Best Office Gaming Chairs Australia (Buyers Guide)

We’ve tested the best office gaming chairs Australia has to offer so you can make the best decision when buying your next office chair.

With a market being flooded with office chairs from many manufacturers it can be an uphill battle to find the best one to buy.

Finding the best chair isn’t just a matter of comfort, it can help with your posture which can aid with health benefits as well as avoiding or alleviating back pain and discomfort traditional chairs are renowned for.

Gaming chairs can also help with your gaming sessions and while they might not help you win (that’s down to your skill) they can help with long periods of sitting down, or focusing on the screen.

Personally we think gaming chairs just look amazing and light up any dull or boring office. With a wide range of colour schemes now on offer, it’s easy to see why every man wants one.

You don’t need to spend a fortune either especially if you’re just looking for something reasonably cheap. You can however spend well over $500 buying brands such as Thunder or DxRacer.

Most gaming chairs let you change everything from the depth of the seat to the position, height and arm rests. Some have additional head and back supports too, either removable or fixed.

All these chairs ship in a box so you’ll need to attach the chair to the base and likely attach the lever and air compressor. Getting setup will take 30 minutes and is straight forward.

Best Office Gaming Chairs

Best Office Gaming Chairs
  • Highly rated online
  • Mid range brand
  • Helps bad posture

GTRACING is a brand ‘committed to bringing the best in gaming chair technology to gamers everywhere’. This chair is designed with ergonomics firmly in mind for comfort no matter how long that game takes.

It is designed to make sure that you can achieve a comfortable position over prolonged periods of sitting so you can focus 100% on what you’re doing and not be distracted by a sore back or numb legs!

Executives take note as well!

Every aspect of the user’s body has been thought about. The armrests are height adjustable. The chair back can be locked into any angle between 90 – 170 degrees. The seat swivels 360 degrees.

There is an optional rocking function.

The base, which can take a weight up to 150kgs (330 pounds), has a pneumatic gas spring for ultimate stability and comfort.

The headrest and neck cushions are also ergonomically designed for maximum support and are removable for easy cleaning. The seat measures a generous L16” x W19”.

Almost 70% of customers who purchased this gaming chair gave it a 5-star rating and that’s pretty awesome given how individual the fit of a gaming chair is!

One review worth quoting, said that the chair actually ‘helped‘ their bad posture when sitting at their PC.

The GTRACING Gaming Chair is not at the priciest end of the gaming chair price range and it’s definitely value for money if you’re looking for quality and comfort at an affordable outlay!

  • High end brand
  • 2-directional design
  • Mid point pricing

The ThunderX3 TGC12 gaming (or executive office) chair is a high-back chair with ergonomic features which include 180-degree tilt-control, rocking function, head, and neck cushions, rolling castors, adjustable seat height, adjustable back height, swivel, and pneumatic gas seat lift.

A little more detail? Sure. The ThunderX3 boasts a firm but not too stiff seat for long term use.

It has supporting cushions at the neck and head so you can rest comfortably without the need to stretch too often. And if you do want to move your sitting position, or just take a quick break, it has the flexibility to tilt to 180 degrees flat.

The faux leather upholstery is designed with slightly uneven diamond-shaped padding to allow firm support in the contact areas.

The armrests are an unusual 2-directional design to allow you to change their position and their height to suit your elbows while you’re gaming for long periods.

And this chair is built to last. Made of a stable and unique nylon material, and sturdy metals, it is stable and tough. It will hold weights up to 150kgs (330pounds).

The ThunderX3 is at the mid-range point of the gaming chair market so it is affordable for most gamers, and is a quality chair which will keep you gaming in comfort for a long time.

3. ZQRacing Alien Series

  • F1 style seating
  • Lock-in reclining angle
  • 3-way adjustable

Ever wondered what it’d feel like to sit in a Formula One racing car? Well if you decide to buy, or just go and test run a ZQRacing Alien Series gaming chair, you too can have that experience because this top of the range gaming chair has been designed with racing car seat technology at its heart.

Excited? Yes, you should be. Let’s give you some more details.

