ZQ Gaming Chairs Review: Best In Australia?

Every gamer is probably aware that sessions can run for hours and hours on end. Although those sessions may be fun, it’s no doubt that our bodies suffer the consequences of sitting down for so long. Gamers are often quick to splurge on the latest PC upgrades.

Today we'll be looking at what ZQ Racing offers and reviewing their gaming chairs, which are available to purchase online and in store (retailers) in Australia.  

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However, maybe it’s time we start investing in products that will help our body, specifically preventing neck and back pain.

ZQ Racing has a wide range of gaming chairs that caters to a variety of body types and offer endless comfort. Many of the chairs can also double up as office seats, making it definitely worth looking into.

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ZQ Racing Gaming Chair Models

ZQ Racing has different models for different body shapes. For those with slim build and average height, this brand offers 13 different models. One of the most popular is from the Heroes Series which sells out quickly whenever they become available online.

Smaller gamers also gravitate towards the Gamer Series. The Hyper Sport Series is made for those with a larger and more athletic body.

There’s also a special chair for console gaming in that line as well. ZQ Racing curated the Alien Series for gamers with wide bodies and extremely tall builds. There’s also an Alien XL Series that supports more weight.

ZQ Racing Gaming Chairs Features

The features of ZQ Racing gaming chairs differ depending on the model purchased. The build and shape of the chairs are based off motorsports with a focus on ergonomics. These chairs are also catered towards both office workers and gamers alike.

Therefore, all chairs are designed to prevent back pain, with a caved in interior. High-density foam surrounding the chair naturally adapts to the gamer’s body over time.

Additionally, there are neck and lumbar cushions provided for additional comfort. The cushions are made out of memory foam and adapt seamlessly to the contours of the body. These cushions can be attached directly to the backrest or just removed.

The padding is normally covered in a vegan PU leather and carbon fibre vinyl. However, more luxurious models such as Hyper Luxury model are wrapped in genuine leather.

The backrest of several chairs allows gamers to rock anywhere between 85-165 degrees. More high-end gaming chairs such as the Hyper Sport Series allow full recline, making it easy to just take a nap after a long session.

There are parallel armrests which can be adjusted in all 4 directions. The armrests usually have an adjustable distance between 0 to 70cm depending on the make, and can be pulled down to fit neatly under a table. Additionally, both armrests have padding to provide support for the wrists.

The chair is supported by a steel framework while the hydraulic lift can be adjusted. Pulling up the lever allows the vertical height to be adjusted. The chair can also be tilted by pulling out the lever.

The wheelbase is normally constructed out of aluminium alloy with a usual thickness of 29 inches. The wheels are designed to glide effortlessly over smooth surfaces. Depending on the make, a weight between 150kg to 180kg can be supported by each chair.

ZQ Racing Gaming Chairs Pricing

ZQ Racing gaming chairs have different prices, catering to both those on a tight budget and those who are willing to splurge. The popular Hero Series gaming chair can be purchased for $459 with several different colours available.

The V6 Series chairs come in at $439 each. Gamers looking for a deal may like the Gamers Series which usually comes in at $349. Bigger gamers may opt for the Alien Series which is listed at $529 per chair.

For those on a bigger budget, the limited-edition Hyper Luxury model is available at $1,499. The Ultra Series has a model that comes in at $1,699 with genuine leather wrapping.

ZQ Racing Accessories & Addons

ZQ Racing gaming chairs come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime warranty for the frame. More luxurious chairs also come with lifetime parts support.

Neck and lumbar cushions in several different colours can be bought. Casters are also available for purchase if any need to be changed.

There are casters in different colours, ranging from light grey to black. Gamers who want a smoother chair can also take a look at ZQ Racing bell glides which can replace immobile casters.

Additional gas lifts can be purchased as well. To protect bell glides and wheels, gamers can take a look at vinyl mats.

ZQ Racing Gaming Chair Review

Offering some of the best gaming chairs available to buy in Australia is the ZQ Racing brand, highly rated online with superior build quality, great features and fast delivery to your door. Offering up a full day of comfort, there's a range of models and colour schemes on offer for every gamer! 

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