5+ Best Baby Car Mirrors To Buy In Australia

Any parent would do anything to keep their child safe while in the car, which is where the best baby car mirrors come in handy.

It is recommended that newborn babies face the rear of the car, so as not to expose them to the overwhelming stress of flashing lights and moving cars. 

However, this makes it hard for parents to see what their little one is up to, and can make for a nerve-wracking commute. 

A baby car mirror is the cheap and effective solution to these issues and we've gathered 5 great picks to consider available in Australia.

The 5 Best Baby Car Mirrors

1. Button Baby Car Mirror

The Button Baby Car Mirror is designed to allow the driver of a car to see their child seated in a rear-facing car seat or capsule.

The mirror attaches securely to the headrest of the rear passenger seat and can be adjusted to suit the position of both baby and driver. This allows the parent to monitor whether the child is settled or needing assistance.

A side benefit is that the baby or child can watch those in the front seats at the same time, which is both reassuring when distressed and fun when bored!

The mirror is made from a unique shatterproof acrylic glass for guaranteed safety and measures a large 25 x 19 x 11cm.

The simple installation takes only 30 seconds: just strap it on to the headrest and adjust the viewing angle to suit.

The product comes with a free “Baby On Board” sign and two sun shades for your car’s windows. The shades will fit most cars as they are designed to adhere to the windows and are great for shading the children from the hot summer sun.

Please note that your car does need to have rear headrests which left up from the seat in order for the mirror to be installed and to still be able to use the seat belt.

2. Brica Baby In Sight

The latest model extra-large baby car mirror from Brica is designed for installation on the top of the rear seat when your child is in a rear-facing capsule or car-seat and provides you with a view of your child as you drive.

The large convex mirror is shatter-resistant and gives an easy view at a glance in your rear-view mirror because its shape provides a wide-angle lens effect without any distortion.

The Clear-Sight mirror provides a clear and vivid image of the child and surrounds. And the angle of the mirror can be adjusted as your baby grows to provide a good view of him/her at all times.

The mirror allows you to see your child and for him/her to see themselves and you for both comfort and fun. The shatter-resistant glass-type surface has been crash tested to the level of seat belts to meet high safety standards.

The mirror can be installed in pretty well any vehicle with or without headrests due to its multiple attachment options, including headrest straps, wires, Velcro, snaps, and strong suction cups.

The mirror and frame measures a large 32.4 x 25.4 x 4.4cm and is very lightweight. The soft-touch frame looks stylish in any make of car, and its traction-grid surface material helps keep the mirror firmly in place without slipping and sliding.

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3. Royal Pascals Baby Mirror

The new baby car mirror from Royal Pascals has all of the winning features of their original version plus more. The new version has a locking ball joint to make sure that the mirror cannot be accidentally knocked out of place.

The mount is sturdier and larger than the previous model. And the strap and buckle used to attach the mirror to the headrest are even safer and stronger than before.

This baby car mirror is still designed to be fitted to the rear headrest so that a parent driving can see their child seated in a rear-facing child-seat or lying in a rear-facing baby capsule.

A bonus is that the baby or child can also see you in the baby mirror and be more easily comforted or have fun whilst in the car.

The convex shape of the mirror makes it effectively a wide-angle lens which provides a panoramic view. The mirror is made of the same shatter-proof laser-cut acrylic material and is toxin-free.

It’s lightweight and a size which is optimal for its use (24.5 x 17.5 x 8.5cm). The soft feel frame is pleasant to touch. Wipe it all clean with a soft cloth.

4. MOMSMENU Baby Car Mirror

This baby car mirror from MOMSMENU is a large wide-angle convex-shaped mirror for watching a baby or young child in the rear-view mirror as you drive when they are in a rear-facing capsule or child seat.

The mirror is positioned to not only give the driver a good view of the child but also to provide the child with a line of sight to the driver.

This means that not only can the child have fun in the car, but also that any distress can be detected immediately and quickly attended to.

The mirror attaches to the headrest of the rear seat of the car using a pivoting backrest attachment which rotates up to 360 degrees on a ball for perfect adjustment and a perfect angle every time. This fitting will suit most cars.

The mirror is made from a safe shatter-proof acrylic glass product which will withstand any impacts.

It is a large size (34.4 x 19.6 x 4.4cm) and the convex shape of the mirror allows for a wide view of the child at all times in any size vehicle.

No assembly is required, and a full money-back satisfaction guarantee is given with all purchases.

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5. Jolly Jumper Drivers Mirror

From well-known baby product brand Jolly Jumper comes this baby car mirror for watching infants in rear-facing capsules and car-seats from the driver's seat via the rear vision mirror.

With safety in mind, the mirror has a shatter-resistant surface made from toxin-free acrylic.

The convex shape of the mirror provides a wide-angle view of the baby or child, and also allows the infant to see the driver, an excellent source of entertainment and/or comfort when needed.

The large size of the mirror (22.2 x 14 x 2.5cm) also helps to give a good view at all times.

Adjustable and sturdy straps make installation on the rear seat headrest easy, secure and safe in most cars. No pre-installation assembly is required.

It’s important to note that the mirror does not swivel from side to side so it possibly does need to be mounted on the centre headrest to be easily seen in the rear-vision mirror.

This may limit its use to those cars which have central headrests, although it does adjust in height so may be quite suitable for smaller cars on the driver’s side rear headrest.

The mirror sits flush against the headrest so is not prone to accidental slipping.

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