5+ Best Garden Tillers In Australia [Top Rated]

There's something quite special about a freshly tiled garden, unless your current tiller isn't up to the job, or you haven't discovered the benefits of owning one..yet.

Tiling with the wrong piece of equipment can be a nightmare, but it doesn't need to be like this. In fact, it can be very rewarding when using the best garden tiller to suit your needs. 

With a wide range of different options available to Australian's, choosing the right one can be tricky. There's gas or electric tillers, different engine sizes, blade sizes and features. 

Below we've got the lowdown on the best tillers available to buy online. 

1. Giantz 65CC Garden Cultivator Tiller

  • Front tine tiller
  • 6 steel blades, powerful motor
  • Very affordable brand

This garden tiller from Giantz is equipped with a 65cc 2-stroke petrol motor, providing large amounts of power. It is fitted with 36 steel tines and 6 steel blades which run at a maximum speed of 10,000RPM.

These blades cover up to a 400mm wide area and are advertised to be more efficient than a regular 4-blade system. The tilling depth can be modified depending on the soil with options ranging from a height of 100mm to 150mm.

The construction of this tiller is designed for all farming conditions with rubber tires that are mud-resistant and a cooling system that prevents overheating. The gears are strategically placed to prevent dust from coming in.

This product is aimed towards small farmers or at-home gardeners. It is easy to use with a hand throttle control and pull-start. Control can easily be directed through the firm handles which are anti-slip.

The pieces can easily be dissembled as the blades are removable. After use, this machine can be folded and stored alongside regular tools to save space. It is recommended that standard unleaded 95+ RON fuel be used. This tiller comes in a bright red and black colourway.

2. BAUMR-AG 75 Tiller

  • High powered, compact tiller
  • Good for smaller gardens
  • 24 tines rotate together

The BAUMR-AG 75 tiller is small and compact with a swath width of 400mm. It is powered by a 75cc 2-stroke engine that typically operates at 7,000RPM but can be used at a maximum speed of 10,000RPM.

Also available in a 65cc model, for $200 less. 

The engine is surrounded by a filtration system as well to operate for long sessions without cutting down efficiency. It houses 24 tines that rotate well together to mill as much soil as possible.

This tiller can suit a variety of soil and seed beds with a modifiable height of 105mm that can be easily be shifted. The hard exterior is designed to be resistant to large knocks and bumps encountered on farms.

There are extra-large tires that can accommodate all external conditions and environments with mud-resistant qualities.

The hand-grip is designed to provide comfort during long tilling sessions and offer firm, unlimited control. The hand throttle is also easily controlled and positioned near the handgrip.

This is a smaller product that is recommended for day-to-day gardening and small-scale farming preparations. The foldable arrangement allows easy storage after use. Regular unleaded 95+ RON fuel is compatible with this tiller. This machine is available in a black, gray and orange finish.

3. Shogun 4HP Cultivator & Tiller

  • Powerful motor
  • Good for smaller gardens
  • Great for beginners

This machine is catered towards both beginner gardeners and working professionals. It is equipped with an OHV 4-stroke engine which can run at a range from 1880RPM to 3440RPM. This gives the option to be gentler on particular beds or more extreme to get the job done quicker.

A width of 360mm to 400mm of soil can be covered and tilling depths can be adjusted from 150mm to 200mm. The tines are made out of steel to prevent chemical corrosion from the soil as well as to operate efficiently. 

As this is a smaller product, it is best suited towards cultivating small areas of land. The textured handle is comfortable against the hand and the self-propeller makes controlling the power and direction a breeze.

This product can fit fine in a small shed with other farming tools due to its compact and low-weight construction. Regular fuel can be used, which means there is no need to spend money on premium fuel.

This is an ideal product for do-it-yourself enthusiasts as it is easy to control and beginner-friendly with a simple pull-start. This machine is available in a bright orange and black colourway.

4. ATOM 731 2-Stroke 4 Tines Tiller

  • Adjustable tines
  • Safety interlock and clutch
  • Powerful 2 stroke motor

This product like most convention tillers can be used to mulch or cultivate small regions of land without the need to remove and place in new tines. 4 standard tines can be used to cover a scope of 230mm or 6 extra-wide tines can be used to cover a wider area at 330mm.

It is powered by a 26cc ATOM 26FC-3 motor and there is a tilling height of 200mm which can be adjusted at 6 different settings, making it suitable for a variety of beds. The electric components are protected by strong housing to prevent dust from creeping in.

This is a small and beginner-friendly machine with a regular switch control. There is also a safety interlock and clutch to prevent accidents.

