6+ Best Dog Training Collars To Buy In Australia

Training your dog can be one of the most rewarding, yet tiring tasks an owner can face. That's why the dog training collar was invented, and while not everyone is fond of them, they do actually work when used correctly and in accordance with training guides. 

Over the last few months our editors have independently researched, tested and recommended the best dog training collars available to buy in Australia.

Below the next section you'll see our top picks in this overcrowded marketplace.

How to choose the best dog training collar?

You'll first want to consider the range of your collar, some models are fully wireless offering coverage of up to 300ft, while others are Bluetooth which supports a mere 20ft if you're lucky. 

Next you'll want to consider the modes on offer, whether it's got a training mode or various channels, some for example have only 3 modes while others have 10. Now more isn't always better, but it does give you more room to manoeuvre if your dog requires a different setting.  

Size is equally as important and not all dog collars will fit your dog. Most are designed similar to clothing and come in a small, medium, large or extra large size, so choose wisely. Some brands offer one-size-fits-all adjustable collars and these are very tempting as you're less likely to have a sizing issue. 

Dog collars often work on shock so having a model that allows for increments of around 1 is best. An example here is 1-99 for power. This will cater for all dogs, and allows you to see what works best with your pooch. 

You'll probably want to consider adding more collars to the same owner control panel. For example our top rated model allows you to connect 9 collars to one device, perfect for training multiple dogs at the same time. 

Lastly you may wish to consider factors such as the waterproof or water resistance rating of your dog collar, and whether it's going to be used in the rain or in dry environments only.

You will finally want to consider the battery life, as some models have a short battery life span. How easy is it to charge? Are they one time batteries or is it rechargeable via USB or mains power? 

Best Dog Training Collars In Australia

1. DOG CARE Dog Training Collar

  • 3 training modes
  • Fits to small and big dogs
  • 9 Channels max control

This set from DOG CARE can be used to teach dogs basic commands and enforce behavior. It can be used in the park or wet areas.

The training collar is built to last with waterproof ABS construction that is rated IP65. It fits both small and big dogs ranging from 15 to 100lbs.

This product has customisable shock options ranging from 0-99 to keep pets safe. It comes with 3 training effects including beep, vibration and command.

The remote included has great features. Up to 9 dog collars can be controlled with a single remote. It has a range of up to 1000ft or 300m. The battery can be charged with any standard USB cable.

The package includes a collar, remote and receiver. Lifetime customer support service is provided.

2. ULTPEAK Anti Bark Collar

  • Auto anti dog barking
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Rechargeable & waterproof

The Anti Bark Collar from ULTPEAK uses sprays in order to make dogs obedient through humane methods. The collar is recommended for dogs with a mass of 8 to 120lbs.

This product uses a spray activation system. Sounds of the dog barking triggers water to be sprayed in order to halt it. Sensitivity settings can be adjusted to cater to both small and large dogs.

The collar comes with nylon straps, both of which enable splash-resistance. It has LED indicators and buttons to control spray settings.

This product is equipped with a 3.7V battery which offers 7 days of battery life with just a 2-hour charge. Any standard USB charger is compatible.

A collar, nylon straps and charger come included. Sprays need to be purchased separately.

3. WeFun Dog Training Collar

  • 4 training modes
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Dog shock collar

This receiver and transmitter set from WeFun provides a safe way for puppies and dogs to be trained. The collar is large enough for dogs with a weight of 20lbs and over.

The collar is waterproof which means it can be used on the beach or in a pool. It can be adjusted from 4 to 20 inches to fit both small and large dogs. It is equipped with a battery that offers 15 days of battery life with just 3 hours of charging.

The receiver is also waterproof and functions 2600ft away from the remote, which also has an LED light. The training modes available include beep, vibration and shock. The strength of vibration and shock effects can be adjusted from levels 1 to 100. 

4. Flittor Dog Training Collar

  • 3 modes training
  • Can fit to 15 to 100lbs dogs
  • Multi-dog training system

This item from Flittor can be used in both dry and wet environments.

The collar is 25 inches long and can be fitted on dogs ranging from 15 to 100lbs. There is an LCD display which is waterproof. The LCD screen is backlit and shows shock settings, as well as the battery life. A security lock pad is also included for to prevent false shocks.

This product has 3 training modes, including standard, vibration and shock. Vibration effects can be modified from stages 1 to 8, while shock settings can be set from 1 to 16.

The remote is compatible from a range of 1000ft. Additionally, it can be used with 2 collars to train 2 dogs at once.

There is a collar, transmitter, receiver, USB charger and other accessories included.

5. PetSafe 100m Standard Remote Trainer

  • 15 levels of static correction
  • Suitable for all dogs
  • Easy buckle and adjustable

This collar from PetSafe is secured by a 3-year warranty for the utmost peace of mind. It is a great product to train small and large dogs alike.

The collar can be adjusted from 21 to 61cm in length. It is recommended for dogs who weigh 12kg and above. A nylon strap is included to fit lengths up to 71cm.

he remote is equipped with a battery that can be filled up in 5 hours. It comes with a digital screen that is water-resistant. It can be used with the collar from a maximum range of 100m.

The training modes include tone and vibration. There are 15 adjustable strength settings. A safety feature is embedded to prevent false moves.

The entire set consists of a collar, transmitter, USB cable and more.

6. SportDOG Remote Training Collar

  • Up to 450m signal range
  • 7 stimulation levels
  • Can train 3 dogs at once

This set from SportDOG allows owners to train up to 3 dogs at once. It can be used on both dry and wet areas thanks to the waterproof design.

The collar can be extended to a length of 60cm, fitting both tiny and large dogs. It is equipped with a battery that lasts for up to 60 hours with just 2 hours of charging. Both the remote and collar have DryTEK technology, making them waterproof.

The training modes available include tone, vibration and static. There are 7 strength levels, and effects can be delivered at intervals or continuously.

The remote and collar can be used from a distance of 450m. The set includes a receiver collar, transmitter, charger and more. It is supported by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Is it safe to use a dog training collar?

The question on everyone's mind before buying a shock dog training collar, is it safe? or will it hurt my dog? It's a hot topic among the dog community and while many swear by using them, others claim it's cruel and abusive. So with that said, firstly it's up to you as an owner if you buy and use one.

After months of searching and reading articles such as this, we couldn't find anything to indicate it's unsafe to use a dog training collar. 

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