The 5 Best Stand Mixers You Can Buy In Australia

Are you looking for the best stand mixer Australia has to offer?

In a market crowded with brands offering different mixers at vastly different prices it can be hard to figure out which one to buy.

You definitely don't need to spend over $500 if you're a casual kitchen user however enthusiastic chef's will find the more expensive models offer a wealth of features that will advance their ability to whip up amazing meals. 

What to look for when buying a stand mixer?

When you’re looking to buy a stand mixer (what is this?) it’s important to think firstly about what you are going to want to use it for.

Let your mind explore the possibilities. Read through some favourite recipe books and make a list of the recipes you’ve always wanted to try but haven’t had the equipment for.

Be adventurous. Talk to your friends and get their ideas as well.

Make a list of the attachments you think you’d like to have. Have a look at the different models that are on the market and see what is available out there.

And of course, you should also consider the quality of the mixer itself - in particular, the weight of the machine itself, the strength of the attachments and the wattage of the motor. If the strength of the machine is weak it will tend to move around when in use.

If the attachments are made of lightweight materials they will not stand up to the heavier tasks. And if the motor is of a low wattage it will not be powerful enough for some of the kitchen tasks you want to do, like bread-making.

Of course, cost is also an important factor and you may not be able to afford everything you’d like but you don’t know that until you look and compare. And as with any purchase, it’s always wise to buy the best you can afford.

Best Stand Mixer Australia

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1. Kenwood kMix, Stand Mixer 5L

  • Four attachments
  • 6 speed settings
  • Large 5L bowl
  • Large feeder tube

This stand mixer from Kenwood is one of Kenwood’s kMix range of kitchen appliances. They’re colourful, vibrant and very stylish.

It is a mixer which is going to let you tackle the heaviest of doughs with its incredibly powerful 1000W motor.

Built to last a lifetime, it comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty – 10 years on the motor! And at over 13kg, it won’t creep around your benchtop as you’re mixing your cake batter or bread dough.

The mixer comes with four attachments: K-beater, creaming beater, balloon whisk, and dough hook. The mixer uses the planetary mixing action for a thorough combination of ingredients.

And there are twenty-four other attachments which you can choose to buy separately, including a food processor and pasta maker.

it has 6-speed settings which carefully increase the momentum so as to avoid spillage of the contents of the large 5L bowl.

And there is a splashguard which includes a larger feed tube for easier adding of ingredients while the mixer is running.

The bowl and attachments are dishwater safe. And the machine comes in a white finish.

2. CHEFTRONIC Stand Mixer SM-985

  • 6 speed settings
  • Auto shut off feature
  • Splash guard
  • Lightweight (5kg)

The SM-985 Stand Mixer from Cheftronic is a strongly powered machine (550W) with a good bowl capacity (4L). This product does have a few nice features.

It has 6 speeds including a pulse function and planetary beating action. It comes with a dough hook, a flat beater, a flex head beater, and a wire whip.

The flex head beater can also be used as a scraper if you want. The mixer also has a detachable splash guard for easy adding of ingredients while the machine is in use. There is also an auto shut off after 15 minutes to prevent overheating of the motor, which is a nice safety feature.

But that is about all this mixer can boast in terms of functions. There are no other optional extras. It is a pretty basic machine at a pretty basic price point.

Also at only 5kgs, it is on the light side which would normally mean some risk of bench creep when in operation.

The manufacturer has taken care of that by supplying some anti-slip suction cups to prevent any slippage.

One would need to test the effectiveness of that feature, and reviews do indicate that they are functional.

The light weight may also indicate that the materials it is made from (plastic in fact) are not of the best or especially durable quality.

But this mixer does not claim to be a high-end product. It is a smallish, short term, and cheap option for those who don’t need or can’t afford anything fancy.

Cheftronic provides a 2-year warranty with the SM-985.

3. KitchenAid KSM45 Classic Stand Mixer

  • Low powered motor
  • Large 4.3L bowl
  • 10 Addon attachments
  • Extended warranty

The KSM45 Classic Stand Mixer by KitchenAid is one in the range of mixers by the well- known Kitchenaid brand.

It has a fairly low powered motor at only 275 Watts which begs the question of how it would stand up to years of kneading heavy dough compared to its more powerful competitors in the marketplace.

But that is really the only area that the power of the motor is truly tested. And a 275W motor is generally good enough for domestic use.

The KSM45 mixer performs all the functions you’d expect from a mixer, and extra if you purchase the optional extra attachments.

It comes with a good sized 4.3L stainless steel bowl, a whip, a dough hook, and a flat beater, but you can purchase up to 10 other attachments separately. It has a tilt head design so adding ingredients while the machine is in operation is not a messy process

Made from die-cast metal and stainless steel and weighing 11kg the machine is a good weight and should not move around the bench even when at its highest speed setting and performing its toughest task such as kneading.

The manufacturing materials and weight also suggest that the machine is of good quality and should have a long life. The manufacturer’s warranty is for a 3-year period.

The KSM45 is a little pricey but you can certainly save quite a lot by shopping around.