The hands can be placed on the grips which are made out of steel for durability. It operates at a low volume due to the compact size which also makes it easy to store in smaller spaces.

Regular petrol and oil mixes are needed to provide fuel for this tiller. This machine is available in a black and grey colour scheme with a splash of bright green.

5. Aavix Electric Powerful Tiller

  • Great alternative to gas-power
  • Long power cord
  • Two-stage modification system

This tiller can also double up as a cultivator without the need to change parts. It is best suited for home gardeners and beginner farmers. This product has a swath wide of 330mm in addition to a maximum depth of 220mm which has a two-stage modification system.

The blades work efficiently to till a variety of beds in a short amount of time. It is powered by a 1250-Watt motor and fitted with steel blades to run down small weeds and unwanted plants. The blades and tine are specifically angled to reach different depths. 

With a simple trigger-switch accompanied by a safety interlock, this product can easily be used by beginners with major concerns over accidents. The handle is shaped to fit the contours of the hand and provides a consistent grip.

The handle also makes it easy to control the direction and strength of the tilling. This machine runs on electricity making it environmentally friendly. Additionally, low-level noises are emitted to prevent disturbing neighbours or the public.

The small size makes it easy to store and transport to different areas. This product is available with all-black handles. The main body comes in an blue and grey colour.

What is a Garden Tiller? 

In simple terms, a tiller chews through soil, breaking it up. It may break through roots, weeds and plants that need to be removed. Using two or four blades, they perform a great job of working the soil in your garden. 

There are two main types of tiller, electric or gas.

Electric Tillers

These are perfect for small gardens or households. You will however need power, so either a long extension cord or outdoor power socket will be required. 

You won't have to worry about running out of juice, but the power on offer is far more limiting than gas-powered tillers. They are low maintenance, and rarely break down. If you're not very technical with engines, priming and fuel, they can be a great alternative to gas. 

Gas Tillers

Definitely the most common in Australia and perfect for larger gardens, commercial use and rural land owners or farmers. They are primed for breaking new ground and can handle far more intensive earth including weeds, rocks and hard soils. 

While some people claim gas-powered is more expensive than electric, we don't think this is always the case, especially with budget brands such as Giantz.

Your forearms will definitely get a workout though as gas-powered tillers are much heavier, thanks to their engines and gasoline sloshing around as you work. 

Technically keeping them running can be a challenge for those who don't know their way around an engine, so if that's you, an electric tiller may be more beneficial. 

Front Tine vs Rear Tine Tillers

Before you rush out and buy a tiller, you may wish to consider whether you need a rear tine or front tine. Rear is definitely more powerful and can cut deeper into the soil. 

If you've got loose dirt then a front tine can be much more beneficial and is often more affordable. Rear is good for harder soils and offers a deeper cut. 

While rare, some models call themselves a mid tine tiller, allowing you to find a balance between the two. If in doubt or it's not an option, choosing a rear tine will be more beneficial.

How to choose the best garden tiller?

Before rushing out to buy a tiller, you can check off a few questions to decide which model is right for you. With various specifications, features and budgets there's lots to consider. 

What is your budget?

If you're on a budget, you may want to spend a few hundred dollars. Thankfully there are various options available to you. Unless you're looking for a commercial unit I wouldn't spend more than $500. Buying electric is apparently cheaper, especially in the USA but here in Australia I tend to disagree, as there's plenty of gas-powered units at low prices. 

More powerful units often have higher prices, for example a 65HP unit is likely to be cheaper than a 75HP unit. If the same brands, a difference in price of $200 - $300 may apply. Do you need that extra power? If not, you can save your money. 

How big is your garden?

The size of your garden should impact which model you purchase. Smaller gardens definitely only need an electric model and a long extension cord. 

Larger properties where electricity isn't readily available, should go for gas-powered. You want something that will last a long time, so a high capacity fuel tank should be considered.

However the larger the tank, the heavier the tiller will be, and the more tired your arms will get, so there's a compromise to be had here. 

What soil do you have?

If you have fine weed-free soil then you can get a less powerful tiller, however if you've got stronger, heavy, clay-based soil, or lots of rocks and stones you'll need something more powerful. 

If in doubt, go for a gas-powered device as it will accommodate more use cases. 

If you are breaking ground go for a powerful rear tined tiller, whereas if you're re-tilling then a smaller front tine tiller should be sufficient. 

The Best Gardening Tiller For You

The best garden tiller is the one that suits your type of soil, budget and garden size. Tillers are a big investment, although in Australia are quite affordable, but choosing the right one for your requirements can save you the hassle of returning or reselling it, if you need something more powerful for your gardening needs. 

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