The ZQRacing Alien chair is all about ergonomics, aesthetics and superb functionality.

The backrest is high and wide with side bolsters and shoulders which give you optimum comfort and support.

The cushioning around the neck and lumbar area are fully adjustable for an individualised orientation around the entire spinal column. And it has a lock-in reclining angle between 85 and 185 degrees to meet your changing preferences.

The deep seat base has slope shaped side bolsters to cradle your thighs for optimal upper leg support.

The chair’s armrests are also 3-way adjustable: height, rotation and forward/backward. So not only do they allow you to increase your physical stamina but they fit easily under your desk when the chair isn’t in use.

The hydraulic units provide smooth operation of all adjustment lever controls, and 28” polyamide base and 2.5” caster wheels contribute stability and smooth and quiet motion to the design.

The ZQRacing Alien gaming chair ticks all the boxes. It is the best of the best deluxe model gaming chair, built to perform as good as it looks. It is priced at the top of the market but it deserves to be.

4. Artiss Adjustable Racing

  • Nimble, sleek design
  • Budget friendly price
  • Well known brand

Want to purchase quality but can’t afford the hefty price tag of the top end of the market? Well, you don’t always need to pay top dollar. Perhaps the Artiss Adjustable Racing gaming chair is the one for you.

This is a premium ergonomically designed gaming chair designed and built with style and optimum comfort in mind. It would suit an executive wanting comfort at the desk equally as well.

Its S-shaped reclining back is high and wraps around the body for ultimate comfort, and can be adjusted and locked into any angle between 90 and 120 degrees. Combine those design features with a retractable footrest and you have a perfect power nap chair!

The head, neck and lumbar cushions are detachable for extra support and for easy cleaning. for that important power nap between games

The seat of the chair, the headrest, and the armrests are deeply padded to stop any numbness or pain from long periods of gaming. And the chair is also made of a breathable mesh material to keep you cool and comfortable at all times.

The basic construction is of a sturdy and stylish chrome (holds weight up to 150kgs (330pounds) and includes SGS tested gas lift so you can set the height of the chair to your desired height.

The central column design and five dual-wheel casters also allow you to move around and to swivel 360 degrees with ease.

Aesthetically the Artiss gaming chair is also a looker. Made of quality PU leatherette in black, and shiny chrome, it’s extremely stylish.

As with pretty well all gaming chairs self-assembly is required but an easy to follow manual is included.

And best of all, it is priced to sell within anybody’s budget! Well worth a look.

5. Overdrive Premium

  • Sleek, nimble design
  • Budget friendly price
  • 360 swivel

The Overdrive Premium gaming (office) chair is one for the serious gamer or executive.

Looking sporty in red and black PU leatherette and silver chrome detail this chair is certainly a beauty if nothing else. But it is a lot more than that.

With an eye to ergonomics, it provides serious support for every area of the body with thick padding in the seat, lumbar, back, head, and armrests.

The chair has mesh inserts which provide an airflow around the back and seat for comfort over the long term.

And the durability of the upholstery is ensured by sturdy double stitching of all the leatherette, which is easy to clean as well.

The base has gas lift height adjustment and allows a swivel of 360 degrees. With 5 x 6” racing-style casters it’s very effortlessly manoeuvred around.

The chair will hold up to 150kg (330 pounds) weight.

Priced at the lower end of the gaming chair market it’s extremely affordable and has had excellent reviews from some very satisfied customers. Well worth a look.

6. ALFORDSON Gaming Chair

  • Adjustable, 360 degree swivel
  • Multiple colours available
  • Suitable for heavy gamers

The ALFORDSON Gaming Chair is designed for the individual who spends a lot of time in their chair, whether at their desk or at home in front of their gaming console! So let’s take a peek at what this chair is all about.

The chair is an all-metal frame using stylish shiny chrome (easy to clean and durable), and PU leatherette upholstery in an unusual but sporty combo of black and orange.

The foam used in the padding is of a high resilience quality for durability.

