5+ Best Trenchers Australia [That You Can Buy Online]

Digging trenches is actually more common than you might expect. Whether you're getting NBN installed, running electric cables to an out house, adding water pipes or doing some DIY around the house, a trencher or trench digger might be what you need.

But when we went looking for the best trenchers Australia had to offer, we were stumped at how few options there were available, at a reasonable price.

To rent a trench digger for the day can easily cost upwards of $300+GST plus delivery and this cost can add up for longer tasks. You can now buy your own trench digger, online for as low as $2,800. 

But we went out and found 4 additional trench diggers that can be purchased online, that have good reviews and are from recommended brands. 

So without further ado, checkout the best trenchers available to buy online. 

1. BAUMR-AG Trencher 24”

  • 8HP 4 stroke engine
  • Middle weight, 154kg
  • Up to 60cm depth

This trencher from BAUMR-AG can dig a depth of up to 600mm and 100mm wide. It is powered by an 8HP 4-stroke engine and has 27 carbide alloy blades to efficiently speed up trenching processes. The blades can easily be swapped out for newer ones after they are worn out.

The chain-guard has an automated adjusting function to push unwanted materials. There is also a helical debris disposal feature that clears away dirt for faster trenching. The chain drive system is top quality and consists of several grease nipples to help maintain long-lasting performance.

This machine is easy to manoeuvre, with a height-adjustable handle to suit users of all sizes. The handle is conveniently located next to the emergency push-button, wheel lock and stop switch to ensure safety and protection when operating.

This trencher is incredibly durable due to the steel construction and is supported by 14-inch pneumatic tyres which are built to endure tough outdoor environments.

This product has a mass of 154kg and maximum height of 98cm. It comes with several additional accessories such as a toolkit, ear muffs, goggles, a bottle of oil and gloves. This machine is available in and a red and black colourway.

2. Paddock Walk-Behind Trencher

  • 15HP 4 stroke engine
  • Heavy duty 185kg
  • Up to 60cm depth

The Paddock Walk-Behind Trencher is catered towards both commercial use and casual use in backyards, as well as small farms. This machine is equipped with a Briggs and Stratton 15 HP 4-stroke engine which can dig trenches at a maximum speed of 60 meters per hour at 100mm wide.

This product has a maximum depth of 600mm but can be adjusted to dig depths at 200mm and 400mm as well. There are 27 tungsten carbide blades which can be used on various terrain types. In order to prevent debris from dropping into trenches, there is an auger at the side.

This is a beginner-friendly trencher which can be steered using body weight and controlled using the level. There is a cut-off switch which shuts the machine done with the hand loses contact with the lever, preventing unwanted accidents.

Additionally, experienced contractors such as plumbers and electricians can easily operate this machine. It has a height of 1168mm and a weight of 184kg.

Despite the rather large size, this product can fit through small areas to get a clean dig near walls and gates. This machine comes in a sleek all-black design.

3. Weibang WBTR126H Trencher

  • 5.5HP GX160 Honda engine
  • 110kg mid range weight
  • Up to 45cm depth

The Weibang WBTR126H Trencher is designed for use in regular backyards, small farms and construction sites. There is a trench width of 100mm and adjustable trench depths of 200mm, 325mm and 450mm.

It is powered by a 5.5HP Honda GX160 engine and has a digging chain with 20 carbide teeth. These carbide blades are built to accommodate tough terrain and can endure tiny rocks and small debris.

There is an auger conveniently located on the side of this machine to prevent soil from falling back into trenches.

This is a compact and lightweight machine with a weight of 110kg and height of 880mm. This small size make is suitable for users who have smaller builds. Additionally, this product is portable and can be placed on the back of a trailer.

The handle bar allows users to move this trencher back and forth for seamless control. This product is made out of steel for durability and to ensure long-term use at the same high performance.

It can be used for tight spaces due to the small size which also makes it easy to store. It can be used prepare spaces for plumbing and telecommunication lines. This product comes in a bright red and black finish.

4. Millers Falls FIMTT15 Trencher

  • 15HP powerful motor
  • 180kg heavy duty weight
  • Up to 60cm depth

The Millers Falls FIMTT15 is catered towards both professionals and casual handymen alike. It runs on a 15HP 4-stroke engine and can dig trenches 100mm wide and a maximum depth of 600mm. Additionally, the trenching depth can be modified to dig depths at 200mm and 400mm.

The digging chain has several carbide teeth attachments which work together to effectively dig up trenches within a short time span.

The blades can easily be switched out for newer ones if required. This product is structured out of steel to ensure long-term use. There is a side auger to make sure that soil does not fall back into the trenches during operation.

This machine is designed for heavy-duty work and is fitted with large pneumatic tyres that can endure rough terrains. The metal handle bar makes it easy to use body weight to steer this product around.

This machine is heavy with a weight of 180kg and height of 905mm, making it suitable for mid-sized and large-sized operators. Despite the large build, this model is small in width and can be positioned between narrow regions. This trencher comes in a red and black colour scheme.

5. Groundhog 18” Trencher

  • 6HP EX17 engine
  • 110kg weight moveable
  • Various depths up to 46cm

This machine from Groundhog can be used on several terrain types including sand, gravel, clay and road. It can be used to dig depths at 200mm, 305mm and 460mm and a width of 75mm. This product is equipped with a 6HP EX17 engine to deliver power during trenching.

The digging chain is attached with 18 carbide teeth which can be replaced after frequent use, if desired.

This machine is built out of steel for durability and long-term use in tough outdoor environments, without comprising on the power. In order to minimise mess and clean up time, there is a side auger to prevent debris from spilling back into the trenches.

This machine is 1200mm in height, making suitable for various operators no matter their size. It weighs 110kg and has a slim profile that enables trenching near gates. The handle bar has rubber grips to allow firm control.

The large pneumatic tyres hold up this whole machine and can endure lots of terrain types. This machine is recommended for use by both professional contractors for plumbing or electrical work.

Additionally, it can also be used for regular yard work. It comes in a bright yellow and black colourway. 

How to choose best trencher?

Trenchers can get the job done much faster and easier than a mini digger or traditional digger. They are cheaper to buy, or rent and whether you choose a walk-behind or ride-on, they can speed up the process of digging trenches dramatically. 

But what should you look for when it comes to choosing the best trencher?

Well we've got a few factors we recommend looking at. If you want to learn how to use a trencher then be sure to checkout this article

  • Depth

The most important in most use cases is the depth of the dig. Most units support up to 600mm or 60cm for simplicity. This means you can usually alter the depth with various heights up to this figure, such as 25cm, 45cm etc. 

Some models don't go down as deep as 60cm so check what you'll be using today and in the future for your trenches. You wouldn't want to limit yourself for future work. 

Different users will have different requirements for depth so check this.

  • Price

Probably the biggest factor when choosing the best trencher is the price, and there is vastly different prices. Commercial grade equipment could set you back up to $100,000, whereas smaller units for small commercial jobs or backyards may only cost $2,800 - $5,000. 

You definitely don't need to spend big money for a few small projects, and you may even find it's cheaper and more cost effective to rent your equipment from hire providers. 

Factor in delivery fees as these units aren't light and will require long haul freight which can add up to $250-$500 on top of your product cost. 

Additionally factor in maintenance costs, how easy it is to get hold of parts, is there any warranty offered, how much fuel is required etc. 

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Caleb McLaughlin