Proflex M9500 Review: Best Budget Home Gym?

The Proflex M9500 is the perfect addition to any home gym. It is a versatile product, which works out both the upper and lower body. Get in a full body workout without ever stepping into a gym again!

What is the Proflex M9500? 

The Proflex M9500 is a machine which allows several different types of exercises to be performed. It is made up of a dip station and sit up bench. 

This combination enables exercises such as bench presses, crunches, lateral pulls and leg extensions to be safely executed. Additionally, the handle bar adds more options. You can choose to perform preacher curls and other arm exercises.

proflex m9500 australia review

Proflex M9500 Review Australia

This product is constructed out of steel which provides stability for the most intense workouts. The steel material is also incredibly durable, ensuring quality that is going to last for years to come. 

This item is covered with powder for an added layer of strength and scratch-resistance. Once fully assembled, this machine stands 165 by 211 by 200cm, making it ideal for people of all sizes. It is a heavy product at 130kg and should be placed in a home gym or garage.

Despite the toughness of this product, there are several padded areas for support and grip. The seat pad is made out of foam which has high-density qualities.

The back rest is also constructed out of the same high-density foam, in addition to cushions on the dip station. Leg and footholds are also supported by cushions to prevent strains during workout sessions.

Proflex M9500 Features

The features of the M9500 make it optimised for safety and stability. There are rubber feet at the bottom to prevent skidding and scratches on the floor. This product is also ideal to lift weights. There are both wide-grip and close-grip attachments for pulldowns.

One of the best features of this machine is the sit up bench which measures 97 by 30cm. Not only is it made out of waterproof and high-density foam, there are also modifiable height settings. You can increase or decrease the slope depending on the workout.

There are additional accessories which come included with a purchase of the M9500. One of them is a high-quality punching bag. The punching bag is sweat-resistant and is incredibly dense.

It must be filled by the purchaser, either with sand, water or any other material. Some people may find this a deal breaker, but it also means that the bag can be customised to suit any physical activity.

Proflex M9500 Weight Plates

Perhaps the best part about this machine, is that it comes included with 100 pounds of weight plates. These weight plates are designed specifically to be used when performing pulldowns. 

The addition of a punching bag and weight plates is a huge bonus. It makes it great for people looking for an all-in-one product. There is no need to go out and purchase additional weights.

The Proflex M9500 is a great machine for those who are experienced with gym equipment but prefer the comfort of home. It is suitable for more dedicated fitness enthusiasts who incorporate lots if different exercises in their routines. 

This item can help condition and build strength, targeting different parts of the body. With the option to fill up the punching bag for boxing, fitness fanatics are sure to want to try out this item.

People in search of a simple-to-use item may not like the M9500. Areas such as the bench and chair have settings which need to be fixed before using them.

This item also needs to be assembled, which may be too much of a hassle for some people. Beginners might also find the M9500 too complicated to use, as there are several components, but for those that want to future-proof, knowing they'll eventually need all the gear, the M9500 is worth investing in from day one. 

Proflex M9500 Cons

Perhaps one of the biggest cons of the M9500 is that it is a large piece of equipment. This can not be simply placed in an office area or study.

It requires a large area for storage, such as a separate home gym or garage. Those looking to purchase this item need to maintain it weekly, in order for it to function properly.

Proflex M9500 Verdict

Overall, the M9500 is a high-quality product made out of durable steel and high-density padding. There is a myriad of ways to utilise this equipment, whether that be to train the core or work out the legs. It's definitely worth the price, at the top end of the budget home gym market. 

I would hands down buy this home gym, and it's worth the extra $100 over the M9000 model. 

The inclusion of a punching bag makes it great to fit in boxing sessions for additional cardio. Due to the complex structure of this product, it is best suited for professional athletes, and not beginners.

This product comes in an all-black colour, with either red or blue details. 

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