NOCO Boost Plus Car Battery Booster Review

Today we're taking a look at the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 1000 amp portable battery booster. Perfect for jump starting cars up to 6L petrol or 3L diesel, it offers 12 volts capable of 20 starts from a single charge. Plus it's available at a budget friendly price. 

Imagine calling out roadside assistance because your car won't start. How much would that cost? Probably $100-$200 unless you've got a monthly membership. One of these is cheaper and fits neatly in your glove box, capable of 20 jump starts from one 3 hour charge. 

Below you'll see our NOCO Boost Plus GB40 review, what you get in the box, as well as the specifications of the jump starter power pack itself. 

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What is the NOCO Boost Plus G40?

The NOCO Boost Plus is a car battery starter that is user-friendly and portable. With this product, you can jump start 12V automotive batteries without a hassle.

It is compatible with 6-litre petrol engines and 3-liter diesel engines. Besides starting car batteries, it can also be used with caravan and other vehicles. The NOCO Boost Plus is an ideal product to bring on road trips just to have peace of mind.

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What are the features of the NOCO Boost Plus G40?

This product is built to last, with a water-resistant casing that has a protecting rating of IP65. Thanks to the rubber material, this item can withstand scratches. One of the best parts is that it is just over 1kg, making it a truly portable product. 

The NOCO Boost Plus has a fool-proof mechanism featuring spark proof technology and reverse polarity safety. This feature allows it to be properly administered to batteries without electrical accidents. 

Thanks to the 1000A lithium battery, this battery starter can last a maximum of 20 jump starts before charging is required. Conveniently, it is compatible with a standard USB cable and only takes 3 hours to fully charge up again.

This product is not just a battery starter. It is equipped with an LED flashlight with a brightness of 100 lumens. The light also has 6 different settings, giving you the option to have full brightness or strobe.

The NOCO Boost Plus G40 can also double up as a power bank which can charge devices such as smartphones, smart watches and even Bluetooth ear pieces. It is advertised that the battery is large enough to fully charge a smartphone 2 times over.

This product has a user-friendly panel that can be utilised by just about anyone. The panel features a simple power button and indicates the battery life. All you need to do is attach the clamps to the batteries and press on the power.

The NOCO Boost Plus G40 comes with a USB cable, a 12V car charger, and clamps. There is also a protective sleeve to store all the contents.

What are the pros of the NOCO Boost Plus G40?

This product is a truly multi-function device that is great for emergency situations. Thanks to the compact build, it can be stored inside any backpack without taking up much space. 

The water-resistant and dust resistant properties also make it great for any environment, whether that be grasslands or the desert.

The inclusion of an LED light also makes this item great to bring to outdoor trips. When not in use as a battery start, it can function as a power bank.

To tie it all up, you do not have to be a mechanic to start up dead batteries using the NOCO Boost Plus G40. The protection settings ensure that electric shocks do not harm the user. 

What are the cons of the NOCO Boost Plus G40?

Currently, it is only available in a black and grey colourway.

Sayo left this testimonial:
“I worked across a number of disciplines in the electrical industry for thirty years. This is a very well made product engineered well above consumer grade.”

Verdict: Highly rated online and easy to see why, it's compact yet heavy duty and very reliable. Works universally and takes less than 2 minutes each time. Everyone should own one of these devices rather than calling for roadside assistance.

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