It has a gas-lift system and deluxe tilt function and can take weights up to 150kgs (330 pounds). The central column and premium universal wheels allow for 360-degree swivel and effortless movement.

The high back is an S-curve design with cushions at the neck and lumbar regions which detach.

There are also generous foam paddings around the sides of the back and on the sides of the seat to give a feeling of overall support to the whole body.

The seat itself is a triple layer of a wooden board below resilience foam below PU leatherette upholstery for optimum support and comfort.

And the armrests are wide and padded for total relaxation. There is a retractable padded footrest for when you want to take a breather for a little while.

The whole design is aimed at a perfect contour of your body shape, and the elimination of all pressure points during prolonged use.

The Alfordson is an impressive gaming, or executive, chair at a great price. And the manufacturer has given you a confident 5-year warranty. Merits your consideration.

7. ThunderX3 BC3

  • Fully adjustable
  • Air Tech upholstery
  • Many happy customers

The ThunderX3 BC3 gaming chair is one for the pro-gamers.

The combination of premium quality materials gives the chair optimum strength and durability, as well as comfort and support throughout.

In particular: a tough nylon base and wheels, steel frame, plywood frame, high–density foam, and PU leatherette all contribute to a chair of outstanding quality.

Ergonomically speaking, the ThunderX3 ticks a lot of boxes. Its unique breathable pinhole upholstery by Air Tech provides ultimate body comfort over long periods in the chair.

The cushions at the head and back are adjustable, as are the two-directional armrests. The thick dense foam is incredibly supportive of the entire body.

The backrest is adjustable to between 90 and 180 degrees to cater to individual preference and allowing the occasional nap when you need a break.

The chair also rocks between 3 and 18 degrees and swivels to aid relaxation. And a Class-3 hydraulic gas lift lets you adjust the height of the seat to your desired level.

The ThunderX3 BC3 gaming chair is available in an attractive colour combination of black and cyan and markets at a good price point. Happy customers have given this gaming chair excellent reviews.

Where To Buy Office Gaming Chair?

You can buy office gaming chairs from many different retailers including Kogan, MWave, Scorptech, Harvey Norman and Bing Lee. You can also buy cheap ones from eBay but quality is unknown.

For those with deep pockets you can buy directly from a major manufacturer such as Thunder or DxRacer. Alternatively, like us, you can buy direct from

Amazon offers fast low cost shipping and an easy to use returns process. Buying some thing of this calibre can be a hassle if you need to make a warranty claim but Amazon covers return postage which could save you hundreds in return costs.

What to Look For in a Gaming Chair?

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy a dedicated chair for your gaming sessions. But gaming aside, many people love the look and comfort of these chairs too. It's all too common to see these chairs in offices all over the country. 

Gaming can be a sedentary lifestyle, confined to the chair for hours at a time. This means you should seriously consider the comfort level that is published alongside each chair. 

Next you'll want to look at the ergonomics and the support for your back, neck and arms. Most gaming chairs have tall backs which can help support your back and shoulders, far better than those traditional office chairs that you might have at work. 

The best gaming chairs should really stop you from slumping over which can damage your back, neck and arms. Most serious gaming chairs come with neck support pillows that fixate to the top of the chair to help with your neck comfort. 

Initially, gaming chairs should be uncomfortable to sit on. While it sounds counterproductive, similar to a new pair of shoes, the more you wear the chair in, the better it begins to feel. 

Gaming chairs can definitely help you avoid a lifetime of lower back pain or repetitive strain injuries that gamers are regular victims of. 

When it comes to buying the best gaming chair, you definitely don't need to spend a fortune to get the best features either, with models coming in various prices. Some brands such as DXRacer are expensive, but offer the best quality materials. Others like Thunder are cheaper but the real bargains to be hard are purchasing Chinese brands. 

Lastly, as I hit on earlier, all these gaming chairs look awesome. Even the cheaper chairs from unheard of brands look stunning and there's colour schemes for every taste. I personally like black and white, but my friends love their red, green or pink chairs! 

If you already have a rocker chair or a high end gaming mouse, adding a professional gaming office chair to your setup, might be the best money you ever spend! 

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