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Are you looking for the best baby monitor Australia has to offer? If so then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve reviewed five of the very best, from sleek new cameras that attach to the cot, to fully fledged units.

You definitely don’t need to spend a fortune when you’re buying a baby monitor but generally you do get what you pay for. Be careful with all the cheap Chinese imports flooding eBay and buy through a reputable site.

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Best Baby Monitor Australia

1. Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor

If you’re after a baby monitor that will blend into your baby’s room without being clunky and is safe for your baby to be around, the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor will be the right choice for you.

This monitor is sleek in design and comes in three soft colours- baby blue, pink and yellow. Our fav is the baby blue as seen above.

The device has a rounded set of contours and a posable arm so you can either attach it to a crib or against the wall mount which it comes with, quickly and easily without having to damage any of your furniture.

An added bonus is the silicon surface providing a soft touch and sturdy grip to hold on to various texturized surfaces.

The device has a short live feed latency of 1 second, combined with the crying detection, you won’t miss a thing with your baby!

And with live view sharing, unlimited shared users can make sure your baby is attended to when needed.

The might quality video provides optimal visuals whether it is day or night, as the Lollipop Smart Baby Monitor comes with night vision; either 940nm LEDs invisible for nearing baby, 850nm LED for wall mounting.

#1 Best Baby Monitor Australia

2. HelloBaby Monitor

Adjusting to a baby’s routine is challenging but with the HelloBaby Monitor, it just got a lot easier. This baby monitor has a 3.2-inch LCD display which is connected to the baby camera through wireless technology.

The camera provides a digital zoom in and out function of up to 2 times the original focus of the camera.

Another great function is that the baby monitor receiver can be paired to up to 4 cameras so that way you can keep an eye on all your children.

You’re able to check up on your baby not only during the day but at night too with the infrared night vision feature of the baby monitor.

You can also monitor the room temperature with the baby monitor to ensure that your child is comfortable and safe.

If your baby does wake up, you can play one of the eight soothing lullabies built into the baby monitor.

And if that doesn’t work, you can use the two-way talkback intercom function to comfort your baby with your own voice. Rest assured you won’t be having to run back and forth to the cot at odd times of the night.

3. Arlo Baby HD Monitor

With a baby needing constant attention, it’s hard to always be keeping an eye on them. With the Arlo Baby HD Monitor, you’re able to keep an eye on your baby while also finishing off your errands, knowing your baby is safe and sound in their cot.

This monitor provides 1080p HD quality so you’re able to view live or recorded videos in premium colour and detail.

The device provides live monitoring and smart alerts so that you are able to get motion, sound and air quality notifications easily.

The 2-way talk function of the monitor allows you to speak to your baby from anywhere, whether you’re in the living room or in the garden.

The Arlo Baby HD Monitor comes with advanced night vision. The near-invisible infrared LED lets you see your baby, even at night, so you’re not having to run to the cot for false alarms in the middle of the night.

This device also comes with various other functionalities such as a music player, air sensor, rechargeable battery and multi-coloured night light- all these features in one product!

4. Yohoolyo Baby Monitor

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Always have your baby close with you, even if you’re not in the same room with your Yohoolyo Baby Monitor.

The 3.2-inch LCD Digital Screen baby monitor allows you to watch your baby live and record high-quality videos too.

You can keep an eye on your baby now all night as well with the invisible LED night vision so there’s no need to be making runs to the cot for false alarms during the middle of the night.

The Yohoolyo baby monitor has 8 soothing lullabies, so even if your baby does get up, they can go right back to sleep with a selection of lullabies.

And if the lullabies don’t work, the two-way audio function lets you speak to them by using the ‘microphone’ button. That way a parent’s comforting voice is never far away for the child.

An additional feature of this device is the VOX energy saving mode. The VOX function is a voice operated switch that turns on once a sound is detected over a certain threshold.

Hence the display monitor turns on once there is a sound in the baby’s room. The Yohoolyo Baby Monitor is guaranteed to make your life simpler because it definitely has for me.

5. GHB Baby Monitor

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The GHB Baby Monitor is a parent’s best friend. The 2.0-inch LCD video monitor in colour display is easy to install and will save you a lot of leg work, especially in the early months of having a baby where every unfamiliar sound from your baby’s cot feels like a cause for concern.

A quick check of this monitor offers you the reassurance of a sneak peek without startling your baby, and this is all from the comfort of your own bed anytime as this baby monitor offers a night vision function.

If your little one does end up waking up, you can use the built-in music to put your baby right back to bed without you having to get up.

If that doesn’t seem to work, then your baby can listen to you comforting voice through the two-way audio talk function and go right back to sleep.

This baby monitor has a long-lasting battery with eight hours of audio mode, so you’re not having to charge it during the night while monitoring your baby at night.

With the bonus VOX energy saving feature, your device monitor turns on when there is a sound in the baby’s room louder than a certain threshold. Rest assured this baby monitor will become your best friend!

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