Best Cable Management Accessories 2020 (Reviews, Ratings)

Nothing perpetuates your stress like unorganised cables, finding some of the best cable management accessories can relieve some of the of chaos in your life. 

While some of your devices may be wireless, there are definitely a lot of common devices that still require a cord, resulting in a tangle of wires and increased stress.

Tangled cables are not only an organisational problem, but can also be a serious safety issue, with the risk of exposed cables or burnt out cords increasing the likelihood of injury or harm.

All things considered, finding some accessories, tools and hacks to improve your cable set up is a worthwhile endeavour. Take a look at these 5 possible options below!

Best Cable Management Accessories

1. Cable Management Boxes

  • Rust proof, leak resistant
  • Low Co2 insulation
  • Have-A-Seat Lid

Storage solutions are always popular and cable management accessories are no exception. These boxes from Baskiss are great for hiding all those loose electronics cables, power strips, power adaptors, and excess cords neatly on top of, underneath or behind your computer desk or table or entertainment console.

The cords etc are kept tidy and free of dust. This is a set of two boxes – the large and the medium. They are both a sleek black.

And made from electrically insulated ABS plastic materials they are absolutely safe for all electrical cords and wires.

The large box measures 16”(L) x 6.2”(W) x 5.4”(H)and includes two cable outlet spaces at each end of the box which allows you to organised the cables to be powered from within the box if desired.

It’s large enough to fit a power board to plug your accessories in within the box, maximising the storage capacity of the box.The medium box measures 13”(L) x 5.3”(W) x 5”(H).

The lid of each box is cleverly designed to act as a tray for holding USB sticks, smartphones, MP3 and other small devices.

Not only do these boxes keep your cables and cords tidy they also keep your children and pets safe from touching them, and free up valuable space on your floor or desk.

2. AGPTek Adjustable Cable Ties

  • Rust proof, leak resistant
  • Low Co2 insulation
  • Have-A-Seat Lid

Tidy up all your loose electrical cables and cords quickly and easily, and keep them free of dust and dirt, with these ties and clips from AGPTEK.

Made from ABS plastic, these accessories are designed to firmly adhere to a smooth flat surface which is free from moisture, dirt, oil or wax.

Once stuck down they wrap or clip around cables and cords to keep them organised and in one place.

They fit cables and cords up to a 25mm diameter. The clips measure 19 x 15 x 7mm and the centre of the clips can be cut out to fit the correct size when the diameter of the cable exceeds 5mm. The maximum diameter of the clip will fit is 15mm. 

The ties pull through a fitting to tighten around the cords and cables being tidied. They measure 24 x 18 x 7mm and will take cables up to a diameter of 25mm. There are 25 adjustable cable ties and 25 cable clips on one package.

Plenty to use all over the house or office space, even in your car. They are very adaptable to be used for hanging cables as well as those on the desk or floor. The adhesive is a good strong one which is suitable for most surfaces which are clean.

3. Cable Management Sleeve

  • Store valuables safe inside
  • Lid can be used as a seat
  • Established brand

From JOTO comes this handy organiser for your electrical cords and cables at your desk or behind your entertainment hub.

The cable and cord management system is a 19-20 inch (13cm) tubular wrap system made from safe and durable Neoprene.

The tube simply wraps and then zips up around several cables at once to tidy them up and keep them organised and safely away from children and pets.

They also greatly simplify the task of identifying which cable or cord belongs to which related appliances or devices.

The tube wrap is stretchy and flexible, not stiff, and easily wraps around whatever size cables you have up to an average 8-10 cables.

Being a zip fastener, it may sometimes require some cutting of the material for the management of different length and directions of cables being sorted. And the cables remain easily accessible when needed.

The zipper is strong and well sewn into the fabric for durability and no  frayed edges even if the dog does try to have a chew on it.

Each pack holds four black/white tubes which blend easily into a computer or entertainment center setting.

 A perfect and simple way to manage snagged and dust-collecting cables and cords at any part of your home or office.

4. Black Cable Clips

  • Store valuables safe inside
  • Lid can be used as a seat
  • Established brand
  • Optional extras can be added

Cables, cords and other small items are often prone to falling off a bedside table, desk, bathroom cabinet or other surfaces. These multipurpose cable clips from Viaky are an answer to this annoying problem.

Coming in a pack of 20 clips of different types and sizes, these are designed to be stuck onto any flat surface you want and then used to hold small cables, cords, even toothbrushes, pens and pencils, and other items.

The extra strong adhesive on the underside of the clips will stick to any clean flat surface. The clips can then be used to hold anything which fits in place, like your phone charger cable next to your bed for example.

The different types of clips in the pack are one-slot cable holders (x 10 each), small double-slot cable holders (x 4 each), large double-slot cable holders (x 2 each), triple-slot cable holders (x 2 each), and 5-slot cable holders (x 2 each). Each slot will hold a cable or cord up to 6mm in diameter.

The clips are very useful to have on your desk, bedside table, kitchen countertop, even in your car or on a wall. ​

hey are a simple and effective solution to the smaller organisational problems we all encounter in everyday life.

5. Heavy Duty Cable Protector

  • Cheap budget friendly
  • The 'original cooler'
  • Simple design

This 6.5ft (2metre) heavy-duty PVC cable protector is ideal as a permanent solution to electrical cable and cord management in the home or office, or even in an outdoor setting for a single event or permanent use. It provides a safe flat black exterior covering for all the cords and cables underneath.

Carts, wheels and chairs on casters can easily roll over the top of the protector from the surrounding floor area.

Yellow stripes running lengthwise make the protector visible to avoid tripping or other accidents. And the underside has an anti-slip texture to prevent any sliding across the floor.

Unlike rubber, the PVC it’s made from does not smell and is easily unrolled and cut to the desired length with scissors or knife. Nor does it need to be pre-treated at all before use.

The protector is designed with three channels of different sizes to hold different diameter cables and cords.

The middle channel measures 23.5mm x 10.7mm and holds up to 5 power cords or 10 ethernet cables. The two channels on each side are 19mm x 10mm and hold one power cord or 2 ethernet cable each.

The channels are not pre-cut. They need to be opened up with a knife or scissors before use, which means that they are flexible to suit the user. This product is ideal for warehouses, schools, offices and some home office uses.

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