5+ Best Double Strollers In Australia (Buyer Guide)

As a parent with multiple young children, it is essential that you invest in the best double stroller, to keep you sane in the early years of childhood.

The difficulties that come with two or even three kids can be greatly mitigated by a double stroller, allowing you to alleviate at least one of the stresses of being a parent.

This expertly designed product comes in many configurations, with adjustable settings, designs and functions to suit the ages of your kids and make life that much more convenient. 

While it may not be the extra set of hands every parent craves, the double stroller will undoubtedly make outings with your kids a much safer, easier and more enjoyable experience. 

1. Maxi Cosi Dana

  • Suitable for up to 4 years
  • Side by side design
  • 5 point harnesses
  • Shopping basket holders

Suitable for newborn babies to children up to 4 years of age the MAXI COSI Dana double stroller accommodates two infants at once of whatever age in that range.

Designed so that the children sit side by side, the stroller is light and easily manoeuvred around corners and through crowds.

And measuring only 97cm in width it also fits through standard doorways and other narrow spaces.

Each seat can be independently reclined to several positions including full layback with one hand to cocoon a baby or to allow one child to sleep whilst the other is sitting upright and awake.

The canopy with airflow window provides rain and sunlight protection, and washable padded fabric seats and head pillows are a comfortable support for the children.

5-point harnesses with removable pads keep them securely held.

When not in use the stroller folds easily and telescopically into a compact umbrella-type unit which stands on its own for easy storage or rolls along comfortably with one handle.

There are large shopping baskets on each side which hold 3kg each. The rear wheels have brakes and are lockable for safety.

The stroller accepts the MAXI COSI Mico or Citi baby capsules to enable a smooth and easy transition from the car to the stroller while the child is a newborn.

These are sold separately. Accessories which are included with purchase are 2 sets of capsule adapters, 2 seat pads and pillows, and a Duo rain cover.

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2. Steelcraft Agile Twin Stroller

  • Suitable for up to 4 years
  • Side by side design
  • 5 point harnesses
  • Single movement fold down

The Steelcraft Agile twin stroller is a double pram for children from newborn to toddler.

The design is one which has the children seated side by side in independent seats which each recline with the squeeze of one hand to full layback position.

The seats are generously proportioned to accommodate larger babies and toddler. Each seat has padded shoulder and head supports.

And the canopy features a large window. All covers are made with a quality hard-wearing linen fabric. The handle is height adjustable for the parent’s comfort.

The pram is lightweight, smooth and easily manoeuvred even with a large amount of additional weight on board.

And despite its generous sized seating it still fits easily through narrow spaces. The pram is easily and quickly folded up or opened in a single movement with an auto-frame locking mechanism.

The back wheels can be detached for easier storage. The pram also has brakes for safety.

A large basket underneath the pram (accessible from the front and rear) and canopy pockets provide plenty of space for both child accessories and shopping.

Accessories included with purchase are a rain cover, shoulder pads, 2 dishwasher-safe child trays, and a set of infant capsule adaptors.

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3. Baby Jogger City Tour2

  • Suitable for up to 4 years
  • Side by Side design
  • 5 point harnesses
  • Fold down design
  • Complies with airline carry-on

Baby Jogger’s City Tour 2 is a double stroller/pram for children from birth to toddler age (15kg recommended maximum weight).

The narrow design (66.5cm wide) allows you to easily manoeuvre the stroller through doorways, elevator doors etc, but the seats are a comfortable size for even larger babies and toddlers.

The seats are operated independently from each other, with a full layback recline position to hold newborns without the need for a separate carrycot.

They have a fully adjustable calf support system for the comfort of children’s legs. 5-point harnesses including crotch straps provide complete safety for the children.

The two canopies are made from an SPF 50+ material to fully protect the infants from sun damage. They sit in multiple positions for optimum shade and visibility, and each has adjustable mesh peek-a-boo windows for keeping an eye on the babies from behind.

Easily collapsible into a compact suitcase-style size with an auto-lock feature, and weighing only 6.5kg, the stroller can be easily stowed into the boot of a car or carried around when not in use.

It even complies with airline carry-on requirements. The seats are compatible with baby capsules for an easy transition from car to stroller.

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4. Bugadoo Donkey2+ Duo

  • Suitable up to 4 years
  • Side by side design
  • Folds down in 1 movement
  • Brakes for safety

With a stunning range of bright canopy colours to choose from the Bugadoo Donkey2+ Duo pram/stroller is a must-have for parents with one or two children under toddler age.

The colours of the base and various other features of the product also have options to choose from.

This product converts from a mono unit into a duo pram in three easy clicks. A one-click releasable bassinet can be carried in the frame of the pram for a newborn.

