5+ Best Corded Impact Drills [Top Rated]

This incredibly useful tool does the job of both a hammer and a drill, in a much easier, much more efficient way. To help you with work or a DIY project, check out the best corded impact drills.

While the corded hammer drill is compact and easy to store, it's ultra convenient size doesn't compromise on it's functionality, adjustable speed and constant supply of power.

When it comes to finding the right hammer drill for you, it can be hard to figure out which manufacturers are embellishing for the sale and downplaying flaws. Well, there's no need!

We've done the research and collated a comprehensive list of the top 5 corded impact hammer drill models, keep reading for a brief, but detailed summary of important features and functions.

1. Bosch Hammer Impact Drill

  • 800W motor
  • Three modes for use cases
  • Bosch drill assistant

With a powerful 800 Watt motor, the Bosch Universal Impact Hammer Drill will suit all your drilling needs as either a professional construction worker or a home DIY-er. Even concrete won’t defeat this drill.

Switching between its three modes, screw-driving, drilling and impact drilling, is easily managed with one function switch.

A keyless single sleeve auto-lock chuck means you can quickly make tool changes.

Constant Electric Speed Control means that it isn’t up to you to maintain a steady finger on the throttle, it’s done for you automatically when you preselect the speed.

And an auxiliary handle provides added control over the drill – important when you’re drilling into particularly hard surfaces which present sliding and/or kickback issues.

It has a built-in Kickback Control which shuts the engine off if it jams so you can feel safe at all times from the drill spinning out.

And it's compatible with the Bosch Drill Assistant (available as an optional extra purchase), allowing you to select the depth and work dust free.

The maximum torque of the tool is 19Nm and it has a no-load speed between 50 – 3000rpm. Its maximum drilling depth in concrete is 14mm, in steel is 12mm, and in wood is 30mm.

Weighing only 1.8kg it is comfortable to use for prolonged periods, even in uncomfortable positions.

2. Stanley FATMAX FME500K

  • 750W motor
  • Selectable speed wheel
  • Extra long power cord

On the market at a very affordable price for DIY-ers is the Stanley FATMAX FE500K SDS-PLUS Hammer Impact Drill. This drill has a 750W motor which delivers 1.8J impact energy meaning that it can handle masonry and concrete very well.

There are three modes (hammer drilling, chiselling and rotary drilling) so it’s extremely versatile. Switching between the three is controlled by a lever switch on the top of the drill.

There is a rotation stop function which is ideal for light chiselling in brick and low-density concrete applications. Drilling anchors and holes in masonry and concrete is a dream.

It also features a selectable speed wheel allowing you to choose your speed between 0 – 3200rpm. There’s a depth gauge which can be attached to the front handle of the drill.

The lightweight of the drill, its ‘pistol’ design, with the front handle mean that you can comfortably use it over long periods.

The 13mm keyless chuck and gearbox are both made of sturdy and durable metal.

This is a corded drill with a generous 4-metre rubber power cord.

The drill comes with 2 chisel and 2 masonry bits and a carry-case for easy transportation and storage. 

3. WORX WX317 Hammer Drill

  • 600W motor
  • Very lightweight drill
  • Long power cord

The WX317 Hammer Drill from WORX is a 600W 13mm hammer drill primarily designed for jobs around the home. This tool is really well-priced for DIY-ers.

However, it still has all the features you want in a hammer drill. It can easily handle wood, masonry, metal, and concrete.

The 13mm keyless chuck drill bit makes it very easy to change drill bits quickly.

It has a variable speed control which allows you to choose the right speed for the job you’re tackling, up to a maximum of 3000rpm. The maximum impact energy is 48000bpm.

The design of the drill itself is ergonomically thoughtful. It has a soft grip main handle and an adjustable auxiliary side handle with a detachable depth gauge for added comfort in repetitive tasks.

A lock-on switch reduces trigger finger fatigue. The weight is 1.6kg – a very comfortable weight for prolonged use. The drill capacity is 25mm in wood and 13mm in masonry and steel.

Forward and reverse bit rotation offers optimum control in difficult materials, as well as speeding up the process in every application.

 The drill comes with the auxiliary handle and the depth gauge included as well as several different drill bits.

4. Ryobi Corded Impact Drill

  • 500W motor
  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable brand

The 500W corded Impact/Hammer Drill from Ryobi is a must-have addition to every DIY-er’s toolbox. It’s versatile (you can use it for drilling and screwing) and extremely user-friendly, designed for ease of use and manageability. It’s also extremely affordable.

The 500W motor and the fact that it is drawing power from mains electricity make the drill powerful enough to manage all materials – wood, masonry, concrete and metal.

The maximum impact rate is 50,000bpm. Variable speed control (with a maximum speed of 3,000rpm) also assists to give the drill a lot of flexibility and versatility, as does the forward/reverse rotation switch.

The 13mm keyless chuck allows for quick and easy drill bit changes. The 360-degree rotating auxiliary handle provides the user with a comfortable grip and greater control and safety.

There’s a lock-on button as well for periods of prolonged use, preventing trigger finger fatigue.

And weighing only 1.6kg the drill is both light and compact for comfortable use over long periods. Gripzone over-mould technology makes for extremely comfortable handling and slip-free grip.

The switch between the two different drilling modes (standard drilling and hammer action) is very simple.

Six drill bits are included with purchase: 4.5mm and 5mm masonry bits, and 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4mm timber/steel bits.

5. Black+Decker KR753K-750W

  • 750W motor
  • Two speed gearbox
  • Reversing brush system

From Black+Decker the 750W Percussion Hammer Drill (Model No KR753K-750W) is a corded power tool suitable for DIY-ers needing to perform drilling jobs around the home, including into masonry, brickwork or concrete.

The powerful 750 Watt AC motor draws mains electric power and delivers high levels of power and torque for the toughest of drilling jobs.

The hammer action is designed especially for the tougher materials of concrete and masonry but will handle any other job including plastic, wood, metals etc.

It has a two-speed mechanical gearbox: first gear delivers high torque and second gear offers high speed. You can use either forward or reverse modes with full power in both.

Die-cast aluminium housing of the gearbox ensures the longevity of the drill by allowing optimum heat dissipation. A keyless spindle lock makes bit changes quick and easy and increases bit retention.

A reversing brush system which delivers the power, speed and torque in both forward and reverse action also minimises wear on the carbon brush.

The comfort grip auxiliary handle, which is 360-degree rotatable, allows for greater control and increased comfort when drilling.

A detachable depth gauge also eases fatigue and ensures precision in every job tackled, especially those involving repetitive work. A sturdy box is included to help with both storage and transportation.

How to choose the best corded impact drill?

So now you know the best corded impact drills, how do you decide which one to actually buy? Below is a small buyers guide on what we think.

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