6+ Best Anonymous Email Providers [Top Rated]

Looking for the best anonymous email providers that are untraceable? Whether you're security conscious, want to protect your privacy or want freedom of speech, you need an email provider that's located outside the jurisdiction of the 5, 9 and 14 Eyes countries. 

Today we'll be looking at the top rated email providers that offer secure encrypted email communications that can't be traced. 

When you use free platforms such as GMail, Hotmail and Yahoo you're sharing so much browser data with those companies including your IP address, MAC address, hostname plus additional meta data that isn't encrypted. 

Email is one of the most insecure ways of communicating these days so you definitely want a secure and encrypted email hosting provider. Below you'll see the best ones we recommend. 

1. ProtonMail.com

  • Free and paid plans
  • Get a .com or .ch extension
  • Encrypted and secure

ProtronMail is situated in Switzerland and offers encrypted email services like end-to-end. Paid plans allow access to customisable options and customer support. The free plan offers 500MB of storage and a cap of 150 messages each day.

The PLUS plan is €4.00 per month. This includes 5GB of storage and a maximum of 1000 messages daily. 5 pen names can be used.

Business owners can opt for the Professional plan which is €6.25 for each user per month. This allows 5GB of storage and a maximum of 5 email pseudonyms.

Visionary costs €24.00 monthly, and includes 20GB of storage and a limit of 50 email pen names. There is no cap on the amount of emails sent. 10 domains can be added, and there is inclusion of ProtonVPN.

2. Tutanota.com

  • Worlds most secure email
  • Free and paid options
  • Encrypted end-to-end

Tutanota is a German company that provides encryptions for emails, apps and more. There is a free plan that offers 1GB of storage, 1 calendar and Tutanota domains.

The Premium option costs €1.20 monthly or €12 annually per person. This allows 1GB of storage, unrestricted search options, several calendars, personal domains and 5 email aliases.

The Teams plan is available at €4.80 per month or €48 a year. It costs €24 for each person. There are the same features as Premium but with 10GB of storage and team calendar access.

Pro is an upgraded version of Teams which is priced at €4.80 per month or €48 annually. Including a new user costs €36, and there is 10GB of storage. A maximum of 20 email pen names are available.

3. Posteo.de

  • Runs on sustainable energy
  • Various plans from €1/mo
  • Comprehensive encryption

Posteo is an encrypted email provider based in Germany which runs on 100% sustainable energy from Greenpeace.

There is one plan that starts at €1. 2GB of storage is included. A limit of 20GB can be provided, at the cost of €0.25 per gigabyte each month. Users can access to filters and the option to sync with as many devices, including laptops and smartphones.

For maximum privacy, Posteo offers 2 aliases. The number can be increased to 20, at the cost of €0.10 monthly for each name.

Users can send photo or document attachments up to 50MB. There are also automated replies, in addition to forwarding options available. Country codes such as ‘.uk’ and ‘posteo.org’ can be applied.

Lastly, all customers get access to personalised customer support.

4. Hushmail.com

  • Encrypted email and web forms
  • Various paid plans
  • Good for business use

Hushmail is an anonymous email provider based in Canada. There are both dedicated iPhone and desktop apps.

Hushmail Premium is available for $49.98USD per year. This comes with 10GB of storage and 2 web forms. There is no limit on the number of aliases. There is a 2-week free trial.

The most popular business plans are Small Business and Hushmail for Healthcare. Hushmail for Small Business costs $5.99USD per month for each person with a $9.99 one-off service charge.

There are the same features as Premium but with forwarding options and administrative aids. Business Plus is $7.99 per user monthly, with email archiving.

Healthcare plans are upgrades from business ones, and range from $9.99 to $39.99 monthly for up to 15GB of storage and e-signatures.

5. MailFence.com

  • Free and paid plans
  • Secure and private email
  • Anonymous access

MailFence provides encryption services and is located in Belgium. The free plan allows one user to send 500MB emails. Customer support is available via email.

Entry costs €2.50 monthly, with access to 10 aliases. 5GB emails and 12GB documents can be dispatched. Custom domains can be included and it supports Android, iOS and other systems. 3 groups can use this plan. Customer service is provided with email and telephone.

Pro is priced at €7.50 each month for 5 groups. This gives users the same features as Entry but with 20GB emails and 24GB documents. A maximum of 50 aliases can be employed.

Ultra is available to 7 groups at €25.00 monthly. There is the option to send 50GB emails, 70GB documents and 24/7 customer service. Up to 100 aliases are available. 

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6. Mailbox.org

  • Secure & anonymous
  • Ad free from €1/mo 
  • Your privacy is protected

Mailbox is based in Germany and provides encryption services. A 30-day free trial is available to test out plans.

Secure Mail is the most basic plan and comes in at €1 per month. This allows 2GB of storage and 100MB of cloud storage. A maximum of 3 email names can be used. There is the option to sync with smartphone devices. Until 31st December 2020, video conferencing is available.

Team Mail is ideal for small businesses and costs €2.50 monthly for each participant. This allows 5GB of storage, in addition to 100MB of cloud storage. 25 aliases are provided and video conferencing is offered, as well as team tools.

Larger businesses can opt for Business Mail which starts at €25.00. Inquires can be made for varying storage options.

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How much do anonymous email providers cost?

Most companies and providers offer a free account, often supported by ads and comes with limited disc space. ProtonMail for example offers restrictions on the number of outbound emails too. 

You'll get a lot more value and service by upgrading to a paid plan which helps pay for the server hosting fees, CDN fees and all that security and encryption technology behind the scenes. 

You can get premium plans for as low as €1 per month, of €10 per year if you pay upfront. This is a small price to pay for your security and peace of mind. 

I have many free accounts and if you're only receiving a few emails a month you can definitely use a free account, similar to many other providers you may get ads appearing among your emails. 

How to create an anonymous email account?

You'll want to use one of the providers we recommended above however your local IP address is still visible when signing up for an account, to prevent spam signups. 

To solve this you can use a VPN to mask your real location and appear to be located somewhere else in the world. This will hide your IP address, MAC address and DNS so you can signup to your chosen email provider without anyone knowing who you are. 

The steps to do this are as follows:

  1. Signup and install a VPN provider
  2. Choose a country such as Russia
  3. Signup for an anonymous email account
  4. Keep the VPN running when logging in
  5. Send emails with the VPN running. 

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