Best Cordless Drill Australia (Buyers Guide)

Work smarter, not harder and with the help of the right power tool you can definitely achieve that. Today we’re looking at the best cordless drill Australia has to offer.

There are three main factors to consider when buying a cordless drill including; powertorque and speed.

The team at BestFive has spent countless hours researching the best cordless drill you can buy to suit a wide range of budgets and industry requirements. We’ve also included a buyers guide on what to consider when buying your next cordless drill.

What to consider when buying a cordless drill?

When looking for a cordless drill you will want to consider which size you will need. The battery size (ie voltage) determines the drill’s power and features.

The higher voltage drills will be more powerful and will allow you to tackle a wider variety of materials – types, thickness and density. But they will be heavier and larger so not as easy to use, especially over prolonged periods or in confined spaces.

Do you want variable speed settings as a feature?  Larger drills will have a greater number of speed and torque settings to allow greater control over drilling, driving screws and ‘hammer’ drilling into masonry.

The battery charge time is important as well. The larger the battery the longer it will last between recharging. If you’re going to want to tackle large jobs that will be an important feature. You may even want to buy two batteries to allow a longer run time.

Weight and size and other ergonomic features such as the handle grip and balance of the drill itself are other features to think about.

Best Cordless Drill Australia

1. Bosch Cordless Hammer Impact Drill

Best Cordless Drill Australia
  • 2 speed hammer/drill
  • 20 torque settings
  • 1.3kg inc battery weight
  • LED battery charge level
  • Battery sold seperately

The PBS 1800 impact drill from Bosch is a cordless 2-speed hammer/drill driver. With a drilling diameter of up to 30mm in wood and 10mm in steel and masonry, you can use this drill for most applications around the home. So, you can easily fit light fixtures, shelving, hooks, or even build sheds and treehouses!

The PBS 1800 features 20 torque settings plus drill and hammer drill settings to suit your need. It has a 2-speed high-performance gearbox with efficient power transfer so you get fantastically smooth performance in a very small package.

Weighing in at only 1.3kg (including battery) it’s a very comfortable power drill to handle over prolonged periods of use and at any angle.

The 10mm keyless chuck with Auto-lock safety feature makes switching drill bits quick and easy. And it has a Power Light for visibility of your work area, and an LED display so that you can easily see the battery charge level.

The runtime and lifetime of the battery are extended by the Syneon Chip which regulates the charge depending on the load on the drill.

There is no battery included – Bosch uses the one 18V lithium-ion battery for all of its power tool range.

The PBS 1800 Hammer Impact Drill from Bosch is a high-quality cordless drill from a brand name of distinction.


  • 19 torque settings
  • 1.2kg super lightweight
  • LED working light
  • Includes battery, accessories
  • Battery life not great

The CACOOP Cordless Drill/Driver 18V cordless hand drill is an easy to handle compact power tool which should suit any home handyman. The drill/driver has the versatility to drill holes or fasten by screwing without countersinking or damaging the work.

It features a dual speed setting and the ability to drill holes in up to 50mm thick wood, or 13mm thick steel. The lithium-ion battery power will last up to 90 holes in wood.

The motor has a 19-torque position clutch, enabling you to drill or screw with absolute precision every time.

Its lightweight (only 1.2kg) and 2-hour average battery run time let you drill for prolonged periods without fatigue.

The drill has an LED working area light for increased visibility. The light is on as soon as the trigger is pulled even when the drill is not spinning so that you can line up or otherwise prepare for the actual drilling or screwing that you’re doing.

It also features a battery charge indicator so you can easily tell how much battery charge time is left.

When you purchase a CACOOP Cordless Drill/Driver set you will receive, in the box, the cordless drill/driver, a hard carry case, an 18V lithium-ion battery, a rapid battery charger, six wood drill bits, six screwdriver bits, a magnetic bit holder, and a very handy belt clip.

3. Black+Decker BDCDC18-XE18V

  • 10 torque settings
  • Up to 90 days charge
  • LED working light
  • 1.7kg weight
  • Battery life not great

Black + Decker’s BDCDC 18V Cordless Drill Driver is another must-have power tool from a company with a reputation for quality power tools.

Compact and lightweight, versatile and powerful, this drill/driver will manage a variety of drilling and screw-driving tasks into wood and metal including flatpacks, hooks, shelving, curtain rails, blinds etc.

And a bonus feature is that with the included accessory it can even be used to clean areas such as tiles and shower recesses and glass.

The drill has a capacity to drill up to 25mm into wood and 10mm into metal. It has 10 torque settings for precise control over a range of drilling and screw-driving tasks.

It has a maximum speed of 1500RPM, which is certainly fast enough for most household jobs. The 18V lithium-ion battery (included with charger) holds its charge for up to 90 days so you can rely on it being ready for use without recharging each time. The unit has a handy on-tool bit holder and a keyless chuck.

With an eye to comfort, the BDCDC18 sits comfortably in the hand with an anti-slip soft grip. It has a variable speed control for greater control in different situations. And it has an LED light over the work area.

Overall this is a great cordless drill/driver for the home handyman (or woman).

