second person may be required to help reach the back.

Although many people enjoy the customisable settings, it may be too much of hassle for others who want a quick fix. Some people have also complained about the quality of the charger, which may need to be swapped out regularly. 

XMAIO Warranty & Refund Policy

The XMAIO percussion massager has a 60-day money-back guarantee for those who are unsatisfied with it. It is available in black, grey, blue and white. The customer service team can be contacted anytime for inquires about the 1-year warranty or other issues.

How much does the XMAIO massage gun cost?

You really need to check the best price as there is regular fluctuations, however the average price we've seen this advertised online is $159. This is not the cheapest massage gun, but definitely not the most expensive either, with some models going for upwards of $399+. 

Buying with Amazon Prime does give you free delivery on this item, which can save money on a hefty delivery fee due to the size and weight of the package. Plus the special courier needed thanks to the internal rechargeable battery. 

Final Verdict

The XMAIO is one of the best massage guns Australia has to offer and is available for a low price on Amazon.com.au. We've seen hundreds of Aussies buy this massage gun due to it's robust build quality and rock bottom price. Plus you get 6 massage heads and various power settings. A long 3 hour battery life is perfect for work or leisure use. 

Best XMIAO Massage Gun Alternatives

If you're not sold on this model, there's plenty of other massage guns out there to consider. We've done a full review on the top rated models, but some brands to consider are Jollyfit which does an ultra budget friendly model sub $100, as well as the RENPHO which is very similar spec to this model at a similar price. 

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