5+ Best Angle Grinders (Top Picks For This Year)

Having the best angle grinder is essential in ensuring not only the quality of your work, but also your own safety. 

An angle grinder is designed to perform tasks such as grinding metal, cutting tile, polishing, sharpening and sanding, and is therefore a very dangerous tool.

In saying this, it is an incredibly versatile tool that is an essential for any handyman's arsenal, so it is crucial that you seek out a good quality, reliable one.

Below we have compiled a list of the most popular angle grinder models of 2020, with all functional, practical and safety factors considered. 

Best Angle Grinders Australia

1. Bosch PWS620-100 Angle Grinder

  • Good breathable material
  • Machine washable
  • Many different colours

Lightweight, compact yet powerful, the PWS 620-100 corded angle grinder from Bosch is ideal for the DIYer or tradie.

The grinder is very versatile and can be used for grinding, blade sharpening, cutting and brushing a variety of materials including metal, tiles, stone and concrete without the need to use water.

The discs can be easily and quickly changed using the spindle lock button and spanner.

The unit has a slim ergonomic grip and weighs only 1.6kg, giving those with smaller hands greater control when working with it.

It is suitable for both right and left-handed users. It also has an auxiliary handle which can be attached to provide added control when tackling more difficult jobs such as stone slabs, iron pipes etc.

The head can be rotated 360 degrees in 90-degree intervals for comfortable use at all angles. The rotatable protective guard around the disc prevents sparks from injuring the user, but it is recommended that safety goggles are used at all times as a precautionary measure.

The motor has a powerful input rate of 620W and an output rate of 300W. With a metal gear housing and all ball-bearing construction, the angle grinder is robust and dependable. The unit comes with one grinding disc but more discs can be purchased for different tasks.

2. WORX WX710

  • Good breathable material
  • Machine washable
  • Many different colours

The WX710 corded angle grinder from WORX is a budget-friendly versatile tool for grinding, cutting, brushing etc.

Use it to cut through metal pipes, granite or concrete, sharpen all your blades, or remove old flaking paint or rust.

The grinder has been engineered for heavy-duty uses with a powerful 860W motor suitable for industrial applications, yet it is still compact and light enough for jobs around the house.The unit has an easy slide on/off button for instant power response.

The grinder has a two-position auxiliary handle enabling ultimate control of the unit in any situation, and greater comfort.

Disc changes are simple and quick with a spindle lock and spanner, and the safety guard around the disc can be easily adjusted or removed without tools.

The tool measures 33 x 14.5 x 11cm and weighs approximately 2kg so it’s quite compact and comfortable to use for long periods. And the weight is evenly distributed for even more ergonomic comfort.

Made from quality and durable metal rather than plastic, the WX710 is a product made to stay the distance.

It comes with one grinding disc, a spanner, and an auxiliary handle. Additional discs and wheels can be purchased separately.

3. Black+Decker KG900-XE

  • Good breathable material
  • Machine washable
  • Many different colours

With a 100mm disc size, the KG900-XE corded angle grinder from Black + Decker is ideal for jobs in cramped spaces as well as other work. Use it for cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing etc. A separate attachment allows rust removal.

The powerful 900W motor is strong enough for heavy-duty jobs yet the weight (2kg) and size are ideal for comfortable use.

The two-position side handle provides additional safety and control and can be attached to either side of the body for versatility and for right and left-handed users.

The power cord measures a generous 3 metres. It features a power lock-on switch (slider type) to save pressure on the finger when using the grinder for long periods.

This is particularly useful when sanding and polishing, or prolonged cutting through large surfaces.The discs are changed using a spindle lock and spanner so it’s nice and easy as well as being quick.

The adjustable safety guard prevents accidental injury through sparks and flying debris and can be removed and adjusted without tools. Obviously, the use of safety equipment, including goggles, is strongly advised.

The box includes the angle grinder, one 100mm metal grinding disc, one lock nut spanner, one wheel guard, and a Safety and Operating Manual.

4. Hitachi G13SR4(H6) 125mm Angle Grinder

  • Good breathable material
  • Machine washable
  • Many different colours

The G13SR4(H6) 125mm corded angle grinder from Hitachi is a medium-duty grinder with a 750W motor designed and suitable for home use or semi-commercial applications. This is a solidly made quality hand tool, suitable for most uses.

Hitachi is a world leader in powered hand tools. It maintains the highest quality manufacturing process from design through to marketing. This angle grinder is no exception.

It features a shaft lock button with alignment nuts for changing the discs/wheels (with spanner) and an adjustable latched safety guard. There is a two-position screw-in side handle for greater control, comfort of handling and flexibility.

There is also a lock-on power switch (sliding type) on the side of the machine for relieving pressure on the thumb.

These features, together with its lightweight of 1.8kg and small circumference of 197mm, makes it very easy to use for long periods without fatigue. The handle/body of the grinder is also rubberized for a comfortable grip.

The grinder will not overheat. The power cord is made from long-life rubber and is flexible and long. The product comes in a hard plastic case and includes the auxiliary handle, five general-purpose blade discs, spanner, and an Owner’s Manual.

5. TOPEX Cordless Angle Grinder

  • Good breathable material
  • Machine washable
  • Many different colours

This cordless angle grinder from TOPEX features a 20V 3.0 Lithium-ion rechargeable battery and a 125mm wheel capable of speeds from 2000 up to 7000rpm. The product is suitable for most DIY projects.

The speed can be adjusted to meet the needs of your task. The grinder has a protective guard for deflecting flying debris and sparks from your face (please wear safety goggles at all times though) which can be adjusted without tools or removed if you are not needing it.

There is a screw-in side handle for greater control and comfort. This can be mounted on either side, either to match the job you’re doing or to suit a left-handed user.

The power on/off switch is a slider type which can be locked into ‘on’ mode to reduce user fatigue. However, the tool will not operate on its own unless the switch is depressed by the user even if the power is turned on at the source.

The product weighs 2kg and measures 37cm long. The battery takes 2 hours to fully charge – its life depends on the speed you use it on.

The grinder comes with one grinding disc and two ultra-thin cutting wheels. You also receive a carry case, a battery, a charger, a spanner, and an adjustable side handle.

How To Choose An Angle Grinder?

When it comes to choosing the best angle grinder for your needs, there's various things to consider. While the primary use is grinding down metal it also offers wood sanding and metal cutting. It can also be used for polishing. 

Angle Grinder Factors To Consider

Load Speed: This is how fast the disc can move. The slower the load speed, the quieter the device will be, but the less powerful it will be too. If you're looking for a commercial grinder, you'll want a high load speed, which will be noisier.
Soft Start: The softer the start, the easier the angle grinder is to handle. If you need something for a delicate task then it's better to have soft start as there's less kick. 

Voltage: The higher the voltage, the more power you'll ultimately get. Portable angle grinders often lack voltage and are slower. If you need something faster, you'll almost certainly need to purchase a corded angle grinder.
Disc Size: Often you can change the disc size depending on your individual needs, however if you're a beginner, choosing based on included disc sizes can be advantageous. Larger discs are better for deeper cuts while smaller discs are better for curved finishes.
Speeds: You can now purchase angle grinders that offer different speeds. For cutting metals you'll nearly always need at least 5,000 - 7,000 RPM while sanding might only need 2,000 - 3,000 RPM.

Choosing the best angle grinder for your business or home use can be a difficult process however we've looked at five of the top picks in the Australian market. 

Some of these are portable, but due to the power required, you'll find the best ones are corded angle grinders. Be sure to purchase protective gear and use these at all times. 

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