4. Baumr-AG DL2 Alpha 200 Series

  • 22 torque settings
  • Keyless quick change
  • 1.2kg lightweight
  • Comes with battery/accessories
  • Limited reviews online

The Alpha Series 20V Cordless Power Drill from Baumr-AG is a battery-powered drill for the home handyman and DIY-er.

With a powerful 20V lithium-ion battery (included with charger), the drill has an impressive 22 torque settings and dual gear speed settings. These features ensure a high-velocity performance to get even difficult jobs done.

It has a keyless quick-change chuck and a quick-release battery pack release button. The charge indicator light makes it easy to tell when you need to recharge the battery.

Ergonomically designed, it’s lightweight (1.2kgs) and compact. It features a comfortable thermoplastic rubber-over-mould handle and is well-balanced with a highly responsive trigger for maximum ease of use.

There is an LED light positioned over the bit to light up the work area. And of course, being cordless, there’s no need to worry about how far you can reach, or tangled cords.

And you can use other brand drill and screwdriver bits with it. The battery and charger are also compatible with other power tools from Braum-AG.

Overall, the Baumr-AG DL2 Lithium Power Drill is a serious yet easy to manage power tool for the home user. It packs a punch that many of its competitors just can’t when it comes to tricky, high-density materials.

5. TOOL4DIY 20V Cordless Drill

  • Budget friendly
  • 20 torque settings
  • 1.2kg lightweight
  • Includes battery/accessories
  • Lack of reviews online

TOOL4DIY have a powerful 20V multipurpose cordless drill which is just perfect for the DIY-er, or just for those odd jobs at home.

Whether you’re building a garden shed or putting up a picture you need a good drill as part of your tool collection at home.

With the TOOL4DIY drill, you can go from drilling a hole to adjusting a screw to polishing and grinding. And you can use it for wood, masonry and metals.

The 20V battery (included with charger) can produce up to 30N.m of torque (1350RPM) with an 18-position torque selector – that’s some grunt that you can call upon when you need it! Its variable speed trigger gives you ultimate control, especially when you’re working with tricky dense materials or difficult jobs like sanding or polishing.

And for comfort, the drill is compact and lightweight (1.2kg) and has a soft-grip handle. The LED light over the bit ensures good visibility over your work area.

The drill also features a quick stop brake function to not only prevent injury but also conserve battery life.

The drill arrives with a set of six each of the more commonly used drill bits and screw bits, five masonry bits, 7 twist drill bits, a bit extension bar and plastic expansion plug.

There is also a convenient tool bag and Operation Manual.

The 20V Cordless Drill from TOOL4DIY is a power tool at a great price that is certainly worth looking at when you’re next shopping for a drill.

What is a cordless drill used for?

A cordless drill is used for pretty well any drilling or screw-driving job that one might have, but particularly when it is impractical or cumbersome to use a corded drill or a what’s known as a bench drill press (i.e. a drill that is fixed in place to a bench or stand).

A drill these days (of any of the three kinds mentioned) is used to drill holes and to tighten or loosen screws into place, by using what are known as ‘bits’ attached to the end of a rapidly spinning spindle.

A tradesman, especially a carpenter, will generally have a cordless drill in his toolkit at all times. They allow one to use the tool anywhere and without worrying about being near to a power source (an electrical outlet) or having tangled cords etc.

The problems with cordless drills, however, are that they generally will not have the same power as a corded drill or certainly a bench drill press has.

On the other hand, they are a lot quieter. They also rely on a rechargeable battery so will not keep going much more than a couple of hours before needing to be recharged. That is quite a limiting factor if you’re on a large job, or at work on a construction site for example.

How to use a cordless drill safely?

As with any power tool a cordless drill needs to be used with caution. The fact that there are no cords to get tangled or accidentally cut is a safety bonus but that doesn’t mean that you can be complacent.

Avoid loose clothing and hair. The spinning end of the drill can easily catch loose objects.

Depending on what you’re drilling into and for how long you may want to consider wearing gloves and goggles, even a safety mask if there’s going to be a lot of dust.

Always secure the pieces you’re working on to avoid slippage – the drill could slip onto your hand or another body part if the surface it’s against moves.

When driving in screws it’s wise to drill pilot holes first to reduce the risk of slippage, amongst other benefits.

Ensure the drill bit is securely fastened into the chuck to stop it from slipping out in the middle of the drilling and use an ‘enter punch’ to start the hole so that the bit starts securely in the material being drilled.

Always keep a firm pressure on the drill, with two hands if you can.

Where can you buy cordless drills?

Cordless drills can be purchased at any hardware store or generalist electrical appliance store both online and instore retail.

Online outlets include Amazon, Bunnings, Mitre 10,,,, Super Cheap Auto,, Home Hardware, even Kmart and Big W.

In-store outlets include Bunnings, eBay, Total Tools, United Tools, Total Tools, Big W, and Kmart.


When it comes to choosing the best cordless drill Australia has to offer, you're a bit spoilt for choice. There's so many different manufacturers and today we've only focused on what we believe to be the best five. 

The Bosch PBS 1800 impact is a powerhouse that combines features and an affordable price that won't break the bank. Just make sure you add your battery as it doesn't come with one. 

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