Nixy Huntington Stand Up Paddle Board Review

Today we're looking at the Nixy Huntington Stand Up Paddle Board. We got this model from Amazon and decided to do a full review on it, what you get, whether it's actually worth it.

You can pick this up for around $850 depending on the size. The most popular model is their 9.6" Huntington which is super portable and allows you to bring it along on any trip, thanks to it's pump and carry bag combo, no extras required. 

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What is the NIXY Huntington Paddle Board?

This is an inflatable paddle board that is unique from others on the market. With a lightweight yet sturdy build, this product allows for smooth movements against even the toughest currents.

Despite a large length at about 2.9m, the NIXY Huntington comes in at only 7.7kg, making it easy to take it literally anywhere. The carry bag keeps everything together. It's still slightly shorter than other models that run around 10-11" (Nixy is only 9.6")

This item is a perfect gift idea for anyone who likes paddle boarding, but hates how much space a regular board takes up, and the heavy weight of it.

What is the NIXY Huntington Paddle Board for?

This paddle board allows even beginners to slowly learn the ins and outs of paddle boarding. Even seasoned paddle boarders can confidently test out this product in less than ideal weather conditions.

Thanks to the high-quality construction, this paddle board can also endure heavy workout sessions. Whether the waters are gentle or slightly rough, the Nixy can ensure solid movements and smooth sailing.

Why buy a Nixy Huntington SUP?

This item measures 290 by 80cm (9.6"), and carries a thickness of over 15cm. Thanks to the large size, it is suitable for most adults. Specifically, there is a weight limit of 113kg.

Despite the large weight capacity, this paddle board only weighs 7.7kg when fully inflated. Additionally, the pressure limit is listed at up to 20PSI. 

Cheaper SUP?: Try the Freein Explorer.

Nixy Huntington Build Quality

The NIXY Huntington is a well-constructed product that uses Dual Layer FUSIONtech Construction to incorporate both strength and compactness. The exterior is made out of PVC which offers sturdiness and a smooth surface to ride on. 

The exterior is also lined with carbon fibre railing to increase the solidity of the board. There is also a traction pad slightly off the centre. The traction pad has solid anti-slip properties and increases the attachment between the feet and board. 

This paddle board is hoarded with several features which make it easy to store belongings. At the front and rear ends are bungee cords for attaching bathing suits, towels and other beach essentials. 14 D-rings are also included to make way for easy towing.

This product is optimised for easy set up and handling. There is a large inflation valve at the front which can easily be operated by just one person.

There are handles are 3 different locations, specifically the nose, centre and tail. These handles make it easy to instantly grab the paddle board and bring it along to different locations.

What comes with the NIXY Huntington Paddle Board?

The NIXY Huntington Paddle Board comes with several additional accessories for use right out of the box.

For quick inflations, there is a multi-action hand pup which can be operated by just one person. This pump also allows full inflation within minutes and is equipped with a pressure gauge. There is also a lever to alternate between single and triple action pump.

You simply can’t go paddle boarding without a paddle. That’s why NIXY has included a high-quality paddle, which can easily be modified. 

Nixy Huntingon Paddle

The paddle comes in 3 parts, all made out of a fiberglass material. The length of the paddle can be adjusted between 162 to 213cm, making it great for people of all heights and sizes. 

For finishing touches on the board, fins are provided as well. These fins are lightweight, and add very little additional weight to the board itself when fully inflated.

To always keep the paddle board within sight, this product comes with a coiled leash. This leash is over 3m in length and is made out of polyurethane. 

There is a hybrid feature, when enables the leash to be coiled to decrease tightness when in action. There is also a mini repair kit for minor tears and scratches. A thick shoulder strap comes along with the paddle board for on-the-go convenience.

Perhaps the most useful addition included is the backpack, which can be used to store the paddle board when it is inflated. The backpack is decorated with bungee ropes, and can also double up as a regular outdoor accessory.

Nixy Huntington Colours & Warranty

The NIXY Huntington Paddle Board is available in an attractive blue and white colourway. This product comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

With a handful of extra accessories included, this paddle board from NIXY allows you to instantly dive into waters. Thanks to the inflatable nature, it makes it easy to bring to different locations.

The various attachment sites included also make it easy to store extra equipment and personal belongings.

Nixy Huntington Review

“Excellent product. Quality materials and excellent performance on water.”

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