4. Kenwood Chef XL Sense Stand Mixer

  • Powerful 1400W motor
  • Large 6.7L bowl
  • Splash guard
  • Not too heavy

The Kenwood Chef XL Sense KVL100T is a very impressive stand mixer in every sense of the word. It has an extremely powerful 1400W motor to meet any test you put it through: speed, endurance or load. The bowl capacity is a huge 6.7 litres and it weighs in at 8.9 kilos.

The Chef XL is called “Sense” in deference to its electronic abilities to make a perfect mixture in the bowl every time.

This is due to the gradual increase of the speed from a soft start while ingredients are still hard and lumpy through to pulsing and higher speeds as the ingredients become softer and better combined.

It has a splashguard for easy addition of ingredients mid mix.

The attachments which are standard to this mixer are: a k-beater, dough hook, creaming beater, whisk and folding tool. And there are many other attachments (25+ of them) available to purchase separately.

These attachments allow you to perform all the functions you normally associate with a stand mixer but also when you purchase the optional other attachments you’ll be able to chop, grate, slice, mince, grind, mill, juice, and more.

All parts are dishwasher safe.

And there is a 5-year warranty which shows the faith that Kenwood has in their product.

The Kenwood Chef XL Sense mixer is not cheap but nor should it be. It is a quality kitchen appliance designed for serious home cooks and built out of quality and sturdy materials to last several years.

5. Healthy Choice Mix Master 5L

  • Budget friendly
  • 5L bowl
  • Safety lock
  • Super lightweight (4.4kg)

The 5L Healthy Choice Mix Master is just about the cheapest stand mixer on the market so it’s very interesting to see what it’s all about.

It boasts an impressively powerful 1000W motor, a large 5L bowl and uses the latest planetary action mixing action.

It has a lift up head action and a safety lock for easy ingredient addition. It comes with an egg whisk, dough hook, paddle beater and spatula. Many other expensive mixers only supply these basic attachments with purchase.

The mixer also comes with a cover guard to use particularly when mixing flour or similar to prevent these ingredients flying out of the bowl. All parts and attachments are dishwasher safe.

The Healthy Choice mixer also offers electronic speed settings and function settings for egg whipping, dough making or batter blending.

One area of concern is the weight of this mixer at only 4.42kgs. This poses the risk of counter creep, especially during heavy use.

It all sounds too be good to be true at well under $100.

So what do Healthy Choice customers think? Well, all the reviews discovered were pretty positive, though brief.

All in all this mixer may be worth a try if you can’t afford a more expensive brand and your needs are fairly basic.

Do you really need a stand mixer?

Forget the 2-speed 2-function Mixmaster you grew up with as a kid. Modern stand mixers are state of the art kitchen wizards which will transform your humble cooking into haute-cuisine!

Or perhaps you’re already creating masterpieces in your kitchen but spending way longer than you need to be with time-consuming tasks like whisking, beating, kneading,

A good quality stand mixer will have as many as 10 speeds and just as many attachments. It will allow you to create everything from pasta and souffles to bread and croquembouche.

Cooking will become a joy as you experiment with recipes you never dreamed of trying at home.

And the pleasure, let alone the savings, of making delicacies in your own kitchen, for your family and friends, will be endless.

Food does taste better when it’s home cooked. And it’s healthier because it’s fresher and you know exactly what’s in it. You don’t need to add preservatives or colouring's or any other additives.

What is the best wattage for a stand mixer?

It’s always best to buy a stand mixer with a motor of at least 250 watts power or better. The better mixers have motors of up to 1,000 watts.

The reason you want a powerful motor is very simple: the mixer is going to be asked to do things like kneading bread.

This is a heavy duty job and not something a small motor will be able to perform. And you want the mixer to last for at least a few years and perform at its best for all that time.

A less powerful motor will conk out through wear and tear sooner than a more powerful model will.

Most household kitchens really don’t need a 1,000-watt stand mixer, or anything near that strength. A really powerful motor would only be a must if you were cooking in very large quantities on a regular basis, or making lots of bread pretty much all the time.

Also, the physical size of the high wattage mixers is significantly much larger.

Most home cooks are perfectly satisfied with a 250 – 350watt motor.

Do I need to spend a lot to buy a stand mixer?

Stand mixers vary enormously in price, from $30 to $1300. But which are the best? Often quality is governed by price or visa versa, but often it’s not.

And mixers have so many uses in different households, with many factors playing a part in the decision around what is the best buy that it truly is a very individual choice.

The factors to consider are: quality of manufacture, speed settings, wattage, accessories (standard and optional), size (storage and space), splash guard, bowl lock, slippage, tilt head, height adjustability, bowl material, beater release button, and timer.

So as you can see a top of the range mixer which has the best of all of the above features probably should be at the top of the price range.

The Kitchenaid range of stand mixers is a good example of professional standard mixers at the top end of the market in both quality features and price. Their 600 Series is currently priced at $1,350.

But these mixers have features that the everyday home cook just won’t need and therefore doesn’t need to pay for.

By the same token, it is important to buy quality and there are some very highly rated stand mixers on the market at around the $200 - $300 range (Kenwood, for example, has 5-star ratings). And there is a Kambrook mixer with a 5-star rating priced at $102.

You need to shop around and you need to think about your needs present and future before you buy.

Now you know the best stand mixer Australia has to offer, checkout our other guides.

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