Hydragun Review: Best Massage Gun For Aussies?

We're regularly contacted by massage gun manufacturers after our article on the best massage guns went viral on social media late last year. We've reviewed many different companies to date, from budget friendly models to ultra expensive models. 

Hydragun reached out to us, and sent us a free unit to test. The model we got is one of the top end models, with a starting price of $399, but it's also the quietest and one of the best looking models (think police speed gun). 

Today we'll show you our Hydragun Review, what we think about it and whether it's worth buying or if it's all hype? 

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What is Hydragun? 

Hydragun is a Singaporean brand based in Australia, most well-known for its signature massage gun that goes by the same name. 

From quality control to shipments, this company is completely involved the production process. This also allows lower prices, without comprising on quality.

Hydragun has extremely strict quality control checks. The massage gun was only finalised more than a year of testing. Each item is also checked on a local level to ensure that it matches specifications.

Despite this rigid testing procedure, the company is still working to improve the quality of this product in order to serve out the philosophy of helping people recover. 

The philosophy of Hydragun focuses on pushing sports lovers to recover quickly and return back into doing what they love.

Although exercising is a great way to curate a healthy lifestyle, there are many safety concerns along the way.

Landing at an awkward angle could turn into a sore ankle, or running too intensively could lead to muscle fatigue. With the Hydragun device, athletes and everyday people alike can get rid of the aches that come with sports.

Hydragun is also massively involved in community service engagement. Through HYDRAGUVES, a disadvantaged athlete receives a Hydragun Kit. Family members and friends can nominate a person through the official website.

Supplied: Hydragun.com.au

Supplied: Hydragun

Hydragun Features / Specifications

The Hydragun is an ergonomic massage device designed with practicality and quality as top priorities. It works to relax muscles and stimulate blood flow, to relive muscle fatigue and soreness.

This product is made out of an aerospace-quality aluminium material which is durable and smooth to the touch. It allows the Hydragun to last for years to come, while also insulating it. Thanks to the aluminium casing, this device only runs at 30 to 50dB which is 10 times less quiet than conversations.

The Hydragun is equipped with SmoothDrive Technology™ which enables the motor to run soundlessly whilst still providing power at 3200 pulses per minute at the highest level.

There are 6 different settings: 1200RPM, 1600RPM, 2000RPM, 2400RPM, 2800RPM and 3200RPM. This allows you to completely customise the intensity of the product.

Many other brands claim to offer similar speeds, but until you buy both you quickly realise those cheaper models are inferior and don't offer anywhere near the same speeds as the Hydragun.

The Hydragun is fitted with a rechargeable battery that lasts for 6 hours.

The handle is set at a 99° angle which is designed to position the wrist and forearm comfortable when using the device.

The handle is covered with nanoscale silicon which gives a matte finish. This material is anti-slip and does not leave sweat marks behind.

One of the most attractive features of this massage gun is the single button, which is used to control all settings. This makes it user-friendly and easy to control.

The Hydragun comes with 6 detachable massage heads. The ball head is catered towards large muscular regions such as the glutes and quads.

The flat head targets muscles in the back. There is also a bullet head for reaching deep into joints and feet.

The fork head is designed for easing tension in the forearms and calves. There is a steel flat head for more intense massage, as well as a steel round one for the same purpose.

The Hydragun comes with a hard-shell case that has dedicated cut-outs for the attachment heads. This makes it great for bringing between home, gym and office.

To maintain the Hydragun, the company recommends simply using a damp cloth or antibacterial wipes on the exterior only. Bleach and other strong cleaning agents should be avoided.

Hydragun Pricing

The Hydragun is available for $399.00 AUD. With the holiday season in full-swing, visit the official website for coupon codes and other offers.

Hydragun Delivery / Warranty

The Hydragun comes with a 30-day trial where customers can test out and enjoy the benefits of this product. If any problems arise with any technical difficulties, clients can return the item completely free of charge.

This massage gun comes with an 18-month warranty for any defects and problems that may arise. Just contact the customer service team and provide a proof of purchase.

Products are shipped from the Melbourne warehouse in Victoria. This applies to orders within Australia and from New Zealand.

Delivery takes 4 to 7 business days through E-Parcel or 1 to 2 business days by Express Post in Australia. Customers in New Zealand can expect a wait time of 6 to 10 business days for shipping.

For international orders, items are shipped from factories situated in Singapore. Hydragun uses Aramex and DHL Express.

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Hydragun Testimonial / Awards

Keegan left a glowing review:

“Would absolutely recommend. Really helps with recovery time for me, and the build quality is excellent. They ship really fast within Australia too.”

The massage gun has also been reviewed by other sites in Australia such as Female.com.au, Shape, Nylon, MyGadget, Health Consitution and The AU Review.

Hydragun Discount Coupon Codes

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any discount or coupon codes available. You will find any codes on the official website if they have a sale for Black Friday or Boxing Day.

Be careful of websites claiming to offer coupons, they don't exist and are a scam.

Final Verdict

Hydragun is definitely on the more expensive end of the massage gun market, but the saying is definitely true here, you get what you pay for.

Side by side with similar models, it's faster, more powerful, feels more durable and offers a better experience. It helps aid in recovery, allowing you to target different muscle groups, faster. 

With fast free shipping to Australia and New Zealand, with no import taxes, you'll be using the gun within a short period of time. 

Hydragun Review

I would definitely recommend purchasing this massage gun if you can afford too. If you simply want a cheap or budget option, then there's plenty of other models that will leave you with plenty of change from $200. 

Overall Rating:
4/5 stars






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