5+ Best Adult Web Hosting Providers To Host With

Are you looking for the best adult web hosting providers in Australia? We've looked at 5 of the most top rated companies, that allow you to host legal adult content. 

Whether you're creating an adult blog, or hosting the next adult tube site, these web hosting platforms offer various plans to suit every website or application.

Some adult hosting providers are based offshore in countries such as Netherlands, while others offer USA servers and as long as the adult content is legal in the United States, you can host it on your website. It's important to check with your web host, as most don't like hosting such content on their IP addresses. 

Over the last few months, we've been testing these hosting providers out to see how fast they are, what their best plans are and how good the support is. After testing 10 different companies, here's the 5 that made the cut. 

Best Adult Web Hosting Providers

1. Vicetemple.com

  • Price: From $5/mo
  • Location: Netherlands
  • Support: 24/7

Vice Temple offers shared hosting for adult entertainers, tube site, blogs and more. All plans offer unrestricted traffic, SSL certificates, a single IP, cPanel and CMS installation.

The Playboy plan costs $5 per month which provides 15GB of storage and 10 domains, in addition to 10 addon domains. This plan enables 20 MySQL databases to manage content.

The Stallion Package is priced at $10 per month for 35GB of storage, 25 subdomains and 25 additional ones. Up to 50 MySQL databases can be selected.

Mattress Actress costs $20 a month for storage up to 80GB. 60 subdomains and 60 addon domains are included, in addition to 120 MySQL databases.

The most expensive option is Kinky Goddess at $40 per month for 180GB of storage and unlimited subdomains, addons and databases.

Vice Temple has 24/7 customer service and surveillance. It is based in an offshore area (Netherlands) to prevent copyright claims.

A refund can be provided 45 days from the purchase date. Lastly they offer various tube scripts, adult domains and other adult scripts to setup your adult website fast. 

2. Hostinger.com

  • Price: From $2.15/mo
  • Location: USA
  • Support: 24/7

Hostinger is a web hosting platform with servers in Asia, Europe and the United States. There is exception 24/7 customer service and 30-day refund period. All plans include SSL certificates.

Beginners can purchase the Single Shared Hosting plan which costs $0.99 for the first month, before switching to $2.15. This plan offers a bandwidth of 100GB, a website and an email. It has the lowest RAM at 256MB and includes 2 MySQL databases.

The most frequently purchased option is Premium Shared Hosting which is available for $2.89 the first month and then $10.99 thereafter.

It provides unlimited an unrestricted number of websites, bandwidth, email accounts and MySQL databases. There is 512MB of RAM and domain registration is free of charge.

Small businesses should consider Business Shared Hosting offers the same features as Premium. Additional features include daily backups and RAM listed at 1GB. This plan costs $15.99 but the first month is offered at $3.99.

3. Web750

  • Price: From $9.99/mo 
  • Location: Netherlands 
  • Support: 24/7

Web750 operates in over 70 countries and has 24/7 client support. There is a full money-back-guarantee no matter the period. There are plans available for Linux and Windows with the same features and price.

Starter provides unlimited bandwidth and allows up to 100 visitors. It comes with 30GB of disk space, an email account and 1 MySQL database. Up to 1 domain and subdomain can be hosted. This plan is listed at $9.99 per month or $7.50 for a 12-month package.

Economy offers upgraded resources from Starter such as a visitor limit of 500, 100 email accounts and 10 MySQL databases. There is more disk space at 100GB. This plan costs $15 per month which decreases to $12 for annual purchases.

Ultimate is priced at $50 per month or $40 for a 12-month plan. It provides unlimited disk space and a visit limit of 3,000. Unlimited numbers of domains and subdomains are a given.

4. Abelo Host

  • Price: From €5.99/mo 
  • Location: Netherlands
  • Support: 24/7

Abelo Host is based in Amsterdam with 24/7 support and a 1-month refund period.

Web Pro v1 comes in at €5.99 a month for 10 email addresses. There is a 50GB bandwidth, 10GB of storage and 512MB of RAM. 10 domains and subdomains can be hosted, in addition to 10 MySQL databases.

Web Pro v2 provides 120GB bandwidth, 20GB of webspace and 20 emails for €9.99. There is 1GB of RAM and up to 20 domains like addons.

Web Pro v3 is priced at €16.99 a month. This includes a bandwidth of 350GB and 40GB of space. This plan allows between 20 to 40 sub, addon and parked domains. There is 2GB of RAM.

Web Pro v4 comes in at €28.99 a month which provides a 1000GB bandwidth, 80GB of space and 80 MySQL databases. There are 80 email accounts and between 35 to 80 domains of different varieties can be hosted. 4GB of RAM is included.

5. Dreamhost

  • Price: From $4.95/mo
  • Location: USA
  • Support: 24/7

DreamHost has been in business for over 2 decades, with servers in the United States. There is 24/7 client support and a 97-day refund period. All plans come with an SSL certificate and pre-built WordPress.

Shared Starter costs $4.95 a month or 3.95 with an annual plan. A 3-year plan lowers the price to 2.59. There is unlimited traffic allowed and WP Website Builder Provided.

A single website is provided with 50GB of storage. A free domain registration is provided. 5 subdomains can be posted and 6 MySQL databases come included. Daily back ups are also guaranteed. Emails can be included from $1.67 a month.

Shared Unlimited costs $10.95 a month or $4.95 with an annual or 3-year plan. This enables an unlimited number of websites and unrestricted amount of storage. Unlimited subdomains can also be hosted, and there are unlimited MySQL databases and emails for use.

How to choose best adult hosting provider? 

When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider for your adult website, how do you decide which is the best platform to use? 


It's a common myth that to host an adult website you need to use an offshore country such as Netherlands or Russia. These countries are often used to host DMCA ignored content, but they still have terms and conditions that prevent illegal adult content being hosted. 

Your adult content must be legal in the country you're hosting, and with that said you can find many USA web hosting providers that allow adult web hosting. If you can't find reference to this in their terms of service, email them and ask. There's nothing worse than having your website shut down for breaking ToS you were unaware of. 

Today we've looked at big web hosting companies that offer adult hosting that are located outside the usual safe haven of the Netherlands. 

Ensure you choose a web host close to your visitors too. Netherlands can be a good option for an audience in the USA/Europe but will have longer load times for visitors from Australia/NZ. 

You can speed up your website content by using a CDN or a premium DNS provider


Probably the most important after location is the support offered. Are they fast to respond to tickets and do they resolve them correctly? Most hosting providers use outsourced support for level 1 queries, i.e. first point of contact. 

Before building your website, reach out to the support team and ask a general question and see how fast they respond. I've used many Australian web hosting providers, and they don't even reply on the weekends. The big hosts we mentioned above should respond fast, 24/7. 

If your website gets hacked, or WordPress breaks you'll want them to restore a backup quickly. You should probably also consider how often they backup your site. Some hosts are daily, others are weekly and some are only monthly. 

I recommend choosing an adult web hosting provider that offers frequent backups.

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