5+ Best Electric Shredders In Australia (Reviews)

Why look for the best electric shredder? In today's society, simply throwing away or recycling your personal documents and private information can often lead to identity theft.

It is also an incredibly useful asset to any home or work office and can be used for multiple purposes, such as disposing of excess waste and destroying private documents or old credit cards. 

Additionally, business owners are legally required to destroy any paperwork with employee's private information.

Sourcing a professional agency to destroy these documents is the more expensive of two options, why not go the cheaper, safer route and check out this list below of the leading electric shredders!

Best Electric Shredders

1. LENOXX Electric Shredder

  • Price: Check
  • Up to 10 sheets per use
  • Large 21L bin

Using multi-directional cutting the Lennox electric home office shredder cuts paper and cards into small pieces rather than the usual strips so they can’t be pieced back together, ever.

This ensures that all your personal and confidential documents are destroyed forever from prying eyes. It’s also suitable for use in a commercial office.

The machine is fast and reliable. It can handle up to ten A4 pages at the same time. The blades are so sharp it can even shred credit cards.

It features a reverse function which allows you to save a document which you’ve accidentally started to shred.

With a large capacity of 21 litres, it holds a lot of paper before needing to be emptied. The size of the paper container (43*39*47cm) will easily hold a plastic rubbish bag for ease of emptying.

This shredder won’t overheat and won’t clog unless you feed too many pages at once. If the motor does get too warm it will auto-stop for a while and re-commence when it has cooled down.

Generally, it will run constantly for at least 10 to 15 minutes, usually much longer if it is having short rests between pages.

2. Centurion Office Combo

  • Price: Check
  • Destruction of all documents
  • Large 21L bin capacity

Effective document destruction is extremely important in these days of the internet. Identity theft and fraud are on the increase and you can't be sure who can get hold of papers, cards and even CD's you throw into your normal rubbish bins, even if you tear them up.

Ideal for home or small commercial office use, the Centurion shredder can handle papers, credit cards and even CD’s.

Using a cross-cutting method the shredder almost totally destroys whatever is fed into it, preventing the success of any attempts to reconstruct the documents or cards.

It has separate slots for paper and for cards and cd’s and can manage up to ten sheets of paper at once.

The 21-litre bin capacity means that there’s no need to continually empty the machine.

Its reverse function ability means that you can quickly and easily clear any paper jams or rescue a paper that you’ve mistakenly fed into the machine.

The top is easily removed for emptying the bin. Place a bin liner into the machine and you’ll find clean-up even easier.

Compact in size, the dimensions (40.6*33.2*23.4cm) make it easily fit under a desk or into a small corner in the office.

3. J.Burrows Cross Cut Shredder

  • Price: $156
  • Destruction of all documents
  • Shred up to 12 pages a time

Designed for the office environment and also for the most effective destruction of confidential documents, the J. Burrows S289 cross-cut shredder is an ideal addition to both commercial and domestic settings.

Importantly the shredder uses a cross-cutting technology for the destruction of all documents, cards and CD’s fed into it, shredding them into pieces measuring 4 x 35mm.

Way too small for any attempt to reconstruct them by would-be identity thieves. This equates to a P4 security level.

The shredder will handle staples and paper clips. There are separate slots for papers and CD’s/ credit cards, and separate bins for each as well.

Due to the heavy-duty nature of the work being performed by the machine, it does have a recommended run time of 3 minutes and a wait time of 40 minutes in between for cool down to prevent over-heating.

The shredder runs at a speed of up to 2.5m per minute and manages up to 12 sheets at a time. It has an auto-stop feature for safety and to prevent clogging.

This is also handy if you accidentally feed a document in that you don’t want to destroy. The bin is a large 16-litre capacity and designed to pull out of the machine for easy disposal of the shreddings.

4. Fellowes Powershred Cross Cut Shredder

  • Price: $299
  • Shreds paper, cards, staples
  • Large 19L bin

From Fellowes comes the Powershred 63cb cross-cut shredder for home or office use.

This features Jam Blocker technology to prevent paper jams by automatically counting the number of sheets being fed into it and stopping if there are more than ten at once.

The machine uses the modern cross-cut method of shredding, leaving papers in pieces measuring only 4 x 51mm, way too small for any attempts to reconstruct them to be successful.

This is a security level of P3, recommended for confidential documents.

The shredder will also take credit cards, staples and paper clips. It does not shred CDs. And it does perform best when it is fed a few pages at once rather than just the one piece of paper.

There is an auto-stop safety feature with SafeSense technology to detect when fingers are too close to its mouth. Safe to use around children if you're using it in a home setting.

And motor controller technology provides energy savings. And using Fellows lubricating oil will further extend the shredder’s life.

The bin is a large 19-litre capacity and pulls out from the shredder for easy emptying.There is a full-bin indicator light to alert you to the need to empty the bin.

5. Fellowes Auto Micro Cut Shredder

  • Price: $486
  • Up to 100 pages per use
  • Large 23L bin

At the superior end of the shredder market is the Auto Micro Cut from Fellowes.
The shredder cuts documents into pieces measuring only 4 x 10mm, way too small for any reconstruction and meeting a high-security level of P4.

This shredder can handle up to 100 sheets of paper at once if you use its auto-feed function. Otherwise, you can manually feed up to up to 10 pages at one time. It can also destroy credit cards, paper clips and staples.

It has a 15-minute run time before needing a cool-down period. That allows you to destroy a lot of confidential and other documents in a short time span.

The machine features unique SilentShred technology for a quiet shredding experience, unlike any other om the market.

No disturbance of colleagues or family members at home.It has an auto-stop function as well as a reverse function in case of a paper jam.

If inactive for two minutes it will go into energy-saving sleep mode.The large 23-litre bin holds a lot of shredded paper before needing to be emptied.

The shredder is designed to have a long life and the manufacturer recommends oiling regularly with their own brand lubricating oil to extend that life and to keep it working smoothly.

This is a shredder which is ideal for offices where many extremely sensitive documents are needing to be destroyed regularly, such as lawyers, accountants, banks, and so on.


Security of personal information and documents should be at the forefront of your mind. Before throwing out an important piece of work, consider those who may want to steal your identity or worse, rack up debt in your name. 

Shredding your documents should be the process everyone follows, to keep their information safe and secure. Today we looked at the best electric shredders that are affordable and offer the ability to shred up to 100 pages at once. 

For most homeowners, a small shredder can do the job and with a 21L bin, there's plenty of storage before you have to empty it.

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Kirsty Scott