A car seat can also be secured into the frame (width 84cm in that scenario). And the stroller seats of the pram itself can be used for children up to 17kgs.

The seats are totally independent of each other and can even be reversed with each child facing opposite directions. There are 17 different ways to arrange the seats, layback options, capsules, storage options, etc.

The width of the double pram is just 74cm, narrow enough for easy maneuvering through narrow spaces. The storage options include a 28-litre under-seat basket, a 10kg side basket with rain cover, and an inner pocket for valuables such as phone, purse or wallet, keys etc.

Both the 10” front and 12” rear swivel wheels have foam tyres which provide good suspension for a smooth ride. And for ease of transportation in the car the stroller folds down into a compact 91 x 60 x 24 cm, weighing 15kgs.

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5. VeeBee Doubletake Tandem Stroller

  • Up to 4/5 years old
  • One in front of other design
  • 5 point harnesses
  • One movement fold down
  • Lightweight, only 6.5kg

With a reclining rear seat and upright front seat, the Vee Bee Doubletake tandem stroller is ideal for the family with a toddler and a newborn.

The rear ‘stadium’ seat sits higher than the front one so the child in the rear can still see over the head of the one in front.

The front seat does not recline fully so it’s only suitable for a child who is sitting up on their own. The maximum weight each seat will hold is 18kg.

Each seat has an adjustable footrest to keep the child’s legs comfortable at all ages. And 5-point harnesses with washable strap covers, including crotch straps, secure the children into their seats.

Removable food trays in front of each child make it easy to feed or keep them amused with toys. The stroller has adjustable hoods over each seat for sun and rain protection, and a peek-a-boo window at the rear as well.

Underneath is a large storage basket for children’s accessories and shopping. The stroller folds down into a compact size for transportation in the car (920 x 550 x 540 cm).

Some assembly is required but the product comes with User Instructions as to how to do that.

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best double strollers australia

How To Choose Best Double Stroller?

When it comes to choosing the best for your requirements, you should consider these factors:

  • Design

Some models are side by side double strollers which is where your children sit next to each other. This is a great option as they sit together and often face forward so can see where they are going. 

However it's not for everyone. It's no secret that side by side is much wider and some prams will have trouble going through narrow doors and spaces. 

Additionally there's the inline tandem strollers where they sit one behind the other. These are good if your children are restless with each other.

These strollers are much more narrower, perfect for tight spaces, corridors. Sometimes you can convert from single to double if required (modular), or you can turn the seats around to face mum or dad. 

  • Weight

You'll want to consider the weight of your stroller as some models are lightweight around 6-8kg while others are heavier around 15-20kg. If you're folding down and putting in the car, this can be problematic so consider lighter options. 

  • Foldable

Nearly all strollers are fold down these days. Some are multiple movements while others are single movement. You will need to consider whether you want a multi movement, as single can be easier if you're holding your child in one arm. 

  • Harnesses

Nearly every double stroller now comes with a 5 point harness for your child. Some models also come with knee straps to keep them in place. Some cheaper models may only have 3 point harnesses, but we recommend buying the govt approved 5 point only. 

  • SPF Covers

Some double strollers come with SPF50+ material covers to protect children from the sun. Nearly all strollers and especially the ones we featured today, come with such material. Some models even come with sun shades which can help keep them in the shade. 

Additionally some models come with 'peek-a-boo' windows which allow them to see out. Others are mesh which will keep the sun away while allowing them to see out too. 

  • Airline Rating

Some double strollers fold down and are capable of being taken on the plane. This means you won't have to check it in, which can save you money buying baggage. 

The Baby Jogger City Tour2 for example is designed to be taken on board the plane.

  • Storage

Most double strollers have storage, although if you want an ultra portable one you'll likely have to forgo the storage instead. Some models come with under-seat baskets, side baskets, rain cover storage and inner pockets for valuables such as phone or wallets. 

Other models come with hooks and mounts for baskets, which can make trips to the supermarket that much more enjoyable. 

  • Wheels

You'll want to choose a stroller that comes with decent sized wheels and if you're going offroad you'll want larger all terrain wheels too. Most models are around 10" in the front and 12" in the rear, providing good suspension and a smooth ride with baby facing forward. 


When choosing a double stroller it can be confusing, as there's dozens of businesses all selling similar products, each claiming to be the best. 

You, as a consumer should consider buyer reviews as these are the best way to ensure you're not buying an inferior product. Alternatively your friends or family might have suggested the name of a brand you should consider purchasing.

After our initial research, we believe the best double stroller is the Maxi Cosi Dana. It's affordable and comes with a lot of features. 


Kirsty Scott

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