5+ Best Baby Swimming Floats In Australia

You might be wondering how to introduce your baby to water for the first time, so that they can finally enjoy swimming with the family.

But it is of the utmost importance that you ensure your baby is safe, supported and comfortable when in the water.

A quality baby swimming float will fit your baby and guarantee they won't fall, sink or slip through. It's crucial that your baby feels safe and happy while in the water.

If you're thinking about introducing your baby to the water, but want to make them as safe as possible, consider one of these 5 baby floats.

Best Baby Swimming Floats

1. V Convey Swim Float

  • Removable sun canopy
  • Durable, never leak or sink
  • Safety buckles and straps
  • Carry bag and 3 water toys

The 3rd generation V Convey baby swim float is safe, sun-protective and fun for babies to 2-year old toddlers. The float has a removable sun canopy (UPF50+) so that it is easy to use both inside and outdoors.

Simply snap on and off with two buttons on each side. The mesh sides of the canopy allow you to keep an eye on the infant at all times and from all angles. And when not being used the canopy twists and folds into an easily stored package.

The baby float itself is wide (see measurements below) and is made from a BPA-free PVC interior filled with pearl foam with a soft and comfortable swimsuit-type cloth outer which won’t irritate a baby’s delicate skin.

This exterior cloth can be removed for washing. The foam inner is secure and stable – much safer than an air-inflated float is.

There is a five-point safety harness, including a crotch strap, to securely hold the infant on the float and to prevent him from flipping over. The buckles are strong and durable.

The child is well supported and can see and touch the water but the front has an elevated support for holding the chin securely up and away from the water to prevent swallowing and lapping water going into the mouth.

The design allows for older children to be taught basic swimming strokes by laying on their backs The size of the floatie is a large 48 x 46 x 10 cm to hold a child up to 24 months old securely with plenty of room around all sides.

2. HECCEI Baby Float Trainer

  • Air free swim float
  • 2 buckle method
  • Backstroke or breaststroke
  • Leak proof

This HECCEI infant swim ring float/trainer is a 2019 upgrade version of the original.

Its many features include a PearlFoam interior which doesn’t need inflating and won’t deflate or leak. The exterior is made from a high-quality swimwear material and a leatherette-type outer film for minimal skin irritation.

The safety harness has upgraded straps and buckles (including a crotch strap) for increased safety. They are wider and stronger than previously and are also softer and more comfortable. The buckles are easier to connect.

The harness can be adjusted to accommodate the infant lying on his front or his back and using his arms and legs to learn basic swim strokes.

The ring is designed to support the child’s upper body and especially the head above the water at a 40-degree angle to ensure that no water enters the mouth from waves or even lapping water. The child’s lower arms and legs are still able to move easily in the water. The position also prevents the child from flipping over in any direction into the water.

The ring is safe in any water including pools, the ocean and lakes. The swim ring is suitable for babies and infants between 3 months and 2 years old (6 – 18kg).

3. Saftybay Baby Float

  • Secure velcro straps
  • Air inflated float
  • Holds a drink bottle

The Learn-To-Swim baby and toddler inflatable pool floats from Poolmaster are a fun way to safely teach your kids to feel confident and comfortable in the water and ready to go on and to learn the basics of swimming.

They are suitable for children aged 8 – 24 months – infants do need to be sitting up independently to be able to use these floats.

They are designed to hold the child securely in a Velcro-strap seat under the water which has plenty of legroom for kicking around, even with a nappy on.

The inflated ring supports the child under the armpits and provides a secure centre of gravity to prevent tipping over. The float has a fun over-sized blow-up leaf-shaped canopy to provide sun protection. And there is a soft pocket to hold a drink bottle.

Choose between a Frog Rider, a Snail Rider or a Giraffe Rider, each of which arrives in a different colour and with a fun animal squeezable squeaky toy which attaches to the float with a Velcro patch.

Warnings: This is an air-inflated swim ring so it’s very important to wait at least 15 minutes after inflating it before you use it in the water. This is not a life-saving ring. Do not over inflate. Any smells on opening will dissipate within a few days.

4. Relaxing Baby Float

  • Air inflation design
  • Various sizes available
  • Anti-flip or slip
  • 5 separate air bags

Suited to children from 3 months to 6 years this float ring will be a favourite in your beach bag for many years. The inflatable baby swim ring is equipped with a comfortable seat belt underneath the child’s bottom for support and safety. It also offers a level of independence for the older child.

The front of the ring is raised to ensure that the child’s head is away from the water, thus preventing water from entering the mouth and to allow the head to rest forward without risk. The sides are widened to sit under the armpits and to accommodate the arms, preventing any rollover or flipping yet still allowing for playing in the water with the lower arms.

Each side has an independent airbag as a safety feature and also for extra buoyancy. At the rear is another round airbag to support the child on all sides. And for added fun for the child, the ring plays fun sounds to amuse while playing in the water.

Warnings: This is an air-inflated swim ring so it’s very important to wait at least 15 minutes after inflating it before you use it in the water. This is not a life-saving ring. Do not over inflate.

5. SwimWays Baby Float

  • Ultimate comfort design
  • Removable sun canopy
  • Secure leg holes
  • Various colours available

The Swimways baby spring float with sun canopy is an air-inflated float for children between the ages of 9 – 24 months.

The float itself is made from PVC and covered with a comfortable soft and durable fabric which is designed to not irritate the skin.

The float is a very wide ring. The hole in the middle fits around the tummy and the outer ring supports the armpits and upper arms to prevent flipping over.

The seat of the float, underneath the ring, is made from a comfortable mesh with leg holes. This not only makes the child safe, but it also increases confidence and independence whilst playing in the water as there is no chance of slipping out of the inflated ring.

The lower centre of gravity provided by the underwater seat further reduces any chance of tipping over into the water.

The design includes child safety valves in the ring to reduce any chance of the ring deflating. Dual air chambers in the ring (one in the centre around the tummy and the other around the edge under the arms) also provide protection against deflation and greater buoyancy.

The sun canopy is detachable and covers one-half of the ring lengthwise. The ring itself measures 86L x 76W cm.

Warnings: This is an air-inflated swim ring so it’s very important to wait at least 15 minutes after inflating it before you use it in the water. This is not a life-saving ring. Do not over inflate.


Help your baby or toddler in learning to swim from a young age with these baby swimming floats that are inexpensive and high quality, offering various safety features to ensure your son or daughter is well protected. 

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