Best Adjustable Standing Desk For Home or Office Use

After two months of unboxing, assembling, using, adjusting and comparing five of the best standing desks we believe we’ve found the best in Australia.

Today we’ll showcase what we found, what we think of each and which one we recommend. I’ll let you into a secret, we think the Artiss Height Adjustable Desk is the best in the country.

Whether you’re fitting out a new office, looking for options for your employees and staff, or simply looking for yourself, we’ve got something for every demand.

Best Standing Desk Australia

Buying a standing desk online can be expensive when you add delivery costs onto the top of the purchase price. We decided to use as most items ship at very affordable rates, sometimes even free (free w/prime or min spend $39).

In the unlikely event you run into any issues, Amazon offers some of the best returns process of any online retailer in Australia, it’s so straight forward.

1. Artiss Height Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Adjustable 11 to 51cm
  • Sit to stand in seconds
  • Dual tier comfort
  • Minimal assembly.

Working on a desk from 9 to 5 every day can take a toll on your body. Why not make the workday healthier with the Artiss Height Adjustable Standing Desk?

This adjustable workstation makes you work smarter by ensuring you get the healthy balance of standing and sitting at your workstation throughout the day.

Standing up allows you to improve your posture by developing a healthy stance as there is zero-disc pressure.

Standing up also activates your neck, hip and back muscles to keep them strong and healthy. In order to change the height of the station, the quick transition capability of the desk will allow you to be in a comfortable position in a matter of second.

All you need to do is use the side adjustable lever to get it at a maximum height of 51 cm.

The dual-tier desk can hold your keyboard and mouse on the lower whilst the top tier places the monitor higher up to ensure you can view your screen at eye level, prevent strain on your neck.

To set up your adjustable desk riser, all you have to do is simply remove it from the box and place it on top of your existing desk.

2. FITUEYES Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Dual gas spring force
  • Holds up to 33lbs
  • Takes up less room!

Most of us spend more time at our work desk during the week then we do at home. To ensure you’re spending that time in the most comfortable and healthy way possible then the FITUEYES Adjustable Standing Desk is here to do the trick.

This adjustable desk allows you to raise your desk to a maximum of 41.4 cm to encourage you to work while standing and sitting. This ensures there are is less strain on your neck, back and hip muscles and promotes blood circulation at the same time.

The top surface of the adjustable desk riser is large, giving you ample space to place your monitors, keyboard and mouse.

Due to the sturdy MDF panel and strong steel of the frame, you can adjust the desk at any height without worrying about it falling apart, holding a maximum weight of 10kgs.

The non-slip rubber feet ensure that as you adjust the height, the desk stays put and doesn’t move around. With zero assembly required, all you need to do it grab your sending desk and place it on a flat surface, and you’re good to go!

3. Yescom Adjustable Standing Desk

  • Height adjust 15 to 48cm
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can hold up to 33lbs
  • Minimal setup

Whether you’re using your computer or laptop at home, workstation or office, the Yescom Adjustable Standing Desk is able to improve your user experience.

This standing desk is adjustable and is able to reach a maximum height of 40 cm. The adjustable nature of the desk allows to personalise your experience and suit the desk to your needs.

You can view your monitor at eye level as well to relieve stress from your neck, shoulders and hips, improving your overall efficiency and productivity at work.

The Pneumatic gas bar mechanism smoothly allows the desk to transition to either a standing or sitting mode effortlessly.

You won’t be wasting any time as the desk rises and folds easily, without having to take up extra space.

The large flat surface on the standing desk can hold up to 33 Ibs as the X-shape solid steel frame supports the desk to withstand the weight.

The removable keyboard tray is ideal if you’re wanting to use the standing desk for a laptop and don’t need the extra panel.

To set up your standing desk, all you need to do is place it on top of an existing flat surface or desk and you’re good to go!

4. Avante Height Adjustable Desk Riser

  • Two tiered design
  • Holds up to 15kg
  • Ergonomic design
  • One touch adjustable lever.

If you’re after a desk riser that is sleek and would blend in with the contemporary, modern design of your workspace, then the Avante 90cm Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk Riser will be the ideal adjustable desk for you!

The two-tiered design of the desk allows you to place your monitor on the large flat area whilst placing your keyboard and mouse on the second tier.

In this manner, there will be less strain on your back, neck, shoulders and wrists as you can view your monitors at eye-level without struggling to get through the day. If you don’t want the second tier, you can easily remove it.

The Avante can reach a maximum of 50 cm in height. This desk riser can withstand 15kgs without a flinch due to the strengthened support that maximises durability.

To set up the Avante desk riser, just remove it from the packaging and set it up on top of your workbench. In order to adjust the desk to suit standing or sitting, all you need to do is use the quick-release height adjusting lever to raise the desk to your desired height.

The rubber stoppers that are attached to the Avante ensure that while you’re adjusting the height, there is no noise to disturb anyone else who may be working next to you.

5. Artiss Desk Riser 2-Tier

  • Adjustable 13 to 50cm
  • Large top surface
  • Dual tier design.

Burn calories while you’re working with the Artiss Desk Riser 2-Tier Height-Adjustable Standing Desk. This standing desk promotes standing while working to improve your health and productivity.

Finding a healthy balance is difficult at work if your desk is fixed in one spot. Sitting and standing throughout the day not only burns calories but is good for your posture as it relieves tension from your neck, hips and shoulders.

And with the gas spring force, it all just takes one smooth motion for you to get the perfect level of comfort. You can reach a maximum of 50 cm in height with the desk riser and a minimum of 15 cm.

The desk riser has a large flat surface, giving you ample space to sprawl out your monitors and accessories. The Artiss also has a cut out for a keyboard.

Since the desk is two-tiered, you can choose to remove the second tier or choose to place your keyboard and mouse side by side to promote easy workflow.

The desk is able to withstand 15kgs. To set up your desk, just remove the Artiss desk riser from the packaging and set it up on a flat workspace, and you’re all set.


Getting an adjustable standing desk is something most work places now encourage, as it allows you to stand, sit or use an exercise ball and be able to use the computer at the same time. Standing desks are available to purchase for $100-$300 and are delivered to your door or office with minimal setup required. 

James Hunter

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