5+ Best Egg Cookers (Reviews + Ratings)

Eggs are an edible miracle, with their health benefits and versatility. But let's admit it, they're a pain to cook and keep tabs on, especially during meal prep. Introducing the best egg cookers.

Thanks once again to modern technological advancement, egg cookers have become the new essential staple for any home kitchen. They are genius inventions such as stand mixers, food processors, pressure cookers and my favourite, pizza makers.

Which is why scouring the market for the best quality models is getting harder and harder, so allow us once again to provide a helping hand.

Check out these five different egg cooker models and variety of brands, and say goodbye to tedious pots and pans.

Best Egg Cookers

1. Sunbeam EC1300 Poach and Boil

  • Boil or poach up to 6 eggs
  • Simple design, auto shut off
  • Buzzer alert

Timing the cooking of eggs, whether boiling or poaching, can be tricky. The Sunbeam Poach & Boil Egg Cooker is an outstanding solution to that problem and gives you the perfect egg every time.

Able to boil up to six eggs or poach up to two eggs at a time, the cooker comes with a water measuring cup, egg piercer, two poaching trays and a six-egg rack.

The non-stick coating ensures an easy clean afterwards. The cooker can also be used to cook fluffy omelettes or even to steam vegetables and rice.

The science behind the electric egg cooker is pretty simple. Underneath the egg rack/poacher/omelette pan is a heating surface with water bowl which automatically heats up the water added to it.

It will time itself to shut off when the water is completely boiled dry. It’s crucial that you add enough water to cook the eggs (or vegetables) to your desired consistency.

The measuring cup which arrives with the cooker has marks to guide you around how much water to add. This is where the electric egg cooker is vastly superior to cooking eggs in a pot of water on the stovetop.

The buzzer alerts you to the time the eggs are cooked so there’s no risk of overcooking. The easy-to-read instructions make you an expert from the get-go.

2. Breville BEG100 The Eggspert

  • Boiled, poached or omelette
  • Up to 4 to 7 eggs at once
  • Portable size

Time your eggs to perfection and without risk of over or under cooking with the Breville Eggspert Egg Cooker.

Whether it’s boiled, poached or an omelette, the set and forget egg cooker is so easy: just add the right amount of water using the water measuring cup and you’re set to go.

The cup has marks to guide you around how much water to add for the consistency you prefer: soft, medium or hard.

When the eggs are cooked and ready to serve, the buzzer will let you know. No risks, ever (unless you don’t turn it off).

The cooker has four egg trays for poaching or omelettes, and a seven-egg rack for boiled eggs. The cooker can also be used to steam rice and vegetables.

With a lid made from BPA-free materials and a painted housing the egg cooker is completely safe to use. The appliance measures a convenient 22 x 17 x 15 cm for easy storage in any size kitchen. Take the guesswork out of cooking eggs.

Get the perfect egg every time without hovering over the stovetop and never knowing until it’s too late to go back!

3. ODO All in One Egg Cooker

  • The original design
  • Soft, medium or hard
  • Up to 6 eggs at once

Cooking the perfect boiled egg every time in a pot of boiling water on the stovetop has been a problem we’ve all attempted to resolve with various ‘home remedy’ type methods.

These methods are almost never foolproof though. Never truly reliable every time. It may seem a trivial issue but for those of us who love our boiled eggs it is in fact a pretty serious one. 

The TODO electric All in One Egg Cooker has the answer to this vexatious dilemma. By accurately measuring the amount of water required to cook an egg to the desired texture: soft, medium or hard, the device gives you the perfect consistency every time and without fail.

The egg cooker comes with an egg rack which holds 6 eggs at a time. The water measuring cup included has marks indicating the precise amount of water to add to the aluminium heating bowl underneath the rack to perfectly cook the eggs.

This appliance can also cook two perfect omelettes or poached eggs using the same scientific principle, and using the trays provided. The LED indicator and buzzer alerts you to when the eggs are done and ready to serve.​

The transparent lid allows you to watch the progress of omelettes or poached eggs. The non-stick surface of the egg trays means an easy clean-up, and the User Manual provides guidance on how to use the cooker.

4. Tefal Toast n Egg

  • 4 minute egg while you toast
  • Boiled or poached eggs
  • Up to 4 eggs at once

We know that there are toasters out there, and egg cookers as well. Many of them. Tefal however have come up with the perfect combo of the two: a toaster with egg cooker all in the same product for the easiest and quickest breakfast or snack preparation ever.

The Toast n Egg Cooker gives you a 4-minute egg with toast breakfast with the perfect consistency egg and right colour toast every time, without the guesswork that use to accompany the process of cooking the perfect boiled or poached egg. Or you can simply use one of its functions on its own if you prefer.

There are 4 functions buttons: egg function, toast function, egg and toast function and cancel function. The cooker can boil 4 eggs in the steamer-rack provided or poach one egg in the non-stick tray, and make two slices of toast, simultaneously. 

The egg cooker works on the principle that by using a predetermined quantity of water (measured by the supplied marked water beaker) heated in the water bowl underneath the egg tray the eggs will cook to a precise texture every time as soon as the water has boiled dry.

At that point the LED indicator light will alert you to the eggs being ready to eat. The toaster has two variable width slots for slices of bread, muffins or bagels. It also has 5 variable toasting settings for preferred browning results.

The mid-cycle Cancel function allows you to stop the toasting whenever you wish. It has a high-lift facility to lift even small slices clear of the toaster. The slide out crumb tray is easy to clean, and the cord stores away for easy tidying in any kitchen.

5. Breville The One Precision Poacher

  • Steam, boil, poach, scramble
  • Soft, medium or hard
  • Multiple other use cases

If you’re tired of the guesswork involved in cooking eggs on the stovetop to your preferred consistency the One Precision Poacher (and Sous Vide cooker) from Breville is what you need to try.

This appliance will allow you to make the perfect restaurant quality sous vide meals, including eggs, as you never imagined possible at home. The Eggspert function is the one to use for cooking perfect eggs café style.

There are separate settings for steaming, boiling, poaching or scrambling eggs. The consistency settings for steamed or boiled eggs are Soft, Medium and Hard to suit each family member’s preferred texture.

It even comes with an egg topper for a beautifully cleanly sliced boiled/steamed egg.

The built-in internal temperature probe function holds the precise temperature for the type of cooking chosen. The temperature range is between 50 – 100 degrees Celsius. The maximum cooking time is 12 hours.

You can delay the cooking start time to have the eggs or other foods you’re cooking ready when you’re ready to eat. Try the sous vide cooking method with salmon or steak for example as well as your eggs.

The handy recipe cards are a bonus to finding your way around this appliance. The cooker is easy to use and to clean. This is a wonderfully versatile addition to any kitchen!


What started as an invention that got laughed at on Dragons Den UK (Click here to watch the full episode), has turned into one of the most genius inventions, that has helped millions to create cafe quality poached, scrambled and boiled eggs. Above you'll find the best egg cookers available to buy in Australia. 

If you've got the budget, the ultimate egg cooker is definitely the Breville One Precision Poacher. For those on more of a budget, there's plenty of other brands to checkout. 

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